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1 Kalimba- Mr. Scruff (5:48)
When Jim kirk dreamed he dreamed very weird things thought Spock as he watched his lover.
The command crew (including him) were wearing odd outfits that were sparkly and in their uniform colors.
There was a sparkly ball shining overhead and they were all roller skating. Scotty and Uhura were pulling out all the stops and Chekov and Sulu were just rolling in time to the beat as was he and Jim.
An hour later Jim woke for duty not knowing why Spock was amused.
That night the found a pair of electric blue roller skates in their room.
That night he dreamed of Spock in lingerie.

2 What hurts the most- Cascada (4:08)
Kirk lay alone In his room. He was so alone and it seemed that he was doomed to remain that way forever. He had just got the message through Starfleet that he mother had died in a shuttle crash. They had been estranged but it still hurt because he loved her.
He had no desire to love anymore. He was a curse.
But there was a problem he was in love with his first officer but his first officer was with another.
he wished he had never realized he was in love.
That night he drank down a bottle of brandy.

3 I’d Lie- Taylor Swift (3:38)
Spock sat at his station and glanced over at his commanding officer.
Ten minutes later in the mess hall Spock and Kirk sat together.
That night they played chess.
The next morning Spock was more in love than ever.
On the bridge he shut away his feelings.
At the mess Kirk told him his favorite color was green.
That day Spock began to hope.

4 Man to man- Gary Allen (3:40)
Spock and Kirk had been bondmates for a year before Kirk told him about his first love a man named Gary.
The next day this man came on board and Spock really wanted to kill him but he was able to restrain himself.
Two days into the voyage Gary caught Kirk as he was coming from a physical in Sickbay .Luckily Spock was walking by.
“Come on Jimmy” he heard Gary purr.
Spock growled that monster was flirting with his bondmate.
Spock came up and punched him.
Kirk Laughed.
That nigh sex was steamy.

5 Sleep Away- Bob Acri (3:20)
Spock was playing his Lyre. He had meditated and was just waiting for his bondmate to arrive.
When Kirk got to the room he heard the sweet sound of his Vulcan playing his lyre so he sat on the bed and listened.
Kirk was not normally a fan of music but when Spock played it was beautiful. Part of the appeal was the way that Spock looked as he gently stoked the strings.
When the song broke off Jim went to his bondmate and gently touched lips with him.

6 Prisoner in paradise- from SkipBeat (eng. Dub on youtube.com) (5:12)
Spock prime sat in his office on new Vulcan and thought about the Bondmate that he had lost so long ago. He felt the bond that he shared with the kirk of this universe and gave an un-vulcan like sigh.
At time like this it was better to meditate.
Slowly he centered himself and thought about all the things that made him who he was.
Memories flowed. Arguments with his McCoy Jim laughing in the back ground stating how illogical they were being.
Various other scenarios like it.
Later that day Kirk came to visit and as much as Spock loved to see the human he knew that he would be meditating fiercely that night.

7 The fool on the hill by the Beatles (3:00)
Spock sat on his bed packing his things into a suitcase. He was headed for earth to study at Starfleet academy. Those bastards as VSA had insulted him and he would not study there because of that even if it was what it would take to appease his father.
Three years later he was a professor and he was watching a golden haired cadet beat his test.
How could he know that that would start the rest of his life on the path to happiness.

8 Not just make believe Kari Kimmell - (3:04)
Kirk had been alone all his life and that had led to the casual flings that he had become famous for. How was he to know that the one that would cherish and love him beyond any imagining would be the Vulcan that had nearly killed him.
It had started slowly almost with a dream like quality and it had evolved into something more. Suddenly Kirk the playboy was gone and in his stead was Kirk Spock’s Bondmate.
Kirk smiled change was good.

9 Friend of Mine remix- Kelly price (6:17)
Spock had gone to T’pring to help her after Stonn had left her for another.
Kirk was suspicious of T’pring but he trusted Spock.
When they had finally arrived at Vulcan Kirk was happy. T’Pring had taken up most of the time that Kirk would have had with Spock and he was happy to be rid of her.
When they docked at Vulcan Kirk decide to walk down to the quarters and tell Spock then he saw it. T’Pring was kissing Spock.
He ran fist clutched to keep from crying. Somehow he ended up at Sickbay and confided in Bones who hugged him and let him cry.
He did not know how Jim would get over this.

10 I will survive- Gloria Gaynor (3:29)
Kirk was famous for many a fling but since he had got the enterprise he had slowed down quite a bit.
Years later Kirk lost the very vessel that had stolen his heart and wondered what in the world he was going to do.
Eventually they built another and called her the Enterprise.
But Kirk didn’t need her anymore because he now had Spock.
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