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Author's Chapter Notes:

*Don't own Kirk or Spock.*

 *The sequel to "Fully Exposed" and "Fully Aroused." Spock had finally defeated Artac in "Fully Aroused" and now once again has re-claimed Jim as his mate. This story takes place after those events.*


Back on board the Enterprise, the two lovers were still locked in an impassioned embrace.

“I’m a Doctor, not a voyeur! You two really need to get a private room. I don’t need to have to use brain bleach!” McCoy said, without a trace of anger and with an amused glint in his eyes.

Jim and Spock broke apart from each other, while they were still standing on the transporter pad.

Jim’s cheeks were flushed red with embarrassment and the tips of Spock’s ears flushed a darker green, than his normal complexion.

“I concur with the private room Doctor.” Spock responded, with a faint hint of his amusement in his chocolate brown eyes.

Jim’s face turned even a brighter red.

“OK You two. You’re both off duty for the next two days. Scotty will be in command until then. You both need your rest. If you know what I mean.” McCoy said, with a chuckle.

“Bones...must you say that in front of Scotty?” Jim said.

“It’s OK Capt’n. Doctor McCoy was only tryin’ ta be nice.” Scotty said laughing.

“Come on Spock, we’ve got our orders from the Enterprise’s CMO.” Jim said, with now an amused glance at McCoy and Scotty.

Spock, Jim and McCoy stepped off the transporter pad.

McCoy left the transporter room, to go to sickbay.

“OK. Mr. Scott you have the conn.” Jim said to Scotty.

“Aye Capt’n. ” Scotty responded.

Spock and Jim left the transporter room. They were both in a hurry to reunite and rejoice in their T’hy'la bond.

Soon they both entered Jim’s quarters and the two T’hy'la were soon lying upon Jim’s bed.

Jim felt his heart swell with joy, the moment Spock took him in his arms.

That voice…Spock’s deep, beautiful voice…

The heat in Jim's body was beginning to increase and he felt his arousal growing for his mate to claim him.

Spock quickly took his uniform off and was now nude. With a tender glance for his mate in his eyes, removed Jim’s Vulcan robe, briefs and Vulcan slippers.

Jim’s radiant golden body was now completely naked.

Spock soon trailed kisses all over Jim’s neck and shoulders while pressing Jim gently down on his back on the bed.

He then moved his position and was straddled over Jim and then he very gently parted Jim’s legs and gazed upon his T’hy'la’s tender rosy pink intimate opening.

Spock was already hard and ready to enter his mate.

He lifted Jim’s legs onto his shoulders to gain better access to his lover’s tender private entrance.

Jim sighed with delight as he felt the loving, skilled touch of his lover.

A deep moan came from Jim’s lips and Jim pressed his head back against the pillow.

His eyes closed in bliss, as Jim felt Spock’s hard green hued cock slip inside his tender tight entrance.

Jim felt the deep penetration of his deep rosy pink opening.

His great joy at his reunion with Spock making him feel once again complete...

Chapter End Notes:


More to come! ;)

The next chapter will be up ASAP. :)


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