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McCoy prided himself on keeping the people on the ship in good condition. Though some might claim that he was simply hypo happy (that some being mainly a certain Captain) he really did have the crews heath in mind.
So when he went up to the bridge and saw a very tired Captain he was quite surprised. He was then grateful for his wanting of exercise. That had been the reason that he had come up to the bridge in the first place. It was a bit of a walk and he had wanted to talk to Jim about rescheduling that visit to Sickbay. Plus it would never do if the CMO didn’t take care of his own body.
“Jim,” he said pulling his friend aside.
“I know,” Kirk said knowing immediately by the look of concern what his friend was going to ask. “I had a bit of a restless night I’ll be fine though. I’ll be down in Sickbay after shift today we have to delay beaming down because of a slight flux Scotty found in the transporter.”
“Do we have time to wait for that?” McCoy asked in a voiced colored by surprise. James T. Kirk had just voluntarily said that he would report to Sickbay with no prodding of any kind. Yeah he is sick, McCoy thought to himself resisting the urge to examine him with the tricorder that he always carried.
“Yes we have been allotted a two week window to do a complete study of this region of space so we’re good on time right now.”
True to his word after his shift was over Kirk walked into Sickbay. McCoy nearly fainted.
After the examination – which found absolutely no anomalies to McCoy’s utter surprise- Kirk went back to his quarters not allowing his friend to question him as he knew that he was going to if he stayed in Sickbay any longer than necessary.
Spock was waiting when he got there. Jim couldn’t help but notice how the science blue uniform clung to Spock’s lanky form. He also couldn’t help but note how beautiful Spock was the chocolate brown eyes and long lashes framing those eyes. When he looked at his hair he found that he wanted to touch it and see if it felt as soft as it looked.
Spock couldn’t avoid looking at the shorter man. The yellow of the command uniform clung in all the right places subtly showing the toned muscles that lay beneath it. His blond hair shone with its own halo of light and the piercing lightning blue eyes seemed as though they could see right through him.
Quickly they both looked down lest the other think that they were staring so neither of them noticed the faint blushes that had occurred on Vulcan and Human alike. That night nether could concentrate on the game so they stopped after just one and made up excuses for being distracted and went to bed a little earlier than normal.
That night they dreamt about one another. Kirk and Spock both dreamt that the love that they felt beginning wasn’t simply a one-sided affection. It was a very good dream but dreams do not come true and that was a lesson that both of them had learned the hard way.
When they woke they knew that this was going to be another hard say on the bridge because they would have to associate with a person that they both knew with absolute certainty would never see him as more than a friend- if he would even see him as that much- and as such would never accept or return the feelings of the other. This was definitely going to be a very long day indeed.
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