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5 years,
Each minute onto the hour so tedious and barren
When I woke to a black, equivocal firmament above
Where no moon and sun beckoned dusk or dawn
Where a mind and soul grows wary of love
But for me, your support was enough.

4 years,
With brandy and tears, my will began to diminish
My poise was stifled by a journey so strenuous
However I persevered and steered the reverie
A toil that dismissed my feeble heart tremulous
But for me, your friendship was enough.

3 years,
My shattered mind and body yielded to my duty
But when we contended stirring matches of rooks and kings
I basked in the splendour of your easy presence
Space was my working day and you were my evenings
And for me, your beauty was enough.

2 years,
My human core ran cold with you and chance in mind
Of the risk of declaring the love that adulterated my head
Leisure and vacant quarters became my borstal
And you became the unfeasible void in my bed
But still, your love was enough.

1 year,
While passing the ether of a sudden impulse
I touched my love upon your lips, your frame marked mine
And you became my callow shelter, my solace
Together, we could conquest this feat of space and time
At long last, love was enough.

But for you, love was not enough
How could I fool myself so?
You left to be light-years from me
And made solitude your home.

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