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"Friendship and pain. He hasn't always thought of them as connected. He'd spent so long looking for the subtleties he'd missed the obvious; open is just another word for vulnerable." 

Post TWOK and Kirk has lost everything that matters to him. He seeks to escape from his memories and from a guilt that haunts him but has to deal with an unwelcome visitor. A mixture of angst and flashback. This is about friendship and grief. It's not overtly slash and it does feature Chapel -- you have been warned.

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Published: 02/24/2013 Updated: 03/03/2013
Story Notes:

I've carved a week into canon between the return to Earth at the beginning of ST III and the meeting in Kirk's apartment. I've tried to stick to canon where relevant then added some original flashback material from that oh-so-useful second mission. 

1. Prologue and chapter 1 by louiseb [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (2741 words)

Italics signify flashback. Non-italics is present time.

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