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Story Notes:

You don't really have to read Bondmates, No Matter What, to understand this but it might help. I'm not sure how long this will be, but I hope that you like it.

There was a short round brown haired woman in a yellow and white dress standing on the porch when they pulled into the gravel driveway of the Kirk family farm. Jim was sound asleep in his seat, blond head resting on Spock's chest. McCoy was watching out the windshield, taking in the scenery you could see in the background, this part of Iowa was still mostly barren land with a few buildings popping up here and there. And what wasn’t old farmhouses was Starfleet ship yards, where new ships were in the process of being built. Selek looked slightly sad as he took in the old wooden farmhouse. And Sarek had to wonder how many times he had seen this very home in his own time with his Jim. Spock was obviously reluctant to wake his sleeping mate, but did so any way, gently shaking the man’s shoulder. Jim jumped, banging his head on the roof of the air car in the process.

"Ow, shit, that really hurt." Jim muttered holding the top of his head with both hands. McCoy was biting his lip to keep from laughing. Spock was trying to pry the blond’s hands away so he could see if he had injured himself. Selek was watching in slight amusement, but also concern, and Sarek was watching the display with disinterest, he doesn’t think the blond hit his head hard enough to damage anything.

"You’re really jumpy" Bones commented, as Jim rubbed at the sore spot on his head after Spock checked to see if it was bleeding.

"Yeah, you tend to get 'jumpy' when someone suddenly grabs you in your sleep after...." Jim trailed off suddenly. The doctor winced, both Spock and Selek stiffened, and Sarek tilted his head wondering what the blond had been about to say. The older Vulcan figured it was best not to ask however, if the reactions were anything to go by.

"Right" McCoy cleared his throat and scratched his chin before speaking again "Anyway, we're here."

"Yeah" Jim said quietly, looking nervous as he stared at the farmhouse and the woman who was standing there.

"It will be alright Jim" Spock assured him, rubbing his mates arm in an attempt to comfort and sooth him.

"Yeah" Jim cleared his throat "Ready to go meet the Kirk's?" he asked everyone in the car, looking from person to person. They each just nodded, not sure what to say to the obviously nervous blond man.

Spock was the first one out of the air car, followed by Jim, Selek, Sarek, and Bones. The brown haired woman on the porch almost came flying at them, flinging her arms around Jim's neck and rocking him from side to side.

"Jimmy! Oh you've gotten so big. My little Jimmy's all grown up" she cried, Jim patting her back awkwardly as she cried into his chest.

"Let me look at you" She said when she pulled back a few seconds later, grabbing Jim's arms and holding them out to the side as she scrutinized him. "Turn around" she ordered, and with a long sigh, Jim turned slowly around, obviously used to the treatment.

"You look more and more like your father every time I see you" she announced, not noticing the flinch on Jim's face at the familiar words. "But your far to thin, that just won’t do now will it? But don’t you worry none, I'll have some meat on those bones yet. I'll make all of your favorite treats, while your here. Hmmm, I'll need more apples; I'll have to have Harold go to the store for me later. I'll need to make a list, lord knows that man would forget his own head if it wasn’t attached to his shoulders" she continued. Sarek, Spock, and Selek all raised an eyebrow at the mumbling woman as she continued to talk about the things she had to do or would need. Bones stared at her, wondering if she'd stop before she passed out from lack of oxygen. And Jim looked long suffering at the woman, who ignored them all.

"Elisabeth, remember to breathe" an older man told her in a booming voice as he walked towards them. His once light brown hair was almost completely gray. Warm gray eyes was set into a worn wrinkled face, smile lines etched beside his mouth and eyes. He was tall and thin and bore the evidence of a lifetime of hard work. Elisabeth stopped, smiling at the three Vulcan's and two humans that were staring at her.

"Jim, it's good to see ya" the man greeted and Jim smiled at him.

"You too. Aunt Elisabeth, Uncle Harold, this is Spock, his father Sarek, cousin Selek, and my best friend Leonard McCoy" Jim introduced, gesturing to each as he said their name. "Spock, Sarek, Selek, Bones, this is my aunt Elisabeth and her husband Harold"

"You can just call me Betty, everyone does" Elisabeth smiled at them.

"It is nice to finally meet you Ms. Elisabeth" Spock said politely, causing the woman to laugh.

"Oh that just won’t do now dear, your family now and you can’t just call me 'Ms. Elisabeth' it's Betty or Aunt Betty, nothin’ else" she told him firmly.

"My apologies Betty" Spock replied.

"You’re a polite one aren’t ya?" Betty asked and Spock nodded.

"Good, I like that. You take care of Jimmy now okay?" she said.

"I assure you, I will never harm Jim" Spock promised her. Before anyone knew what she was going to do, Elisabeth had her arms wrapped around Spock in a tight hug. Spock stiffened at the contact, and Jim was at his side quickly.

"Aunt Betty, Spock's Vulcan, they're touch telepaths and don’t like to be touched" Jim explained to the woman who immediately let go of Spock and stepped back, hand in front of her mouth.

"Oh, I am terribly sorry, I didn’t know" she apologized.

"It is quite alright, as you said you did not know, you caused me no harm" Spock assured her.

"We don’t watch the TV too much, we're always so busy and we don’t get to many Vulcans or any other federation species out here in Iowa” she explained.

"I assure you, it is alright, you know now" Spock reassured her.

"Get anything?" Jim asked, hand resting on Spock's shoulder.

"No, she did not touch any of my skin" Spock replied.

"That's good, I know that it's invasive to have somebody’s thoughts and feelings thrust at you" Jim smiled at him.

"So, where’s mom?" Jim asked, turning to look at his aunt and uncle.

"She had to run to the store, she forgot to get the chicken for dinner, I offered to go, but she told me to wait here for you" Betty replied.

"We'll see her when she gets home," Jim told her.

"Yes you will, she'll be glad to see you. Now come along, I made cookies, you can have some while we wait" Betty said, grabbing Jim's hand and pulling him along behind her, talking all the way.

"Is that common?" Bones asked the woman's husband who still stood with them, shaking his head in fondness.

"Yeah, Betty, she's a force of nature, once she's got somethin’ in her head there’s no stoppin’ her. She'll be feedin’ Jim till the moment y'all leave" Harold replied.

"Jim is a healthy weight for a man of his age and height, I do not understand why she believes he is too thin," Spock commented. Harold laughed, looking fondly at the door that his wife had disappeared into.

"Betty likes to feed people, she loves to cook, she thinks everyone is too thin" Harold explained.

"You’re probably about the same weight as Jim, why doesn’t she try to feed you?" Bones asked.

"She does, I just don’t eat as much as she wants and burn it off workin in the fields all day anyhow" Harold replied, leading the men to the farm house.

"How long have you and Betty been married?" Spock asked.

"We got married when Betty was eighteen and I was twenty, I'm fifty six now so thirty six years" Harold answered.

"That is quite a long time,” Spock said.

"I guess it is, most people get divorced long before now, I can’t imagine not being married to Betty though, after so long I wouldn’t know what to do with myself," Harold told them as he opened the screen door, holding it open for them.

When they entered the house they found Jim seated at the table, a plate of cookies placed in front of him with a glass of milk by his elbow. Jim was nibbling on one as he listened to his aunt talk while she washed dishes.

"You’re going to ruin your dinner" Bones told him.

"This is my first one" Jim replied, holding up the half eaten cookie.

"He's not going to spoil his dinner, he loves fried chicken," Betty commented from the sink.

"Want a cookie Spock? There’s chocolate chip, sugar, and oatmeal" Jim asked.

"Oh, here, try one, there home made" Betty smiled at him, and watched as Spock grabbed a small oatmeal cookie off the plate in front of Jim.

"Thank you" Spock said, sitting in the chair next to Jim.

"So Spock, how did you and Jimmy meet?" Betty asked drying her hands on a dishtowel as she sat at the table across from them.

"We met when Jim was a cadet at the academy. He changed the perimeters of a test I created by hacking into the Starfleet computers" Spock replied.

"Hacking into the computers? Jimmy, why would you do that?" Betty asked, seeming shocked.

"The test wasn’t fair, it was unbeatable when there’s no such thing as a no win scenario" Jim replied.

"Yes, Jim has always believed that there is always a way" Spock agreed.

"So you’re not mad that he changed your test?" Betty asked.

"I was at first, but not anymore. Jim is very wise, and has since taught me never to believe there is not another way" Spock replied. Betty smiled at them, watching as Jim smiled and laid his head on Spock's shoulder for a few seconds.

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