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Story Notes:

I asked for prompts on Deviantart.com and got two sick prompts so I decided to just add them together as a story with two chapters.

Spock was never warm enough on earth or the Enterprise but this was ridiculous. Spock pulled the blankets higher up on his body, trying to get warm, but it was no use. He still shivered despite the higher temperature in his quarters and the two blankets covering his form. McCoy said he was lucky that he did not catch pneumonia.

"Hey Spock" Jim greeted when the blond entered his quarters. Spock was used to the blond coming to see him, he had been doing it for the past two days that he had been sick in bed. Spock was aware that his T'hy'la felt guilty that he was sick, but it was not the human’s fault. Spock had decided to jump into the water and save Jim when he had been knocked into the river. The planet had already been cold, and the water had not helped matters any.

The Sherket people had been members of the federation for many years, and when the next heir of the throne had been born they had invited the Enterprise as the flagship to the ceremony celebrating the birth of the new princess. In the Sherket culture the women were the ones who held all the power, they were stronger then the males both physically and mentally. It had been an accident that Jim had been knocked into the flowing water. An animal that had been used for centuries as a guardian to the princesses of the sherket people had ran into Jim after the young princess had ripped a tuft of it's fur out. The queen had tsked and tuttered in their native language at the young child before handing her to the father and ordering him to take her back inside. Spock had jumped in after the human immediately to save the man from drowning and had pulled him back to dry land, the queen apologizing all the while. She had felt terrible about what her child had done, and had offered many times to compensate for what had happened, Jim had refused before he had disappeared in a swirl of blue light with McCoy and Spock. Nyota had taken over for the captain at that point, and had been forced to take a rare pearl as an apology gift from the queen to give to Jim. In the Sherket culture if you harmed another then you had to give them something suitable to the crime as an apology, or you were forced to leave the community and die alone in the wilderness. Since the baby princess had caused the animal to knock Jim over, the queen was responsible for the actions of her child.

"Are you cold babe?" Jim asked and Spock nodded his head, his throat hurt to bad to be able to talk, and Jim got upset every time he said anything.

"Do you want another blanket?" the blond asked and Spock once again nodded, watching from the cocoon of blankets piled on him as Jim got an extra one from his closet. Jim always made sure that Spock had extra blankets in his quarters due to the fact he was always cold aboard the ship. Spock had kept his quarters warmer then the rest of the ship, but when he and Jim had begun dating he had lowered it to comfortable temperatures for a human. Now though it was back to it's former temperature and Jim refused to have it turned down for his comfort.

"Okay, there you go. Now, you just lay there. I'll get you some lunch," Jim told him, placing a soft kiss to the top of his head. Jim had been running back and forth between the bridge and Spock's quarters since he had gotten sick, taking care of him. Spock would not admit it to anyone, especially not McCoy, but he enjoyed the attention. His T'hy'la was taking care of him; he wanted him to be healthy and happy. It was moments like this that Spock remembered his mother the most, times when someone else cared for him the way she had.

Spock sat up on the bed when Jim came back from the replicator carrying a tray containing a bowl and mug. The blond carefully placed the tray on his lap, before gently sitting on the edge of the bed. Jim watched as Spock picked up the spoon, carefully bringing some of the soup to his lips and blowing on it before he was able to eat it.

Spock's nose wrinkled slightly when he took a sip of the tea placed on the tray. But he drank it nonetheless, just like he had every time Jim gave it to him. It was his grandmother’s remedy for sore throats and coughing. Spock wasn’t sure what all was in it, he knew ginger was in it, but other then that he didn’t know what else was in it, and wasn’t sure he wanted to know. Spock had been imbibing cold remedies that Jim placed in front of him since he had gotten sick. The Vulcan never said a word however, Jim felt guilty and taking care of Spock eased that guilt.

Once he had finished the meal, Spock lay back down again, Jim tucking the blankets around him and brushing his black hair back slightly before placing a kiss to his forehead. Spock closed his eyes allowing himself to fall asleep. Vulcan's did not need as much sleep as humans, but Spock tended to sleep more when he was sick.


Spock was woken up that night when Jim snuck into his quarters, Spock knew that Jim was attempting to be quiet, but it really didn’t work very well with Vulcan hearing. Spock however remained quiet, whatever Jim was doing it wasn’t anything to worry about.

Spock felt the bunk dip as another body climbed onto it and settled against his side, head resting on his shoulder. Spock looked down at the head resting on his shoulder and couldn’t help but to smile slightly.

"Jim?" Spock asked.

"Oh hey, sorry, didn’t mean to wake you up" Jim apologized softly.

"It is alright. Why are you climbing into my bed so late?" Spock asked, his voice hoarse and his throat painful.

"I couldn’t sleep. It's been months since we slept apart, I couldn’t fall asleep tonight, I'll go if you want" Jim replied shrugging slightly.

"No, I have missed you as well T'hy'la" Spock told him, resting his hand on Jim's shoulder.

"Night Spock" Jim yawned, snuggling closer to the Vulcan happily.

"Goodnight Jim" Spock responded, falling asleep again. Being sick was not horrible when he had Jim to help him feel better.

The End!
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