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Spock’s steps were 2.5 times quicker than average as he attempted to subtly place more distance between himself and the pack of foot steps that were rapidly approaching from behind him.

“Half-breed!” One called scornfully as they came nearer.

“Failed experiment!”

Spock clutched his PADD’s closer to his chest and ignored the call as best he could.

No sooner had he darted around a corner to presumed safety than he landed face first into the chest of his worst enemy Stonn.

“Such human clumsiness. Even further proof you are not Vulcan.”

Spock rose stiffly from the ground and stared neutrally back at his nemesis.

“The repetition of your actions are growing tiresome Stonn. Please allow me to pass and return to my domicile without further delay.”

Stonn’s face and voice remained devoid of any emotion but his word held as much venom as if they had been hissed.

“Returning home to your blood traitor of a father and whore of a mother? You are not Vulcan, you are nothing, you taint the name of Vulcan. You may share our ears and strength, but your very eyes betray your impureness. They churn with emotions. You will never be one of us. Not as long as your eyes are human………To be so Human is to be weak.”

Spock gave no retort as he sidestepped the taller boy and continued on his way home. He felt no pursuit behind him, but the thought gave him little comfort.

Almost without thought he entered his room upon arrival and locked the door behind him. His gaze went straight to the large mirror on the far wall that reflected his neutral features back at him. He stared long and hard at the face shown to him, becoming more and more dissatisfied with each with each passing moment at what he saw. His eyes did reflect his inner turmoil with amazing accuracy. He placed his hands over them and tried to will away the sight from his memory.

Because Vulcans don’t cry.


Chapter End Notes:

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