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Author's Chapter Notes:
ch. three yay.
The landing party consisted of Kirk Spock and a few geologists as well as some security personnel just in case.
They had beamed down in the remnants of what used to be a city. There were tall buildings that had been destroyed by time. Most of the vegetation was overgrown making it really itchy to walk. The tallest building looked to be in the best condition and it seemed that it was the only one minus a pointy roof.
“Alright,” Kirk ordered “find out what you can and stay in two’s just to be on the safe side. We meet back here in three hours.”
Kirk and Spock took the road that lead to the tallest building hoping to get a good vantage point if nothing else. It took them twenty minutes to get to the building and twice as long to get to the top. By the time they reached the top even Spock was breathing a little harder.
“You okay?” Kirk asked. He didn’t ask because of the climb he asked because it had gotten a cool enough for him to call breezy but Spock was a Vulcan so he knew that he would be a lot colder.
Spock nodded and moved to examine the machine on the top of the roof suddenly there was a flash of light and Kirk was floating in darkness.
Greetings purred a voice in his head. For some reason he did not find this at all alarming. You did not come to seek me out I see. However you have found me so I suppose I can grant your heart’s desire depending on what that is of course. I don’t do I want to rule the universe desires too much of a hassle. Let’s see. Oh. How precious that’s all you want.
Meanwhile Spock was floating in identical darkness.
You too, how cute. I think I will grant your heart’s desire. Purred the voice. Suddenly she was speaking to both of them though they did not know it.
I think I will give a little something extra seeing as I think that you will need it soon and it will be fun-for me at least-. Oh yes and I wish to tell you that you will not remain broken for long.
The next thing Kirk and Spock were aware of was Sickbay. They opened their eyes and looked at each other.
“Well welcome back. You guys were asleep for a whole day. No matter you guys needed sleep anyway.” McCoy said his seemingly nonchalant demeanor marred with relief.
“I feel great,” Kirk said. Then he remembered what the voice said and blushed.
“I concur,” Spock said.
In unison they hopped of the biobeds and walked out McCoy couldn’t do anything it wasn’t like he could hold them both down at once and anyway they were fine he had made sure of that.
That night after shift Spock and Kirk met in Kirk’s quarters.
Kirk cleared his throat before he began speaking. “The voice said something at the end before I woke up.” He blushed again at the memory and was surprised to see Spock was blushing too. It was downright cute. No more like adorable.
“So,” he said “I guess the same thing was said to you?”
“So umm do you, you know like me like that?”
Spock nodded with his head down but by looking at his ears it was obvious that his blush had deepened.
“Did you feel that way before going to the planet?” Kirk asked suddenly and grew sick at the very thought of that being the case. He had seen to many things influenced by an alien device.
Spock nodded again and instantly that sickness went away.
“What about you?” Spock asked speaking for the first time.
“Yes,” Jim said. So happy that he suddenly threw his arms around the man and kissed him. Then he pulled away scared that he had moved to fast. He could have kicked himself for acting before he had thought about what he was doing. Why do I have to be so impulsive?
Spock for his part was in shock in that brief contact he had felt Jim’s mind. He couldn’t believe how compatible they were. He had also felt the truth in those words that Jim had spoken. Spock leaned down and kissed him again suddenly desiring more than he would have thought possible. Kirk had no problem with that.
As they kissed Spock began to understand why they were such a good match. They both were broken. But it was more than just that. It was also because they were t’hy’la.

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