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Story Notes:
This is the story that's been on my brain a while now, and a version of it, I have already written in a Poem Fic here on this Archive.
A Conversation With Q

“If I’d done that,” Q. member of the Continuum began, “it could well have saved your planet.” He looked at the younger version of Spock, “but it may not have – Not only that, but think of all the lives, outside of your Desert world, who would be snuffed out, if this little stream of existence had not, at first, been carbon copied and fractured. Think, my friend,” He walked up to the younger Vulcan in the room; “if the likes of your mother had survived, would you have been angry enough to deposit younger Kirk here, the blue eyed ‘boy’, on that ice planet, where upon he would meet Spock Prime?”

Younger Spock stared in to the eyes of the Q being, keeping his hands still behind his back.

Jim, the younger, stood by the side of his dearest friend, knowing that, as was his own, Spock’s heart would be conflicted now.


Spock looked at himself in the mirror.

Jim stood behind him.

Together, they stood, looking.

Spock turned to Jim.

They were so close; able to touch one another again.

“Jim,” Spock heard himself saying. He wiped tears from his T’hy’la’s eyes.

“You don’t look a day older.” Jim spoke.

“That would be Q.” Spock replied. “I was much more grey around the edges before he made himself known to us in this existence.”

“I left for the press conference circus and the Enterprise B.” Jim mentioned. “I never meant to leave you.”

“I know.” Spock soothed.

“I was going to die, on that planet, with Picard. I almost felt it happen, and then, apparently, people at ‘home’ will believe my body to be dissolved by the elements of that harsh planet, and, in real, true actuality, I was in that room with you and Q, and our younger selves, not a scratch on me.”

Spock held Jim ever closer.

Jim smiled, and shifted so that he could look in to Spock’s eyes yet again. “He’s, literally, given us back some of our years; from our point of view, Thank God, but why?”

“In the years without you, I read much, including the Public Logs of the Starship Enterprise D. As I stated in that room, Q is a noted person of interest in a significant number of those.” Spock mentioned.

“He said he found you, us, all of us, fascinating, too.” Jim furthered.

“Indeed; but that he was ‘otherwise engaged’ for much of our original tours of duty - It seems that his interest in Jean Luc Picard, led him to us.” Spock concluded.

Jim nodded. “What are we going to do now? What do you want to do?”

Spock caressed Jim’s wonderful fingers. “I want to make love to you, Jim.”

Jim gripped Spock’s expert fingers gratefully, kissing him immediately, using all of his rejuvenated body. “Me you, too…” He whispered.


Jim turned to face Spock, laying so very close to him again, “What shall we do now?”

“Apart from all we have just shared, all over again..?” Spock asked, tracing Jim’s skin silkenly.

Jim smiled. “Apart from that…” He kissed Spock’s lips, as their fingers and their bodies began to entwine, kissing again.

“You told me that, in the Nexus, you went home to the Ranch, to await me there, as we had agreed.” Spock spoke gently.

“We’ll go there then, shall we?” Jim smiled, his love surging through all of his being.

“Together to begin life again.” Spock answered, holding Jim so dear.


Jim looked at Spock in the mirror. He kissed Spock’s bare right shoulder.

“I will never resent you.” Spock turned to Jim.

Emotion caught in Jim’s throat.

“He’s right. You do have the Most Beautiful blue eyes, Jim, and, more than that, I do love you.” The younger Spock of this existence spoke to his Jim.

Jim caressed Spock’s hands, stroked his darling fingers, looked in to those glorious brown eyes. “Thank you.” He pulled Spock even closer to him, kissed his neck as he did so. “Thank you. I love you.”

“T’hy’la.” Spock spoke. “Tu Dena Val. Tu Dena Val. I love you.”

“I love you. Tu Dena Val, Spock. I promise you, always…” Jim took Spock in to his arms, kissed him on the lips, and with his whole body – His body, his mind, and his spirit – met and melded.

The End..?

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