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The pair had been secretly dating for 2 months when Uhura had first commented on his eyes.

“You have very human eyes Spock.” She mentioned offhandedly.

At the time he’d considered the comment to be a complement, but he noted on several occasions how she stared at his eyes with the same harsh assessment that he had known on Vulcan.

She made a note of his eyes several more times before she finally asked the questioned he’d anticipated yet dreaded.

“Have you ever considered contacts Spock?”

They’d been on the Enterprise only a month, dating for six, when she asked him that.

Her words sent a wave of dread down his spine.

“I have no eye defects, Nyota. Why would I acquire contacts?” He had asked back, already knowing her answer.

Her voice was matter of factual as she replied.

“If you got contacts people would think you were entirely Vulcan. No one would know you were half human.”

“Why would I try and hide that?” He asked quietly, wondering how he could have blinded himself to this part of her. The part that like his classmates before her, who saw only half of who he was.

“So that they wouldn’t judge you on sight for being a half human. So you would be accepted.”

Spock sighed and looked away from her.

“If I can not be accepted for all that I am, I would rather not be accepted at all.”

They ended up breaking up that night after the insuring argument.
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