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Spock had hoped that the loss of their home world and family member would be the thing that brought him and his father together. That they would bond over the shared loss and help each other to recover.

The first few weeks after the loss of Vulcan they didn't have any contact, but that was understandable since his father was the ambassador of Vulcan to Earth and without there being a Vulcan anymore interactions between the species of both planets were at an all time high.

It wasn't till after his break up with Uhura, a month after joining the Enterprise crew, that he tried to formally contact this father. He found that his communications were blocked by his father's computer.

He had rationalized that fact away by thinking that his father was receiving so many calls he was just blocking every number that wasn't vital at the moment.

He left several more messages before he became concerned. He knew his father was alive and well from what he had heard from other Star Fleet members, but he still couldn't get a hold of him.

He finally got drastic enough to contact his father though Star Fleet communications channels in which his father had to accept.

He knew something was wrong as soon as his father saw that it was him.

"Spock, this is unexpected. Has something urgent occurred?"

"No Father, I just thought that we should keep in contact about how things are going with each other. Do you have time to talk?"

Sarek would not look at him, he seemed even more reluctant to speak with him.

"Now is not a good time Spock. I am very busy with the rebuilding of our culture. Another time would be better."

Spock had to fight to keep the disappointment from his voice.

"Oh I see. Maybe tomorrow-"

"I will be busy for the foreseeable future Spock. I will contact you in the event of an emergency."

Sarek reached forward to disconnect their call, but before he could Spock spoke.

"Why are you not looking at me Father?"

Sarek looked as uncomfortable as Spock had ever seen him and it was unnerving.


Sarek still didn't look at his son as he answered.

"Spock please understand that I do not say this to be cruel, but…..you have your mother's eyes."

Sarek closed the connection before Spock could answer and even if he hadn't Spock didn't know what he would have said.
I hate making Sarek a bad guy, but this chapter just came so naturally. I could so see him being pained by Spock having his mother's eyes. Review and tell me what you think!

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