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Uhura knew 5 minutes into waiting for Spock that he wasn’t coming.

Because Spock wasn’t late for anything.


So she stared over her plate of cooling Plomeek soup and allowed a tear to slide down her cheek.

She knew where he was. Where he had to be.

With the only person who could ever come between them.

Jim Kirk.

Even as sad as she was to lose Spock she couldn’t be mad at either of them.

It had only taken a few weeks aboard the Enterprise for Uhura to see it.

How smoothly they fell into place with each other. How Spock smiled a little more in his own way when Jim was in the room. How he seamlessly fell into step behind Jim.

It was heart wrenching to see her boyfriend fall a little more in love with someone else everyday.

Maybe that first gut instinct that had made her hate Jim Kirk had been spot on when the first met was right. Maybe subconsciously she’d known from the start he would take something precious from her.

Not her own heart, but the heart of the man she loved.

She couldn’t hate him for it though, not when she saw how happy Jim made him and how happy Jim was in return.

All it took was seeing them standing together.

Jim standing in front of Spock. Half leading and half shielding.

Spock always a step behind and to his left. Whispering a word of advice in his ear and ready to catch him should he fall.

She could not hate something destined. Something greater than she and Spock could ever be.

She had tried one last time to bring them together, but she wasn’t any competition for Jim and she knew it.

All it would take was one word from Jim and she would be completely forgotten.

She probably already had.

Still she allowed her tear to slip free and into her soup.

She still mourned the loss of her love and she wasn’t going to deny it.

She still hurt.

The sound of the door to the observation deck opening interrupted her musing and she quickly wiped her face clean of tears.

“What the-?” A Southern accented voice called.

Bones stopped mid-step at the sight of the half melted candles and hunched over communications officer.

“Sorry to interrupt Uhura. Just thought I’d try and clear my head while looking at the stars.”

Uhura smiled ruefully and waved the doctor over.

“Don’t let me interrupt you Doctor. You might as well come join me.”

Bones was hesitant, but took the offered seat.

“I’m guessing the Hobgoblin you were waiting for didn’t show huh?” He asked lightly.

Uhura tensed for a second before relaxing.

“It just wasn’t meant to be.” She replied quietly.

Bones reached over and placed his hand over hers.

“You deserve better Darling. A real gentlemen wouldn’t leave a lovely lady like you waiting over a cooling meal.”

Bones looked down and sneered at the orange soup in front of him.

“If you want to call this Vulcan slop a meal.”

Uhura smiled for the first time that night and didn’t remove her hand from under his.

“Honestly I’ve never had much of a fondness for it either.” She admitted.

Bones removed his hand from atop of hers and grabbed the already filled wine glass on his side of the table.

“Let’s have a toast then. To your future luck with men.”

Uhura’s smile widened as she picked up her own glass.

“To my rapidly improving luck with men.” She teased.

The observation deck was filled with the sound of their glasses meeting together lightly for a moment and then the quiet murmurs of a pair talking the rest of the night away.

Uhura heart still ached and she knew that it would for a long time.

But she had a feeling that Doctor McCoy would shorten that time significantly.
I had to redeem Uhura. I’ve been bashing her a lot lately and that isn’t something I usually do. People also keep giving me hell about it and I hate when people waste reviews on stuff like that. So here’s my offering to the Uhura fans.

(Which was really hard for me to write because I really hate writing about straight pairings, which is weird because I am straight….….)

Anyway, read and review!

Yours truly,

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