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Vulcans do not get sick. They have no need for painkillers, antibiotics, or any other drugs. Pain was a reaction to physical stimulus, and Vulcans could control that.

Humans were different. And no matter how many times Spock claimed that his physiology was mostly Vulcan, that human side would show through no matter what measures he took.

Jim would point that out to his first officer and lover, but right then Spock didn't need a lecture about how his obstinacy would kill him. The captain's eyebrows came together in pitying concern as he watched the Vulcan lay there in complete misery, unable to focus enough to enter a healing trance or even control his pain response. It would almost be endearing how silent Spock was being despite the obvious pain he was in.

Armed with a glass of water and the carefully obtained pills (Sarek had assured they would help), Jim made his way through the sweltering room to where his love lay on the bed. Spock didn't sweat, but Jim felt beads of it rolling down his own back as he sat on the edge of the bed.

"Hey there," he whispered, leaning close. "I'm sorry it took so long to get back. Bones kept trying to get extras in case just two doesn't help."

Spock opened one green rimmed eye and looked up at Jim. The purely pathetic expression on his face made Jim want to wrap him up in his arms and never let go. Who would have guessed that Vulcans were so susceptible to illness like this?

But it wasn't illness so much as food poisoning. The planet Luneeria was home to meticulous people who used everything on their planet. Spock had been the unfortunate recipient of a bowl of broth at the banquet that the medical team was still analyzing. The Luneerians claimed they had no idea Spock would become so ill. Their systems were such that they never suffered food borne illnesses.

It had taken only the matter of minutes for Spock to show symptoms. His face flushed green, and Jim had seen the subtle signs of pain on his face. Half an hour into the celebration, the Vulcan had gripped Jim's wrist with enough force to nearly break it and the was all it took for the captain to excuse himself and the first officer to return to the Enterprise.

After a brief examination by Bones and a transmission to Sarek, Jim was being sent in with the medication to help Spock because he was the only person the Vulcan would allow into his rooms.

Setting the glass aside, Jim moved to put one arm under Spock to help him sit up. Spock immediately pulled away, but Jim was expecting this and preemptively placed himself behind the Vulcan so he was forced to lean against the captain's chest.

"You have to sit up, Spock. I know you don't want to, but you have to take these."

"I will...recover without the need of..."

"Spock!" Jim said, cutting him off and causing the Vulcan to wince. "You'll recover, but how long will that take? If you won't give in because you want to get better, than give in because I need you. You've been out for three days already, and I have no idea how to do half the reports you finish for me."

Brown eyes gave him such a bland look that Jim actually laughed. Leave it to Spock to make him feel as if he was about to get a lecture even while sick. "It would of course....be logical...that you learn."

Jim placed a soft kiss against Spock's forehead, noting how high his temperature was. "And who would teach me? Please." Jim held up the pills to Spock's lips and waited. It took a moment before overly warm lips wrapped around the pills, leaving a tingling kiss behind on his palm as he reached for the glass of water and helped Spock to drink.

"Vulcans do not get sick," Spock muttered under his breath as he leaned against Jim and slowly started to fall asleep again.

"I know," Jim responses, wrapping his arms around Spock and holding him tight.

Chapter End Notes:
Vulcans also probably don't have appendices. Otherwise this would be an appendicitis story...
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