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Jim hated thunder, Spock was well aware of that, it always made the blond have nightmares. Despite the fact he had been just a baby, Jim knew the story of his birth very well, knew every detail there was to know. People had talked about the Kelvin and George Kirk since he was a child, he'd read the incident report when he was four. His stepfather told him the story again and again, telling him it was all his fault, and his brother had screamed the same when angry. His mother told him the story. And for that very reason ever since he had first found out about the cause of his fathers death and the thunderstorm in space that was seen that day he hated thunder.

So when Spock was jolted out of his work by a loud scream from the bedroom of the hotel room he and Jim shared, the Vulcan rushed into the room and to his T'hy'la's side. Jim was still asleep, whimpering into his pillow, blankets tangled around his feet, tears soaking the pillow. Spock gently gathered the blond into his arms. He knew from experience that waking Jim would only cause the man to panic and change the nightmare into something much worse. No matter how much it pained him, all Spock could do was hold the man and allow the dream to run it's course. Jim would wake up once it was over, Spock knew that, and then he could comfort him.

Minutes later Jim woke up, tears still making there way down his cheeks, and breathing heavy, trying to get the air back into his lungs. His throat felt like it was bleeding from the screams he had emitted during the dream. He clung to Spock, thankful that he was there, but feeling guilty at the same time that he had taken Spock from whatever it was he had been doing. And no doubt screaming out his terror in the Vulcan's arms, so close to his sensitive ears.

"Are you alright?" Spock asked.

"I'm fine, it's just the storm" Jim sighed, Spock nodded watching the rain hit the window in fat drops before rolling down the glass, and listening to the thunder crash outside the building.

"I'm sorry I took you away from whatever you were doing" Jim apologized, breaking the silence that had settled around them. Spock tilted Jim's head up, placing a kiss to his forehead.

"There is no need to apologize, you needed me, my work can wait until tomorrow" Spock replied.

"Stay with me?" Jim asked, blue eyes full of hope, and Spock could not say no, even if he had wanted to, which he did not.

"Always, ashaya, always" Spock told him, laying down beside the blond, letting the blond human rest his head on his shoulder.

"Do you wish to tell me about the nightmare?" Spock asked.

"Not right now, later okay?" Jim said, closing his eyes.

"Whenever you wish to tell me, I will be here T'hy'la" Spock promised.

Hate was an emotion, but Spock could admit, even only to himself that he hated the fact that there was nothing he could do to stop the nightmares that plagued his beloved. If he could, Spock would change the weather so that Jim did not have to suffer the nightmares caused by the thunder. But all he could do was hold the human whenever the dreams came and do his best to comfort him.
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