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Spock walked quietly back along the beach, swinging the ice-creams in the stasis bag at his side.  It was just as well the servant at the store had suggested it, if the hot sun were not enough, Vulcan hands could melt ice-creams in seconds.

He walked easily on the hot sand, relaxed and watching the humans along the beach.  His excellent hearing brought the conversation of the humans to him clearly, even when they thought he could not hear them.  He could not help but hear a couple sunning on their towels up on the dry sand.

“Are you playing footsies with me?”

“I might be.  Any obs?”

“Thought you’d never get around to it.”

There was a strange noise, which Spock had to glance over to identify as them kissing.  He noted that their feet were playing along each other’s legs, almost like a Vulcan kiss.  He blushed and walked on.  It was a shameless display.

He took three more paces before it struck him like the sun, They kiss with their feet?

Oh my Vulcan goodness.  I’ve been groping at the wrong end of a human?

His mind was buzzing with embarrassment and curiosity as he walked back and distributed the ice-creams to the crew, and they sat around eating them.  Uhuru and Scotty expressed a desire to get a closer look at the fishing activities on the wharf further up the beach, and Spock suppressed his distaste at the bloodthirsty activity and declined.

“You go ahead.  I’ll stay with Spock and keep him company,” smiled Jim, and the others departed.

Jim smiled at Spock, rolled over and appeared to be sleeping.

After finishing his ice-cream, which was mind-numbingly cold, Spock lay back on his towel, still thinking.

He couldn’t take it any longer, and carefully rolled over, accidentally brushing a single sandy toe against Jim’s ankle.  The human opened one eye.

Spock pretended not to notice.

Jim took a breath, looked like he was going to say something, then changed his mind.

Spock shifted and removed his toe, then began to breathe again.  Perhaps he had been mistaken?  It would not be the first time.

Then Spock’s breath caught as Jim mirrored his action exactly, rolling over and brushing his toe against Spock’s ankle.

The human left it there.

Spock found himself holding his breath.

The toe moved slightly, dislodging several grains of sand.

Spock waited, but nothing more happened.  He moved slightly, so that Jim’s toe brushed along his leg, then stopped.  The toe was not removed.

A quiet voice beside him asked, “Spock… are you playing footsies with me?”

Spock thought about his response and decided to imitate what he had heard earlier, “I might be.  Any obs?”

Jim chuckled, “Thought you’d never get around to it.”

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