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Story Notes:
fixed a few spelling errors. and also removed the double post of the summary and author notes. sorry for having to make you read the same thing twice. :)
Author's Chapter Notes:
Yes, I answered my own “put on trial” challenge. Got a problem with that?
Well, basically I just wanted to do a short fic with at least 5 chapters to show others how it could be done. Of course if others responds to the challenge I'd like to see how they can take it in a completely different direction.

I don't really like the Abramsverse version of Uhura very much, but I decided that for this story I would try to create a very sympathetic Uhura here.

It'll be my personal challenge to write from the viewpoint of a character who I normally loathe, and make her a good guy here. :) She'll be basically a major woobie getting unfairly punished for something she didn't do.

I would like you to leave a review stating whenever you would like Spock to end up with Kirk, or end up with Uhura. Because the way I've laid things out it could go neither way.

I've written for other fandoms before, but this is my first star trek story. Enjoy!

“W-what?!” Nyota Uhura sputtered, unable to believe her ears. This had to be a joke or something, right?

Jim Kirk looked at her with a very grim expression on his face, which meant that it wasn't one of his stupid jokes after all.

“But... That doesn't make sense! Why put us on trial after all this time?? We've been serving on the Enterprise for over two years now...” Nyota looked baffled as she looked at Spock, who were standing next to her.

Spock had been unusually silent this whole time, with his eyebrows raised. Which was his way of being speechless, she supposed.

James Kirk sighed, looking unhappy about the whole mess. “Yeah I know, it doesn't make much sense for them to do this now after so long. But apparently they got an anonymous tip from somebody about your... err.... illicit relationship while you were teacher and student. I tried to fight them and keep you two here on the Enterprise but the higher ups were pretty insistent about it.”

Finally Spock spoke up at this. “I believe they will find that they were in error about this. Regardless of what people assume about me, I have never engaged in a sexual relationship with Nyota back then. What we had back then were simple friendship, and nothing more.”

James Kirk looked as if he didn't really believe that at all... and he seemed to be searching Spock's face for any signs that he might be lying. However, he seemed to have found no traces of a lie at all. He looked puzzled. “What about that thing on the transporter pad? I was there, you know.... and saw you two make out right there on the spot. That doesn't seem so platonic to me.”

Nyota blushed at this. God, she wished that she could go back in time and redo that whole scene.

“Actually, that part was pretty much my fault. If you noticed, I was the one who instigated that kiss while Spock pretty much just stood there. To tell you the truth... I did have something of a crush on Spock back then when I was his student. However Spock never felt the same way about me. And well... Back then I thought I was about to die. And I wanted my last pleasant memory to be a kiss from Spock. I also wanted to comfort him at the same time.”

The two men stared at her, without saying anything. Nyota shook her head. “Yes, I know it wasn't exactly my best moment back then. All I can say in my defense is that back then I wasn't exactly in a mature mindset back then. I was still an 18-year-old back then, after all. They do say that your brain doesn't stop growing until we're in our mid-20's and that it only becomes mature then. That does not excuse my unprofessional behavior back then, but it does explain why I acted like such a silly schoolgirl half the time, and why I would even lead anybody to think that Spock and I were together when it was clear that we weren't.”

Jim Kirk smiled. “Well, don't beat yourself up too hard over it. I think most of us at the academy had several immature and completely unprofessional moments, considering the fact that most of us were of a very young age, even if we were old to serve in the military legally. I've had a few moments myself when I wasn't at my best.”

Nyota couldn't help but let out a little snicker at that, clearly recalling the time that Kirk had hit on her at the bar and the incident with Gallia.

Jim knew what Nyota was thinking of, and grinned. Spock looked between the two, wondering what sort of incident the two had been in since how they were clearly recalling something.

Nyota sighed. “We've grown up so much ever since then. And now Spock and I are being punished for something that didn't even happen in school?”

Jim Kirk stood up, looking determined. “Don't worry, I've got both your backs. I'm willing to vouch for you in court.... I'll be damned if I let them take way two of my very best officers that the federation had to offer!”

Nyota smiled at him tearfully, thankful to have such a great captain. Sure, she had been unsure about Jim Kirk as a captain at first as seeing she didn't have such a good impression of him. In fact, she had thought him nothing but an arrogant blowhard who slept with everything that moved.

But over time, she had realized that Jim Kirk was far more than he appeared on the surface... and she had to reevaluate what she thought about him. She also now knew better than to take stock in rumors. Because if all of them had been true, then Jim Kirk would have never passed Starfleet academy at all. Because it would have been physically impossible to have sex with thousands of people and still find the time to attend classes. And even if he had slept with some of the teachers to get good grades like the rumors said, it was impossible for him to have screwed every single teacher because most of them were highly heterosexual men who were happily married. Therefore, most of his high grades was actually legitimate, and not something given to him because of sexual favors.

James Kirk was still an outrageous flirt at heart, though.

When she had shared this shocking revelation with Spock over lunch one day, Spock had this “Well, duh! I knew most of those rumors were silly to start with.” expression on his face... or at least the Vulcan equivalent of it. When Nyota wondered at the fact that James Kirk seemed to like playing dumb a lot, Spock suggested that maybe it was a defense mechanism, deeply ingrained from his childhood.

Spock then had confined in her that he did a most unprofessional thing back then, when he had been angry about the Kobayashi Maru thing. He had apparently illegally hacked into Kirk's files and pored over every detail of his life that he could find. He didn't really get the full life story but from what he had gleaned it seemed that Kirk did not have a very ideal childhood. In fact it was less than ideal, in Spock's words.

Uhura had no idea what Spock meant exactly by “less than ideal” as seeing he would not divulge any more juicy tidbits, much to her disappointment. Spock claimed that it wouldn't be right for him to violate Captain Kirk's privacy just to fill-full Uhura's need for gossip. Which made her head kind of hurt... considering the fact that Spock had already violated his privacy by hacking into his files, and then by telling her a hint of what had been in those files.

But she could kind of guess what Spock had been hinting at. First of all, there had been Winona Kirk who seemed to have been out in space 24/7 and rarely came back home when James Kirk had been but a boy. He could had been left with responsible guardians who did everything for him, but to a little boy like James he could have seen that as a type of abandonment no matter how good his life had been. And if Freud was right all along then some of Jim's behavior, such as his excessive flirting, could be easily be his way of craving affection from strangers that his mother apparently could not give him.

Who said pysch 101 was useless? Her captain never really discussed his childhood or his personal life with her at all.... they kept up a very professional relationship, after all. But that glimpse into what his childhood might had been like helped her understand him a little better. And as a result she had been a little nicer to him from now on.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she almost missed the next thing Kirk was telling Spock about. However it grabbed her attention all the same.

“I'm telling you, Spock..... it looks really bad. The news media is basically swarming over this so-called scandal like flies on honey. They're out for blood, and I suspect that a few of them will make even more outrageous accusations, like the fact that you might be a sex offender or something equally ridiculous. You know how those tabloids are.” Jim were saying.

Spock raised his eyebrows. “I doubt they would do something so illogical, especially when the trial hasn't even started yet. I'm sure most of them would see things our way when we explain our side of the story to them.”

Jim shook his head at Spock's naivety, and told him: “Just be on your guard, okay? Those reporters can be cutthroat as hell... trust me, I have experience in that situation as the son of a dead hero. God only knows that they often over-exaggerated some of my antics growing up. Do you know that there are still people out there who thinks I did a huge amount of drugs thanks to reporters? That I basically did everything from cocaine to pcp before I had even hit my 15th year of life. If that had been true, I would have been brain-dead long before I even got into Starfleet. As a result, there's plenty of people who thinks I shouldn't be in charge of a star-ship because of my so-called sordid past with drugs.” He scoffed bitterly at this part.

Nyota frowned. She did vaguely remember a rumor along those lines about Jim Kirk. But it had actually been one of the few rumors that she had never believed off the bat. She could have believed Jim Kirk being this galactic slut, but she couldn't just see him doing drugs at all. Not even back then when she hated Jim Kirk. So she had dismissed that rumor and then forgot about it completely until now.

Spock seemed disquieted by this. “I... I shall take your words into consideration, and be on my guard then.”

“ Now for the hard part that I really hate having to do. On the admirals' orders, as of now you two are now suspended from duty indefinitely and we're on our way back home to Earth.”

“WHAT!! You can't do that!” Nyota gasped.

Jim looked at her sorrowfully. “I'm sorry, but I can't go against orders. Hey, look at the bright side... at least you two aren't confined to quarters. You still can go to the rec rooms, the mess hall and any other recreational areas. Spock can continue to do his scientific experiments on his time off as seeing for him it pretty much counts as a hobby, but that's it.”

Nyota groaned. “yeah, right.”

“You two are now dismissed, as seeing I have work to do now.”

The pair left the office quietly, still shocked by this turn of events.

Chapter End Notes:
To be continued....?
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