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I see you have not given up on your relentless pursuit
Of one, I hold most dear.
You have sought him almost from the beginning of his life.
Always placing one deadly task after another in his way.

Still he has defeated you in almost every turn.
Though sadly not without some consequences.
He has even laughed in your face.
Telling you to take the scythe and…
Well I guess you know what you could do with it.
There is no need to go there.

Yes, I know it is only a matter of time.
Someday he will be yours…
Even then, he will fight you.
It is just who he is.

You have never been his friend.
You have always taken from him
Never given him anything but pain
and sorrow.

I guess that is why he is such a challenge to you.
Someone not afraid of you
Someone who will look you straight in the eye
And tell you to go to hell.
Guess there are not many out there
That will do that to Death.
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