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Spock was seven when he was first introduced to T'Pring, she who was to be his bond mate when his time came.

She was aesthetically pleasing by Vulcan standards, from a well known family, and a well matched mate for the son of an ambassador.

She was everything that a Vulcan could ask for in a mate except for the fact she did not ask to be his mate.

She despised him, loathed the fact that she was to marry a half-breed. The moment their minds touched in the ceremony that would give them their weak betrothal bond he knew she would never be what he needed in a mate.

He needed understanding, strength and as much as he hated to admit it, love.
The first thought that T'Pring sent through their bond was this:

"I will never accept a half breed as a mate. Never someone who's soul is bared so easily to the world with their eyes."
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