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I see you there beyond the glass


So clear, so close, but still cannot touch


I curse it now, for it is as bitter


As the taste in my mouth.




You had so much to offer


Why did you offer your soul?




We were once so alone


But we somehow found each other


In our mutual need to escape


To lose ourselves among the stars.




I can feel you slipping away


Why must you leave me again?




It was easy to know strangers


Because it was never the real thing


They didn’t need to understand


My desires, my passions, or my fears.




It never hurt when I held you


Why must we be denied that now?




You were strength wrapped in innocence


I gave love without asking for surrender


We were cool water and red sands


Our restless spirits bound together.




A voice called out to me


Why did you leave me behind?




You're in my mind all of the time


But I know that it’s not enough


If a world can form from dust and regret


There must be some way back.




I’ll cross the stars to find you


But am I just chasing shadows and ghosts?




Blood from my own has been shed


Something within shatters as she falls from the sky


I know now is not the time for tears


Because it is time to live again.




Fire and flame, the world around me shrieks


Has all my silent pleadings been in vain?




Hold on, and I’ll hold on tightly


Hold on, and don't let go of my love


Even as the world’s heartbeat fades away


There is nothing but us now.




I have brought you home again


But will it ever be the same?




I dare not dream or try to hope


Your face is but a blank slate


But I cannot stop the overwhelming joy


As you turn and speak my name.



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