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Story Notes:

***DISCLAIMER***  This story is the next in my series "Paramount."

I have absolutely no affiliation, no claim, and no association with Paramount Studios, Paramount Pictures, Paramount movies, Paramount TV shows, trademarks, copyrights, licensing, or anything else Paramount owns.

Paramount is simply a very cool word.

Any dramatic irony is the reader's own.


The high-pitched bos’un whistle pierced, but did not penetrate the embrace.  “God DAMN!” Kirk uttered into Spock’s uniformed shoulder.


“Bridge to Captain Kirk.”


Kirk slammed his hand on the intercom.  “I’m off-duty, Ensign.”


“Um…I’m a Lieutenant, Sir.”


“I can fix that.  This had BETTER be a bona-fide emergency, Lieutenant, or I will gouge out your eyeballs and make you eat them.  Understood?”


The Beta-shift communications officer sounded as if she wanted to cry.  “Sir, yes, Sir.  Transferring Priority One message from Starfleet Command to your quarters, Captain.  Bridge out.”


“Very colorful threat, Captain.”


“Thank you Mister Spock.  I rather liked it.”


Kirk straightened his uniform blouse and sat at his desk.  He pressed the touchpad, and the screen showed the Starfleet emblem.  A voice-over stated, “Admiral Nogura for Captain Kirk, one moment for the Admiral.”


Kirk mentally applied his deadpan look.


Nogura skipped any niceties: “Kirk, good job with V’ger.  Now I have a formal request from T’Pau that the Enterprise be remanded to New Vulcan.”


“And the purpose for this assignment is…?”


“Hell, I don’t know, and I don’t ask.  I refuse to tangle with that old lady any more, Kirk, she’s busted my balls enough.”


Kirk felt Spock step behind him, so that he was visible on the viewer.   Spock offered the ta’al.  “Live long and prosper, Admira Nogura.”


Nogura had the decency to blush.  He tried to return the ta’al, and wound up with a modified Boy Scout salute.  “Peace and…uh…um…prosperity, I guess, Commander Spock.”


“We will set course immediately for New Vulcan, Admiral.  Estimated time of arrival will be…”


“Twenty-seven hours, six minutes, and twelve seconds,” interrupted Spock.


“Very good.  Nogura out.”


“Peace and Prosperity?  I guess it has a ring to it.”




“One more task, Spock.”  He pressed the intercom touchscreen again.  “Kirk to Bridge.”


“Yes, Captain.”


“Set course for New Vulcan, Warp Factor…” Kirk looked at Spock.


“Warp Four, Helm.”


“Warp Factor Four.  And make a note to all shifts: I am off duty.  I am not to be disturbed, unless the engine nacelles drop off, or the saucer section implodes.  Even so, you better have a DAMNED good reason to notify me.  Understood?”


“Yes, Captain, loud and clear.”


“Kirk out.”


Spock smiled.  Kirk continued:


“Computer, lock communications center, Captain’s quarters, seclusion mode.  Lock cabin door, Captain’s quarters, no override access.”




Kirk returned the smile, then stood from his desk chair, and said, “Now where were we?”


It began with a fully-clothed embrace.  Right now, the hunger between them necessitated that they fit together tightly, and confirm that the memories of the way their bodies entwined were indeed true.  With faces buried in necks, there were inhales of familiar, beloved scents, and exhales of warm breath that testified this was reality.


“I love you.  I’ve loved you all this time.  I tried so hard, I wanted to…”


“Shhh, I know, I know.  Your love carried me, sustained me.  And I have done nothing but cherish thee.”


“We can talk later.”


“Much later,” Spock said, as he brushed a feather light kiss over Kirk’s lips.


Kirk groaned.  “You always undo me with that butterfly wing kiss.”


Spock smiled against Kirk’s face.  “My mother called it an angel wing kiss.”


Clothes flew, and they reclined together on the bunk, warm flesh to warm flesh, feeling, remembering, and reveling in each other.


“Meld with me, Jim.”  Spock placed his fingers in Kirk’s face, and Kirk reciprocated those motions.


An explosion of light, color, sound, taste, sensation!  Music swelled, as though sung wordlessly by some celestial choir.  Great sparks arched over the two of them as they embraced.  Warmth and color spiraled around them, and swirled into eternity.  Stars were born, flared brightly, joined to make new constellations, and galaxies formed in celebration of their reunion.


Mind meld lovemaking was even more spectacular than either remembered.


If that’s possible.



Chapter End Notes:

To my readers: first, let me thank you from the very bottom of my heart for reading my work!

Then I need to explain.  When I first began here at the K/S Archives, I had no idea what my direction would take.  I wrote my first little story, and received wonderful encouragement here!  So I wrote another little story.  And another.  And another.  They were all linked.  I DID go back and put the stories in series, but it is still difficult for many to follow just what in the Hell is going on!

Not only have I gotten carried away, I’ve taken a lot of people with me!  So here is the sequence:

Friend—Team—Spark—Interplay—Gotcha—Newbies—Remedy—History—Addedum—Green—Pledge—Alliance—Consortium (series Provenance)

Favorites—Abysm—Misery—Details—Reprise—Faces—Scroll—Entwine—Answer (series Paramount)

Rose—Three—Curls—Kiss—Goal—Toll—Conclusion (series Progression)

For anyone wishing to read the whole mess in one shot, contact me.  I’ll send it to you in an email.

And once again, I thank every single person who has read my stories here.  I love you al!  ~AKO

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