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Author's Chapter Notes:

PWP short one-shot



Jim was breathing hard, panting with desire, his mind still slightly blown by the effect that the large packet of Ferrero Rochers had had on Spock.  The Vulcan was sliding against him, pinning him to his bunk, his dark eyes made even darker by the blown pupils and a sheen of sweat making his hard body slippery against Jim’s.  Jim felt like all his Christmases had come at once, and like he was going to come too, any minute now.  He reached a hand down and stroked his finger across Spock’s bobbing green erection, pushing it into the tiny hole in the top.

Jim gasped and struggled back on the bed, snatching his finger away.  He stared at Spock, who was looking puzzled, ‘Jim?’

‘Is it… did I.. did I just hurt you?’ Jim gasped.

‘No, Jim.  Quite the contrary.  The sensation was…remarkable.’


‘Is there a problem, Jim?’ The Vulcan was starting to look a little worried.

‘No, no, definitely not, just, can I have a look down there?  I want to know what I’m dealing with, so I don’t hurt you….’ Jim was curious, and a little flustered.  For a second, he had felt his finger sucked strongly into Spock’s dick, and it had surprised him.

Spock looked impatient, but succumbed to Jim’s request, allowing the human to roll him aside slightly so that he could examine Spock’s genitalia closely.

‘Oh,’ said Jim.

‘Satisfied?’ asked Spock, even more impatient, leaning over to nibble Jim’s ear, then to nip down the human’s neck.

‘Wait, is that hollow?  And are they… they… oh.  That’s interesting.’

‘Fascinating,’ said Spock drily, and moved down to capture a nipple and suck it, hard.  It worked, getting Jim’s attention back on him and off his equipment, and he licked the nipple gently and pushed himself back on top of the human, dragging Jim up the bunk under him so they were eye to eye again.

‘What are the suckers for?’

Spock huffed, ‘Did you not do xenobiology?’

‘Ahh…. no, I had a pretty hot girlfriend at that stage, might have missed a class or two….’

Spock sighed, and kissed the human on the lips, nipping slightly at his lower lip.  To his surprise, Jim moaned his approval.  So, the human liked pain.  Interesting.

Spock suggested, ‘Allow me to show you,’ and pushed his body onto Jim’s so that their erections rubbed firmly together.  The human moaned again, but then the Vulcan reached down and pushed Jim’s erection inside his with a deft move.

‘Ohhh!’ cried the human, arching up.

Spock began to thrust up and down, and Jim cried out again, ‘Jeez, fuck, oh, God Spock that is so damned… what are you doing? Oh, God, you’re killing me.’  Jim’s body arched up and down, thrusting hard now against Spock, and suddenly the four suckers at the end of Spock’s penis inverted and found the tip of Jim’s cock, latching on and sucking furiously while the tiny tentacles writhed across the tip.  One small tentacle slipped down inside the tip and Jim nearly left the bunk.

Jim thought he was going to die from the sheer pleasure of it all, and he gasped and sobbed, ‘Oh, God, stop.  No!  Don’t stop!’

Spock growled impatiently at the illogical and conflicting information the human was putting out, and thrust their bodies together even faster and more determinedly.  Jim Kirk was sobbing incoherently now, and Spock smiled as he felt the human’s erection swell to the point of bursting.

Finally Jim arched up off the bunk so that only his head and heels were touching the bunk, crying out Spock’s name.  The human thrust hard, again and again, out of control.  Spock gasped as he felt the tiny suckers gather in Jim’s emissions, drinking them in, and then Spock too lost all ability to think as he was rocked by a wild climax.

There was a long silence, broken only after about ten seconds by their harsh breathing, until Jim could mutter, ‘Oh, fuck.’

The Vulcan released his hold on the bedhead, pursing his lips as he saw the deep thumb-shaped indentations there, ‘I will replace your bedhead.’

‘Don’t worry about it Spock,’ whispered Jim, wondering how the Vulcan was going to replace his soul.



‘Next time we should meld.  It will make the experience much more intense.’

‘I've always known I'll die in bed,’ muttered Jim, with a half-smile.

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