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Author's Chapter Notes:
ch. 4 told ya it would be up soon.
Spock and Kirk had been together for month before they found out what the other gift was. It came as quite a shock to everybody but as the voice had said it was useful and it did just so happen that it saved some lives.
They had beamed down to Trilos in order to negotiate a treaty between them and the Federation. But it seemed that a faction opposed to the joining- which were not mentioned in the briefing by the way- got wind of the plan and was able to kidnap the landing party which consisted of one security man Kirk and Spock.
“Why can’t anything we have to do ever be easy?” Kirk muttered so low that only Spock had heard him.
Spock did not bother to comment that anytime something was easy Jim went crazy waiting for something to happen. He merely shook his head humans were illogical and that was all that there was to it. But he wouldn’t have it any other way because if Jim was more logical he never would have entered a relationship with him. Now if Jim would just practice a habit of safety…
All three of them resided in the cell for exactly an hour- most of which was spent trying to find a way to get out of the cell- before the captors showed themselves.
There were three bipeds. Nothing else was certain as they had on black robes with long hoods that shielded their whole body from view.
“Tell us what we want to know and your death will be painless.” One of the creatures said in a voice that sounded mechanical.
“What is it that you want to know?” Kirk asked.
“All weaponry advances as well as the codes for the planetary defense systems for all the federation planets that have established one.” The voice went on and on apparently they wanted to know everything that could be used to undermine the Federation.
When the creatures finally realized that they were not going to get any of the information that they sought they thought it time for a demonstration of their power.
They took Jim and in front of the others the stripped him and chained him to a nearby pole threatening to shoot one of the other two if he made any kind of movement that could be seen as resistance. Then they began to hit him so hard that he could not help but cry out.
Spock was angry.
Spock was furious.
Spock could not let them continue to hurt what was his and only his.
Spock felt a change in himself suddenly he was bigger and stronger than before. He had light brown fur, sharp claws, and six inch fangs. He slaughtered the guard that had had the weapon trained on him as well as Ensign White and in an instant he had dealt with the one that was hurting his precious one.
Kirk looked at him with amusement in his eyes.
Spock bit the chains and wrapped himself carefully around his wounded human.
He growled softly at the memory of what had been. His protective instincts had been so much stronger in the body of a sehlat than even as a Vulcan for his mate.
Kirk petted him and lovingly whispered his name.
“You’re beautiful as a Vulcan and just as beautiful as a sehlat.” He said before losing consciousness.
Spock heard the Ensign call for beam up with the communicator that he had taken from the other hooded creature.
This Spock only noticed because he heard it. His eyes never left the body of the human that lay bleeding into his fur.
The two of them lay like that until he felt the effect of the transporter and he mind whispered to the unconscious human that everything would be alright.
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