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Story Notes:

This was written as a birthday gift for a friend on Deviantart.com

Spock sat in front of his captain and friend holding a cloth to his cheek trying to stop the blood that was trickling down his face. Jim was applying pressure to the wound on his palm he had received from trying to protect his face, a natural reflex.


The fight had not been Jim's fault at all. He had merely turned down one of the Ambassador’s aide’s romantic advances. The man had not liked being turned down and had attacked Jim without provocation. The Ambassador of the Kurket people had been upset over the incident and had apologized but still Spock would not let anyone near his captain. In fact the only reason they had not beamed back aboard the Enterprise was because the transporter was not working. Mr. Scott was fixing it but he had said it would take an hour if not more.


"Captain Kirk, I assure you that Logrue will not go unpunished" the Kurket ambassdor promised.


"Thank you" Jim responded and Spock suppressed a sigh.


"Do not speak, it aggravates your wound and I had almost stopped the bleeding" Spock told him and the other half of Jim's lips turned up in apology.


"Of course captain" the Ambassador said attempting to lay a hand on the blonds shoulder only to stop when Spock growled low in his throat at him.


"Oh, yes of course, I forgot, my apologies Mr. Spock" the Ambassador said bringing his hand down to rest at his side.


Jim's mouth twitched slightly before he clamped down on his smile, but his hazel eyes showed his amusement all the same. The blond squeezed Spock's black clothed knee gently before returning to applying pressure to his palm again. Spock nudged Jim's knee once with his own, and Jim's eyes softened at the gesture.


An hour and half later both Jim and Spock had beamed back to the ship. Jim had been escorted to sickbay by McCoy as soon as he had materialized on the transporter pad. But that had been a while ago and Jim was now sitting in his quarters signing padds. Jim looked up at the ding on his door signaling that somebody was awaiting entrance to his quarters.


"Enter" he called and Spock walked into his quarters.


"Hey Spock, one second" Jim smiled quickly signing his signature to two more padds before looking back up at the man who stood in front of his desk hands clasped behind his back.


"Alright I'm done, something you wanted Spock?" Jim asked and Spock walked around his desk so that he stood in front of Jim's chair and held out two of his fingers to Jim. Jim smiled and stood up touching Spock's fingers with two of his own. Spock nuzzled his nose against the newly regenerated skin of Jim's cheek. Jim smiled and ran his hand through the silky black strands of Spock's hair. Spock kissed Jim as he trailed his fingers over the pale pink line of new skin where the wound once was.


"You were very protective down there," Jim said once Spock had moved on to kissing and nipping at his neck.


"I did not wish for you to be hurt again" Spock replied and Jim laughed before kissing Spock's cheek.


"My over protective Vulcan" Jim smiled and Spock kissed him once again.

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