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McCoy checked his wrist chronometer one more time before letting out an annoyed huff of air, “Where the hell are they?”

The rest of the bridge crew that was in attendance exchanged bewildered expressions as they each stared at the empty chairs reserved for Captain and First Officer. “Maybe zey forgot about ze meeting,” Chekov supplied, immediately blushing and averting his eyes when he found himself the victim of the doctor's “and maybe pigs can fly” glare.

“P’haps the Capt’n an Mr. Spock got caught up with some last minute details for the briefing,” Scotty offered with a shrug, then in an attempt to lighten the tension, “Or maybe they stopped off for a coupl’a sandwiches?”

Uhura giggled, shaking her head, “Really, Len, lighten up. They aren’t even late yet.”

“Yes, ze Lieutenants,” Chekov was referring to Sulu and Giotto, “are not yet here eizzer.”

McCoy harrumphed indignantly, wondering just what the hell was so damned important that Jim and Spock were running so much later than usual, “Well, they damn well better get a move on—I got a sickbay full of crew waiting for their boosters.”

“Oh, I’m sure they’re just anticipating your return,” Uhura teased, causing Scotty and Chekov to chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” Sulu asked, entering the room, Giotto following. They took their seats, eyes immediately falling on the empty chairs of their commanding officers. Sulu checked his watch. They were only seven minutes early, Spock should at least be here. “Where’s the boss?”

McCoy let out an annoyed huff, “Where indeed.”



“Oh fuck yes!” Jim threw his head back as Spock pushed him further up the wall of briefing room 3-B. His legs were wrapped around Spock’s shoulders as the Vulcan pumped his cock and licked at his hole, one strong hand holding his hips firmly in place.

“Please do try to hold still, Captain,” Spock intoned. “You are making this quite difficult.”

Goddamn but it was hot when Spock used his Science voice while doing all manner of wicked things to Jim’s body. “Sorry,” he breathed, “Just…so good.”

“Mmmm,” Spock hummed against twitching hole. “I must agree.”

“Gods, fuck me already, Spock. They’re gonna start wondering where the hell we are,” Jim pleaded. “I’m ready. I swear I’m ready.” He pulled on Spock’s silky black hair, forcing the Vulcan to meet his gaze, “C’mon, I need you now.

Spock lowered Jim’s feet to floor, hands pushing his own trousers down so they fell in a pool around his ankles. Spock’s throbbing, self-lubricated cock sprung free between them as Vulcan and human lips crashed together. “As you wish,” Spock whispered against his Captain’s lips before turning him around bringing his length to the eager man’s entrance.

Spock buried his face in the crook of Jim’s neck while the Captain bit his fist all in an attempt to keep the groans of their joining muffled. Their senior staff was no doubt waiting for them two doors down; it wouldn’t do to be caught in such a compromising position. For a few breathless moments, neither man moved, glorying the feeling of utter rightness and contentment that this physical connection always seemed to elicit. Neither of them had ever intended for this…attraction…this utter, unquenchable desire to develop between them. Yet, here they were, fucking against another wall of the ship all because they couldn’t keep their hands off one another.

Ever since Jim had nearly died, jumping in front of a spear headed straight for the side that held Spock’s heart, they’d been meeting like this and now more and more frequently. When Jim had returned from Sickbay, the night of that first fateful encounter, Spock had been waiting for him in his quarters. Of course, the attraction had been building between them for some time, beginning with begrudging acceptance and escalating into a companionable working relationship, which led to lunch together, then chess matches after shift and finally lunches, chess after shift, dinner and spending time seeing sites together during shore leave, each reluctant to part at the end of any evening. Jim’s near death experience had obliterated the final walls standing between them that had, up until that point, kept them from crossing the line from friends into…more—Into…this.

“We can’t keep meeting like this,” Jim panted, as Spock finally began to move inside him, his thrust long and measured.

“Indeed,” Spock breathed huskily into Jim’s ear, giving the lobe a gentle flick with his tongue. “I find the growing urgency to mate with you at the most inopportune times highly illogical.”

All thought was halted when Spock’s double ridges slid over Jim’s prostate, causing the human’s entire body to jerk in delight and his cock throb in his hand. “Oh…keep doing that,” Jim encouraged, lost in the pleasure of Spock’s considerable length filling him up, stroking his channel and prodding all the right nerves in all the best places. He felt his hand being swatted away from his own erection, as a hotter than human grip surrounded his weeping organ and pumped in time with the cock fucking in and out of his hole.

“Ah,” Spock panted against Jim’s neck, “Oh, Jim…I want…” His free hand trailed up to the meld points on Jim’s face.

“Fuck yes, baby,” Jim moaned, driving his ass back to meet Spock’s upstroke. “Do it…yes, do it.” A moment later, their separate selves became one, spiraling together in a dizzying whirlwind of emotion and more, please more as their desire fed into one another, driving them higher and higher, until their bodies exploded with the ultimate in joining of bodies and minds. They collapsed against the wall, still thoroughly entangled as Spock withdrew from Jim’s psyche, which was becoming harder and harder to do as of late.

“That was fucking amazing,” Jim panted, enjoying the feel of having Spock wrapped bodily around him, breath coming out against his neck in sweet little puffs. “It’s never been that intense before.”

Spock lifted his head to place a kiss to Jim’s temple, “Your mind calls to my own. It is becoming…difficult to separate us…after. You will be bound to me if we continue on this path.” He withdrew from Jim’s body before reaching over to the replicator and punching in the sequences for a few clean up supplies. “Which is only another reason for why this cannot be allowed to continue.

Jim took the cloth Spock proffered and cleaned up quickly, tucking himself back into his pants before zipping his fly and disposing of the evidence. He then turned to his first officer and dare he think to assume lover? “Would it be so bad?” he questioned, reaching out and running a loving thumb over slanted eyebrows, “I don’t want to stop. I don’t want to pretend that what I feel doesn’t exist,” he paused to place a soft kiss to Vulcan lips. “Besides, I kind of like the idea of carrying you around in my head all day.”

Spock’s eyes smiled as he took the hand stroking his face, bringing the palm to his lips where he pressed a chaste kiss there, “A discussion, no doubt, for another time.”

Jim’s eyes widened, “Shit!” He had nearly forgotten all about the meeting down the hall. “We gotta go.”

“Indeed, ashaya,” Spock released Jim’s hand and disengaged the privacy lock on the room. They each performed another visual sweep of the area, making sure there was nothing they missed in their cleanup. Satisfied when the room appeared as innocuous as ever, showing no evidence of their activities of only moment ago, they shared a glance full of unspoken affection before turning and leaving the room.


When the Captain and Commander entered the briefing room one minute early, they took their seats and dived into the morning brief. If anyone thought it was odd that they arrived together, both looking rather flushed, nobody commented on the matter. McCoy definitely did not roll his eyes and Nyota absolutely did not have to stifle a giggle. If there was thing that could be said about the crew of the Enterprise it’s that they were consummate professionals and certainly not prone to jumping to conclusions or participating in ship’s gossip.


Chapter End Notes:


Okay, so that's the end of the first fic for my new series. I really hope you liked this installment and that I hear from you in the form of a review. Also, if you have the time, stop by my bio to learn more about the Intergalactic Fuck Series and if you feel so inclined submit a prompt for a scenario you'd like to see brought to life.

Thanks for reading and as always, don't hesitate to report spelling and grammitical errors as well as any inconsistencies you discover.

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