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Story Notes:

This funny little idea has been running thorugh my head ever since that sex scene with Gaila in the Reboot. I have not read a story yet that mentions this particular trait of nuKirk... maybe I'm the first! Enjoy.

Spock gazed at his dozing lover, eyes drawn to a familiar area. It is quite possibly his favorite part of Jim’s body. He cannot stop staring at it. Touching it. Kissing it. Licking it. At first, Jim had been embarrassed. An illogical reaction to pleasurable stimuli, Spock mused. However, Spock’s worship of that treasured part of Jim’s anatomy felled his reservations, and Jim now basked in the attention lavished there.  

A trace of saliva gleamed there still, a tribute to that wondrous area just above the nipple of Jim’s right pectoral muscle; an ode to that darkened spot of epidermis which Spock so loved. 

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