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Author's Chapter Notes:

Spock is curious and Kirk is one step behind!

James T Kirk usually looked forward to his breakfast in the Officers' Mess: he did not mind admitting that he enjoyed the company of his friends in the morning... well ok, specifically one friend.

Spock was notorious for his exceptional curiosity and somehow over the weeks breakfast had become a time when he could exercise his inquisitive nature  usually in order to further his understanding of the profoundly mystifying beings with whom he lived aboard the Enterprise.  Kirk derived great amusement in responding to the delightfully artless and ingenuous questions posed to him, particularly those relating to the vagaries of human behaviour which so frequently perplexed his First Officer but then...

"Wha...?"  Kirk almost choked his face turning a magnificent florid crimson morphing into purple, hazel eyes bulging as he aspirated his morning coffee before spitting a fair mouthful across the table, spilling even more of it on to his clean command shirt.

Spock waited patiently for his Captain's paroxysms to subside before he patiently repeated his enquiry.  "I merely asked Captain, if you prized virginity over experience in a sexual partner."

Several of the other crew members who were taking breakfast in the mess that morning turned to stare as their Captain demonstrated continued symptoms of respiratory distress.  Kirk returned their curious looks with his best hard captainy stare-down before turning to meet the inscrutable dark brown eyes of his First Officer. Over the last year their friendship had developed exponentially  as had their comradeship and Kirk had grown accustomed to his First Officer's non sequiturs. Nonetheless, this latest question had come rather out from the left field and Kirk could not help but ask, what had lead to this particularly astonishing line of enquiry?

"I have been researching human custom and propensity Captain.  I note that some cultural references indicate that virginity was, and indeed in some neanthropic societies still is, a highly prized feature in a prospective mate for men seeking a female life partner.  It is however, considered by some females to be a failing or a sign of weakness when found in males of your species.  As the two states would seem to be largely incompatible and indeed mutually exclusive, I find the philosophical dichotomy... illogical."

Kirk took a moment to pick through his friend's statement and laughed at his bemusement. He was prevented from pursuing this line of thought further as a call from the bridge reminded him that he was now due on alpha shift, and he was cognisant of the need to swing back past his quarters to retrieve a clean shirt.

Spock waited patiently as Kirk slipped his soiled shirt over his head and threw it into the laundry. Kirk hunted for a clean shirt - damn, why did he always seem to be short of clean shirts these days? Looking up he caught Spock's steady gaze. As clear hazel eyes met the arcane windows to Spock's soul this frustratingly abstruse being simply raised an immaculate eyebrow, curtailing any speculation. Failing to find a gold shirt, Kirk settled for the green wrapover which always made him feel kinda sexy. Perhaps given the slightly strange turn the day was already taking that thought was unhelpful.

* * *

As Captain and First Officer walked onto the bridge Kirk felt Spock's proximity more acutely than usual.  Alpha shift proceeded uneventfully - yet Kirk was disquieted.  On several occasions he looked up to find once again his First Officer's eyes fixed implacably upon him.  Repeatedly Spock called him across to view images at the science station scanner.  The requests were valid and the viewed data of interest, but something was off kilter: Spock's fingers brushed against his noticeably more often than was usual, and the warmth that emanated from the Vulcan was undeniably affecting his ability to concentrate.  Despite these subtle but to Kirk perceivable changes in Spock's normative behaviour, the lean and chiselled face remained enigmatic and equivocal.

* * *

As the crew of beta shift began to arrive Kirk and Spock made their way off the bridge. "Would you care to join me for chess this evening Captain?"  Spock's offer was, as ever, wholly welcome.  Kirk had come to value the time spent in Spock's company, his formidable skill making the now regular chess games an earnestly anticipated part of his evening relaxation.  In truth the feelings he discerned himself to be developing for his First Officer led him to wish for the chance to play a very different game - however, as this was clearly impossible on many levels, chess and companionable discourse would simply suffice.  Unusually this evening Kirk briefly considered refusing the offer of company.  The slightly antsy feeling that had dogged him all day remained;  this presentiment was triggering his well-developed intuition, and the still, small voice of reason was telling him that "not tonight thank you Spock" might be the safer response.  Well, let the small voice of reason be damned, for when had JTK ever chosen the safe option!

* * *

So it was that at 21.00 hours Kirk found himself seated in Spock's quarters.  The chess board was set between them and as they played their opening gambits Kirk remembered Spock's earlier question.  Not for the first time Kirk wondered whether Spock was a virgin and why, despite their ability to discuss all other matters with complete and disarming frankness, he felt unable to ask.

It was the custom during these shared evenings for Spock to provide his guest with an alcoholic beverage appropriate to his taste.  This evening, instead of the commonly proffered earth spirit, the offered glass contained a greenish liqueur which Kirk could not place, and predictably he was intrigued by the previously untried offering.  The taste was smooth and pleasantly dry with a top note that was difficult to define.  As he swallowed he felt a warm glow gently spread through his core, accompanied by a sensation of amplified awareness.  The chess pieces felt preternaturally smooth and cool, the lighting in the cabin seemed to cause the objects housed within to stand out in heightened definition.

Kirk felt emboldened and spoke before he could pause to analyse his thoughts:

"So Mister Spock, in response to your question this morning, I must confess I have no preference for virginity over experience although both have their attractions of course."

Spock's eyes were fixed upon him, eyebrows slightly raised in focused attention.  Kirk continued,

"My younger, gaucher self would have been excited at the thought of being a girl's first lover, of 'taking' her virginity, but there is a lot to be said for experience... "

Kirk's mind conjured the image of an early lover, an older woman who had been only too delighted to initiate a virile young man into some of the more subtle aspects of sexual fun.  He laughed,

"Besides, the opportunity to meet virgins seems to reduce as one grows older."

As he spoke, Kirk became aware of a tremble of arousal developing in his groin - damn, it had been quite a while since he had taken a partner... if his sexual response was this febrile perhaps this was a poor topic of conversation to pursue right now.  He was becoming increasingly aware of Spock's proximity, the warmth of his body and the exotic smell of his skin.  Spock's hand brushed against his as he stretched across to reposition his queen, and a jolt of electricity shot up Kirk's arm, bypassing his brain and travelling straight to his cock which was now becoming uncomfortably stiff within the confines of his trousers.  He looked at Spock, desperately hoping his First Officer had not noticed his growing discomfort.  Spock returned his gaze with a look of concern.

"Are you alright Jim?  You appear to be in some distress, is there anything I can do to assist?"

Kirk almost fell off his chair.  Surely Spock was not suggesting what it sounded like he might be suggesting.

"No, I am fine really, I think perhaps I just need to turn in for the night."  With that Kirk almost shot out of Spock's quarters through the shared bathroom door.

* * *

Once in the privacy of his own quarters Kirk removed his clothes and fell gratefully on to his bunk.  His cock demanded immediate attention - he felt like a teenager, so hard, so eager.  Relaxing back his hand fell easily into position firmly grasping the engorged shaft, sliding from base to tip, squeezing the sensitive glans.  His hips bucked upward licentiously to meet his fist now pumping in steady rhythm.  His mind wandered, conjuring images not of the past lovers he had been thinking of earlier, but to the most recent object of his desire - Spock.  He altered his rhythm speeding up to increase his pleasure, before slowing again to prolong the carnal, wanton experience.  He imagined Spock lying next to him, watching him with that unwavering gaze and the very thought caused him to move closer to that vertex, that unbearably bittersweet point of no return.  Just as he felt himself approaching the edge of this crisis he was distracted by the detection of a singular sound; a low growl, barely within the human audible frequency range, apparently coming from the bathroom.  Immediately alert, Kirk observed the door to be slightly ajar - his well-developed senses told him he was being watched, but by whom?  Surely not Spock?  Incredibly his brain, starved of blood by his erection, managed to connect two synapses and create an astonishing, unbelievable thought.  Spock's curiosity with regard to his sexual preferences, the touch of hands earlier... the feelings of supernaturally intense arousal, the odd liqueur...  No, Spock might be inquisitive almost beyond the point of all reason, but he would surely not drug his captain... would he?

The image of Spock watching him as he pleasured himself only served to increase Kirk's fervid arousal - so Spock wanted to know about human sexual behaviour?  If he wanted a show then by god he was going to get one.

Trying not to be too obvious Kirk realigned himself on his bunk ensuring that 'anyone' watching from the bathroom was now being treated to a full view of his libidinous activity.  Kirk continued to rhythmically pump his highly sensitised cock while using his other hand to cup his balls.  He wondered again whether Spock's insatiable curiosity would have driven him as far as to drug his captain? - God, he didn't even care, the waves of pleasure he was experiencing and the intensity of his arousal were unbelievable.  Kirk reached across to his bedside draw and retrieved a couple of items. It had been a while since he had played with any toys but now seemed like a good time to cut loose and give himself over to all available lewd and wanton pleasures.  He squeezed lube onto his fingers, warming it with his hand, before rolling on to his stomach.  Reaching behind he slowly rubbed the silky, viscous substance between his buttocks, teasing his most sensitive spot.  He slid a finger into himself, creating a ripple of pleasure so intense he thought he would cum immediately.  He stilled, breathing deeply, waiting for the crescendo to subside before he added a second finger gently stretching his hole.  His hips thrust against the mattress desperate for friction as his cock strained for release.  Removing his fingers, he selected a dildo and raising himself to his knees he slid the object slowly into his arse.  He groaned at the sensation, a long low vocalisation of pleasure.  Once the dildo was in place he turned on his side again and recommenced the stimulation of his cock.  Kirk tried to maintain a slow rhythm but he was too far gone now and he began to fist his aching member with increasing speed, his breath exhaling in shallow grunts as his hips thrust upward; his back arching, he shouted his release as he climaxed in long powerful streams, hot ejaculate pumping onto his chest and groin.  The intensity of his orgasm brought him to the edge of blacking out and he would swear later that he saw stars.  Breathing rapidly still, he removed the dildo and collapsed back on to his bunk spent, satiated, exhausted.  Did he imagine he heard the door from the bathroom to Spock's cabin close?  As he drifted off to sleep he smiled.  Spock wanted to learn, and Kirk was going to be more than happy to teach him.

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