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Story Notes:

This is a very Dark story. Really. I mean it. This is DARK and basically one huge, honkin' Non-Con so if that is not your cup of tea, please shut your eyes and maneuver to another webpage. For those of you willing to give it a try, thank you!

This is my first post here and my first time to try my hand at writing slash, so please be gentle. I apologize in advance for any mistakes you find. This has not been beta'ed because frankly I don't know of anyone I could have sent it to since I am new to this fandom, and no one I actually know would believe this stuff has been lurking in my head.

I straighten my uniform tunic and reach up to run a hand over my hair to ensure it resumes its customary smoothness, before I step in to the corridor. It would not do to be seen with my appearance anything other than perfect. It is not my way, and it is not what people expect of me. Appearances always must be maintained. I learned this lesson at my parent's knees, although our reasons for doing so have always been amusingly dissimilar. My parents practice the concept because the social mores of my father's people demand it. I practice it because it makes for excellent camouflage

I supposed I should introduce myself. I am Spock, son of Sarek of Vulcan and Amanda of Earth. I am a half-breed, a racial experiment that does not fit in either world, too emotional to be Vulcan and too unemotional to be Human, truly belonging to neither planet. I can almost hear the tender human hearts breaking.

How amusing.

I feel no anger or self pity for my situation. Indeed, I find it most advantageous. If no one on either planet can be bothered to care for me then I need feel no guilt or remorse whenever I return the "favor". If you will forgive the historical reference, it is a complete "win" for me.

But I seem to have veered somewhat off topic. I was introducing myself. In addition to being of mixed race, I also hold the distinction of being First Officer, as well Science Officer, of the Federation Starship Enterprise, flagship of the Fleet. I am the only officer to ever hold both posts simultaneously, and I have been called the best First Officer in the Fleet.

This is true, of course. It would be illogical for me to pretend humility and deny it. I work very hard to ensure it. I log twice the hours of any other officer in the Fleet to make it so, to make sure the Enterprise is the best, because I am Spock and I deserve no less. This ship is my workplace, my home, my warp-speed world and I need no other as long as I walk her passageways. Most importantly this ship is mine; every part and piece ... and everyone. From the lowest crewmen to the bridge officers, they are all mine; mine to instruct, mine to order, mine to discipline.

Mine to Control.

Some might argue that the ship belongs to the Federation or Starfleet, but that's too naïve to even laugh at. This ship is mine, and I hate to share. I believe I inherited my rampant possessiveness from both sides of heritage. The one lesson neither my Vulcan father, nor Human mother were ever able to teach me no matter what they tried was how to share. I did not understand when I was two years old and I still fail to see the point over two decades later. If something is mine I claim it utterly. It belongs to me and I will do with it what I wish. No one has the right to try to take it from me, or stop me from using it as I see fit. No one will ever be allowed to touch what is mine until I tire of it and decide I no longer wish to own it.

But I get ahead of myself. I still have to complete the recitation of my personal history. As I mentioned before, I am half Vulcan and half Human. I like to think that when the geneticists at the Vulcan Science Academy finally managed to splice together the DNA of two such disparate races and produce a viable gamete, that they managed to combine the best of both, although I am sure that there are masses of beings out there that would disagree.

Because of my Vulcan heritage, I am three times stronger than the humans that make up 92% of the ship's population, and twice as strong as the remaining crew with the exception of one Ensign that comes from the heavy gravity world of Roquat. I tend to restrain that strength around my crew, but find it advantageous to demonstrate on occasion how I could casually crush them with no more thought or trouble than they would an insect. I find the potent aroma of their fear quite intoxicating, and it also serves to remind them just who is in charge.

It was the Vulcan genes that gifted me with my immeasurable mind gifts, both intelligence and telepathy. My parent's decision to raise me as a Vulcan child gave me the training I needed to control both of them with ruthless precision. That training also helps conceal the deep and volatile emotions and needs I inherited from my Human parent.

My childhood on Vulcan is something I choose not to dwell on. There are certain moments, however, that I continue to pull out of the locked corners of my mind and to relive over and over again. The first time I discovered just what my telepathy could do remains one of those shining moments of my life, and, if I am honest, set the course I would follow for the rest of it.

It began simple enough. I was four years old. My mother and I were alone in our home, my father having gone to his office to work on the latest trade agreement that needed negotiating. My mother tried to refuse me another glass of my favorite juice with breakfast. When I became upset, she tried to hug me, putting the skin of her bare hands on mine as she tried to calm me. Through that skin-on-skin connection, I "pushed" my will at her, is the best way I can describe it...and she responded by getting me another glass with a smile. In terms of behavior modification techniques, this would be considered positive reinforcement. As any good psychologist will tell you, positive reinforcement works.

For the next 9.3164 hours I was in complete control of her. I pushed her to do things and she did everything I wanted, said everything I wanted her to say, and gave me whatever I asked her to give me. I suppose I reacted like any other child that age would with a brand new toy. It was fun, exciting, powerful... and completely addictive. I loved my mother, but as the day passed I began to relish my absolute ascendancy over her even more.

I sat in her lap in her rose garden with my hands glued to the meld points on her face while I experimented within her mental landscape, seeing exactly what I was capable of doing to another mind. I learned what structures hurt her when I mentally touched them and what made her giggle and laugh. I found places to stroke that would soothe her mind and make her sleep, make her dream. I also uncovered places that caused fear and an instinctive need to flee, which in turn led to the amazing discovery that I could seize control of all her voluntary motor functions and effectively paralyze her or make her move as I saw fit.

I wandered freely through her memories, examining those I found interesting, manipulating those I disliked into something more acceptable to me. And I then I found I the most interesting lesson of the day, not only could I make her believe something was real and had happened that had not, but also I could make her forget.

I have never spent a more informative 9.3164 hours in my life. That day was my personal nirvana, the day I learned so much about whom I was and what I needed. It was glorious, perfect ...until my father returned home that evening and discovered what I had done.

I have never seen him look as he did that day, so full of outrage and shame. I recognized the signs of the mediation technique he had been working on with me for the last year designed to control severe emotions before he snapped at me to go to my room and stay there. I was there for 4.9 hours until he finally came to me.

"I have undone the damage you have done to your mother's mind this day, Spock. I have been remiss in my duties concerning the training of you mental abilities, my son. I have apparently failed to provide you with the proper knowledge of the ethics that a telepath must have, especially when dealing with non-telepaths. I failed to realize that your telepathic gifts were so strong. It is not usually the case in one so young. This lack shames me, as you have shamed your mother today."

I stood before my father, hands clasped behind my back and face expressionless as I had been taught and ruthlessly pushed my anger and resentment at his attitude back into a tiny little corner of my mind where it could not be found if he came looking for it. "It was not my intention to hurt, Mother," I assured him with as much innocence upset as I could get away with sneaking into my voice while still maintaining my Vulcan pose. "Is she very upset with me?"

"I believe you harbored no ill intentions, my son. However, the use of your gifts in this fashion is not only shameful to our family, but it is against Vulcan law. If you were not a child, you could be tried for Telepathic abuse of a psi-null being and locked in a solitary cell of prison for the rest of your life. As for your mother being upset with you, I did not reconstitute the memory of this day when I healed her mind. She will have no memory of it, so will suffer no damage from the acts you committed against her. I found the decision distasteful, but determined it to be in her best interest."

I smoldered with resentment. Here my father was disciplining me for manipulating my mother's memories when he was guilty of doing the same thing. It was so very unfair.

After that incident, I was immersed in a rigorous course of training with one of the Master's of Gol. The instruction he provided me involved daily mind melds as he sought to impart the mind disciplines passed down from the Ancient times, disciplines designed to leash the telepathy in my brain. From my view, he sought to dim my bright and shining gift until it was reduced to nothing but a dark lump of coal. Of course I fought him and his teachings, but I did so stealthily. The man was a strong telepath, but not as strong as I was even as a child. I learned to hide what I did not want him so see within a shell other mundane thoughts. I also learned to leech forbidden knowledge from him while he was so absorbed in imprinting his indoctrinations into my mind. I took the knowledge he imparted, both what he gave and what I stole from him, and grew stronger with every contact. It was almost a game to me, a kind of mental hide and seek, and I always won -- another form of positive reinforcement in itself because Human or Vulcan, who does not prefer to win?

But that is enough about those early years. Suffice it to say, I learned my lesson after that experience. I kept what I was buried so deeply inside and repressed that there were times I thought I would simply explode from the pressure. I played the part of the perfect Vulcan son, and grimly counted the days until I was old enough to escape the prison the whole planet of Vulcan had become for me. The day I turned 18 and was legally counted as an adult by Federation law, I packed my bags, caught the first transport ship to Earth and enrolled in Starfleet Academy, refusing to accept the offered place at the Vulcan Science Academy in the process. My father refused to speak with me after that. I know I came within a hair's breadth of being disowned, and probably would have been if not for the intervention of my mother. While I find the vast financial resources of my clan convenient, I know I would have traded them gladly at this point to escape the confinement my katra had been enduring for the past thirteen years. Breaking free was worth any price to me. Fortunately I did not have to make that choice.

The moment I stepped foot out of the transport ship and on to Terra Firma, I felt like I was taking my first full breath in thirteen years. The day of my freedom had arrived and I meant to savor every moment for the rest of my life.

I have always found it fascinating that beings believe what they think they see. I looked Vulcan, therefore I was judged as logical, emotionless, and with moral standards so high that most other beings would get nose bleeds just from contemplating the altitude. If they only knew the truth they would have run from me screaming. As I made my way through the spaceport in San Francisco after disembarking from the transport ship from Vulcan, I also realized that people took one look at my Vulcanoid features and automatically maneuvered to avoid coming in contact. Apparently being Vulcan automatically earned me the benefit of personal space, something to be appreciated in the frenzied bustling of the crowded terminal. It was at this moment that I made another startling discovery; found another difference between myself and full-blooded Vulcans.

While all Vulcans were touch telepaths, apparently I was not because I found physical contact was not a requirement for me to slip into any of the psi-null minds that passed me as I stood in the middle of that hustling crowd and evaluated my new environment. I hypothesized that since I lived in a world of people that prided themselves on the strength of their mental shields it was not surprising that I had never known the extent of my own abilities. My Father had even taken extra pains to build a thick shield for my mother after that life-altering day when I was a child. Lacking any unshielded minds in my environment, I had never realized that it was possible for me to contact another mind without touch. It was an incredible discovery. Infinite possibilities for my personal edification had just opened up before me with this revelation. Looking back from the perspective of ten years of exploration and research, I can honestly say that all future discoveries remain pale in comparison to this one. I became more certain than ever that my decision to leave my home planet had been the right one.

At Starfleet Academy, I found myself assigned to a room with a rather large specimen of the Najirian race. This civilization had evolved from a kind of marsupial that might be compared with the Earth opossum. They were heavily furred, had an elongated snout, and a prehensile tail. I found my new roommate to be a thoroughly fascinating creature - most especially when I discovered I could slip into his mind from across the room without the slightness resistance on his part. The Naijirian -- whose name was Bol, as if it really matters - had no idea he was no longer alone in his mind. He was completely psi-null, not even a trace. His mind was totally vulnerable to me. I believe if I had been sexually mature at this point I would have been orgasmic with the powerful pleasure I felt as I took over control of his life. From that minute on, he became mine. He obeyed every silent order I gave, believing it was his own decision to do so. He ate what and when I ordered, procured whatever food I desired. He cleaned for me, did my laundry, ran errands, and basically became my personal slave, and did it all willingly. I reveled in my power over him.

I knew I had finally found my place in the universe. It felt right. I feel I truly blossomed, as my mother would say, as a person and into my gifts while I was at the Academy.

Bol was not the only one I toyed with during my time at the academy. I was surrounded by a smorgasbord of delicious, open minds. Of course I gorged myself, but I was always careful, always mindful of the lessons I had learned on Vulcan. My mind was always shielded against possible contact with other telepathic species. I paid most careful attention to how I manipulated my...toys. I was always vigilant in leaving as few mental footprints as possible in their minds lest another telepath notice them and investigate further.

Starfleet Academy is more than a simple institution of knowledge. It services a purpose, which is to train future leaders, to prepare them for a career as Fleet officers. I took that seriously. With my Vulcan heritage, I had always found learning simple. My basic education actually made me test out of most of the scientific and linguistic courses. My computer rating was already higher than any instructor on campus. If it was not for the Command classes and a few others that were considered part of the core curriculum that were only offered at certain periods of time, I would have been able to graduate in two years. Unfortunately, it was not to be, so the faculty had to scramble to try and keep me busy. I found myself instructing classes those last two remaining years. I taught two Xenolinguistics courses, three advanced computer courses, and one on astrophysics. The boredom would have been absolutely maddening if it had not offered me such tantalizing opportunities to hone my skills. Imagine a whole room of beings who obey your mental command to not be aware of the man and woman you have ordered out of their seats to roll and slither on the floor naked in front of your podium assuming obscene poses while you lecture on the phonetic differences between the Vulcan and Romulan dialects. Exquisite!

I did not waste all my time or skills on my favorite hobby, of course. I was there to prepare for future career in Starfleet, after all. I realized I was situated in the perfect position to get my career started on the right track, that is, to the top. I started with my professors. It was simple to manipulate them. Coveted seminars had their doors opened to me happily. Choice dissertation topics were offered to me before others. Research opportunities were presented like gifts on a silver salver. I know some might think I exclusively manipulated my way to my current position, but it would not be strictly true. While I manipulated the opportunities to come to me, once I had one I always worked hard and used my intellect to impress. My research was solid, my conclusions sound and well- thought out. When it comes to my academic achievements, they really are my achievements.

That's not to say I did not use my abilities to advance myself in other ways. It is ridiculously easy to gain favor with the Admiralty when you are privy to their deepest thoughts, desires, and fears. It is also such a time saver when it comes to gaining favor and respect in the eyes of a superior when you can slip into his or her mind and generate it yourself. There was no way I was going to graduate and then be assigned to some rusting garbage scow of a ship. Oh no, not for me. My first serious attempt at arranging my future career assignment involved the, at that time, captain of Starfleet's flagship, Christopher Pike.

I chanced to meet him on a park bench one summer evening after classes were done for the day. It was completely serendipitous, but I know when to seize an opportunity. In this case it meant seizing his mind as soon as I recognized him. I soon had him chatting to me as if I was his oldest friend, while I ransacked his brain. It did not take long to find his heart's desire. It was almost embedded in the front of his mind, so long and hard had he wanted it. The man had been hot for his First Officer for years, a woman that went by the name of Number One for some reason, I did not bother to discern. The woman was from a planet that did not believe in personal contact between the sexes, not even for procreation. They apparently did that en vitro. It was completely fascinating, and I promised myself I would research it in depth later. For now I had a Captain to reel in. I convinced Pike I was sympathetic to his cause, and believed I could perhaps come up with a logical argument to get the woman to accept his favors. I arranged to meet him that night at his home, and the man left with an enormous grin and bounce in his step.

I know I could have merely pushed him into doing whatever I wanted him to do, but I felt I deserved a little something for my trouble, and I was still fascinated by the idea of a race that refused to touch the opposite sex. I suspected the pleasure would be mind-blowing if I could control the woman enough to make her go against every social more she had been taught since birth and have her go willingly to the Captain's bed. I walked through the darkened streets that night with my head ringing with thoughts of the future experience. In the end it was amazingly easy. I did not even have to knock on her door. I simply stood on the sidewalk in front of her house when I glimpsed though her front windows. It was child play to take over her body and have her leave her home and walk to Pike's apartment. I delighted in the struggle she put up as her body betrayed her and she was powerless to stop it. She was so strong and mentally disciplined it made my control of her even more pleasurable than usual.

Pike must have been watching from a window because I did not even have to have her ring the bell before the front door was thrown open. Pike stood there staring at the woman looking back up at him, seductive smile courtesy of me.

"Come in, Come in," Pike invited stepping back to let us enter. "I didn't really believe you would come. I have never been so glad to be wrong in my life!"

"You should trust me when I tell you things, Captain, "I said with hidden amusement. "I never make promises I cannot keep."

"Spock, you're not only a miracle worker, but my new best friend!" Pike gushed in his excitement.

"I am honored," I said seriously.

"So, anybody care for a drink?" he asked with an eager look at the still smiling woman watching him with eyes full of trepidation although she was silent.

I can only speculate that Pike did not seem to notice the obvious distress in her eyes because he just did not want to see it.

"I do not think so," I replied to his offer. I was impatient to begin the evening's entertainment so I pushed rather hard at the man. "It's time to do what I brought her here to do."

The smile immediately jerked off his face and I could see him stiffen, all over as a matter of fact. The front of his pants tented almost immediately, and his eyes went hot and hard. Perhaps I pushed just a little too hard in my impatience, but I did not try to soothe him, curious to how he would react. I was not disappointed.

Pike immediately advanced on Number One and all but threw her onto his couch. He made short work of her clothes, ripping them off, leaving harsh red marks on her skin where the cloth had been resistant. The woman opened her mouth to scream, but I refused to allow her to make any sound. Pike jerked off his clothes just as impatiently, watching intently as I had Number One spread her legs wide, and reach between her own legs to pull back her labia to reveal her vagina already beginning to glisten with gathering moisture in obscene invitation as I stimulated the sexual arousal in her brain. I gloried in the frantic panic in her mind as she struggled against my mental hold. Her resistance only heightened my own pleasure, making me feel powerful, almost invincible. It was exhilarating!

Pike fell on top of the waiting woman like the ravening animal in rut he had become. I found it hard to control my breathing, so exciting did I find the experience.

Pike reached down and guided his phallus to her opening and I watched as he rammed inside her, plunging himself to the hilt in her wet channel with one stroke. I sampled both of their minds simultaneously. Such divergent reactions, his mind full of white hot lust and love and satisfaction, and hers full of pain, shame, and despair. I was enthralled by the dichotomy.

He began rocking his hips back and forth, shoving his cock into her again and again. I stroked the pleasure centers of her brain, and her body began to rock back, pushing against him harder and harder, straining toward some goal I did not understand. All the while her body betrayed her Number One's Mind wept her denials. My excitement only increased with this demonstration of my complete control of her. I was panting myself at this point.

Pike stiffened and made one final hard plunge before his mind flooded with so much pleasure it almost overloaded mine enough to release my hold on the woman. I was barely able to grab it back as she struggled against me, but I managed it. I stabbed her pleasure centers viciously in retaliation so that her body convulsed so hard with pleasure that she passed out. I was prepared this time and was able to shield myself from the backlash, but I caught enough to groan and feel my own phallus start to engorge for the first time in my life. I reached down with a wondering hand to rub it and almost groaned again from the sensation. It was a very remarkable way to find out I had reached sexual maturity.

"My turn I think," I said unable to keep the excitement from my voice.

Pike turned to stare with a frown and started to reply," What? No she's mine..."

I never gave him the opportunity. I watched with satisfaction as the other man climbed off the supine woman and gave me a welcoming grin. "Hey sure! You get a turn too! I wouldn't hold out on my best friend. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you, Buddy. Go for it! She's smokin' hot, I promise you!"

I let the corner of my mouth rise in my version of a satisfied smile. I was eager to experience my newfound sexuality. I did not dither but slipped into the space between the woman's waiting thighs. I had of course studied human anatomy in the course of my studies so I was familiar with the basic structures but had never been this close to one's genitals. With me still being sexually immature they had never really sparked my interest. They did now, but I found that as much as I would like to explore and catalog her body, I felt a driving need to bury myself in her as I had just seen Pike do.

Without hesitation I probed between the apex of her thighs, enjoying the feelings zinging up my penis and into my brain before plunging inside. Oh sweet mercy! The pleasure was indescribable, physically and mentally. I began to move, faster and faster, plunging in harder and harder, at the same time I exerted more force in Number One's mind. Soon she was writhing with the pleasure, and I released her voice to allow her to keen her enjoyment as I took her. I took my own pleasure and threw it at her mind, doubling what she was already experiencing on her own, her body convulsed in orgasm over and over, and still I kept pounding into her. I could feel my own spine start to tingle as release came closer, but I pushed it back, refusing to give in to it, not wanting this to ever end.

As hard as I tried, the combined feelings of myself and the woman I was fucking finally pushed me over the edge and I too took the fall. I managed to send an order to Number One to sleep right before I finally lost the battle with myself. I came with a roar I did not know I was capable of voicing, and the edges of my vision went a bit white, but I managed to retain consciousness. If only barely. Panting, covered in sweat, I slowly raised myself up on my elbows, finding the unusual weakness of my muscles a bit disconcerting. I was finally able to make it to my hands and knees, and then climb off the couch. I felt myself sway for a moment before a hand caught my elbow and steadied me.

"Man, Spock, you fuck like a beast! I've never seen anything like that. You are the man, Buddy!" Pike laughed in appreciation, and slapped me on the arm.

I took a moment to catch my breath and gather my Vulcan control around me like a cloak. My first sexual experience had left me shaken. I was not sure how to handle myself at the moment. I excused myself to Pike's bathroom, wanting a moment alone to pull myself back together. I washed my face and started at myself in the vanity mirror, seeing how pale my skin looked, but also seeing something burning in my eyes, something that had never been there before. I stared at my own eyes and my lips began to rise, higher and higher. Anyone watching might have said I was smiling. Someone else might have said I was baring my teeth. I think it was a little of both as I looked at my image and acknowledged what stared back at me.

I took a deep breath, then another, and another. Each breath seemed to settle me a little more, seemed to let me accept the reality of what I was, who I was, and what I now knew I needed. By the time I left that small room, I was comfortable in my own skin once again and eager to explore this new side of myself.

A still naked Pike was cheerfully waiting for me when I returned to his living room. I raised an eyebrow at the man's delight in my return. I stood for a moment and looked at the man standing so innocently naked in front of me and felt my cock stir as an idea popped full blown into my head. I have never been particularly impulsive, mostly due to the need to be sure my true nature remained hidden at all times. This time I let impulse rule me as I grabbed Pike and slung him around until he faced the back of the couch where our common lover still lay unconscious. He gasped in surprise, but it only took seconds for me to have him bent over the back of the couch, my hand on his neck holding him the position I wanted.

"Spock! Hey, no," he spoke with urgent speed, "I don't swing that way! Best friend or not, I don't take it up the ass for anyone!"

I merely used my hand to push him down harder onto the piece of furniture and ordered, "Enjoy this!"

The man's body immediately softened and Pike began to moan and push back against my rapidly filling cock. I reached down and guided myself to the puckered hole between his cheeks. I almost stopped for a moment, remembering some basic anatomy when it comes to anal sex and the need to prepare a partner, but I was too impatient to find out what it felt like to piston into that tight little whole like I had the woman. It did not matter anyway since I could make sure Pike did not feel anything but pleasure from the experience. I shoved myself into him, pushing on his pleasure center just until he reached the point where all he felt from my penetration was enjoyment. I began cataloging my own sensations, discovering what I liked, what felt best to me physically. Pike continued to accept my breach of his body joyfully, beginning to push back against me as I thrust into him.

"Oh, God, you feel so good, Spock," he moaned desperately, and laid his head on his crossed arms along the sofa back. "I never knew it could feel so good. Give it to me, please, Spock. Give it me hard!"

I will admit hearing him beg me to fuck him made me lose my self control and I came hard, emptying my seed into his eagerly accepting asshole. Never had I experienced anything so erotic, never had I felt so desperately wicked as I did with my cock plunging harder and harder into his ass while his increasingly louder moans and gasps told me exactly how much he wanted it. I discovered this night -- much to my delight -- I was not like the Human male when it came to sex and orgasm. I could come and remain hard and fucking for as long as I cared to try. I continued to pound into his hole, not willing to give this up yet.

I began to move more forcefully, allowing my Vulcan strength to push my cock farther into him until I was lifting his feet from the floor with every thrust. I released my hold on his neck and changed my grip to his shoulders, keeping him right where I wanted him. I plowed into him harder, faster, deeper, and he began screaming my name over and over in his rapture. I pushed into his mind making him come again and again, the next orgasm starting before the last had completely stopped.

His voice finally gave out with one last, hoarse yell although he continued to try to scream his ecstasy after his vocal chords had stopped responding. I shared his ecstasy, although mine was of course the dual pleasures of the total control I wielded over him as well as the physical sensations taking his willing body was causing.

I truly do not know how long I fucked him. For the first time in my life the time sense that I was born with deserted me. It did not matter though. All things must end. That is the way of the universe, and I could not stave off my own exhaustion. I came one last time and collapsed onto his back, my cock still buried in his body. I savored every bit of the slow withdrawal my cock made from his body as it slowly returned to normal. I could feel my seed begin to drip from his over stretched anus, and a rush of satisfaction went through me. Following my latest impulse, I raised my head from his back and turned it just enough to reach the top of his shoulder. I bit into it, hard and deep, leaving my mark on the man inside and out. It was my first claim. Pike moaned at the pain even though he was half unconscious from exhaustion.

"Be quiet, and accept my mark," I growled and Pike instantly went limp, much to my satisfaction.

"I am yours," Pike whispered, and I felt him trying to fight his exhaustion to nuzzle his head backwards towards me.

I lifted a hand and stroked his hair gently, causing him to sign and relax against the sofa back, apparently content to have me lying on top of him until I decided to move. I was delighted with his reactions and this evening's revelations. We stayed like that until I was able to gather enough vigor to move off of him.

"I need sustenance if I am going to have enough energy to return to my room tonight. Go bring me food and water," I ordered as I straightened off him and took a step back to allow him to rise.

Pike pushed himself off the couch with his hands then gasped and fell forward to lay against it again as he cried out in agony. I looked at the blood that flowed from his well-fucked ass along with my semen. I grasped his head in my hands. I slammed into his mind, finding his pain centers and ordering him to ignore the pain he was feeling, nailing the sensation down at only a fraction of what it really was. He sighed in relief as the pain subsided like magic. He straightened and smiled at me with genuine appreciation before turning on his heels and almost stumbling into his kitchen to do my bidding. I was most pleased with his ability to accept my ownership and follow my orders without question. It looked like the beginning of a beautiful friendship, I thought to myself with an inward smirk.

While Pike was in the kitchen preparing to serve me, I decided it was time to play some more with my other new toy. I found my rightful place between the unconscious woman's thighs and slid into her still wet vagina, coming home in more ways than one. As I pumped in and out of her I silently debated with myself on whether I would it enjoy it more if she was awake as I fucked her, or if I preferred her asleep. I decided there was a particular thrill in taking her body while she remained unconscious. Knowing I could do whatever I wanted and not only could she do nothing to stop me, but she would never even know it had occurred unless I chose to make her aware of it. That sense of power made the experience even more potent. I came long and hard again. I wanted to fuck her more, but realized I did not have the energy for more that perhaps one more round, and I needed to her be aware for what I intended .

I seized control of her again and nudged her to wake. When I determined she had fully regained consciousness I stared down into her eyes as I pushed in and out of her over and over. The humiliation she felt to have me, a virtual stranger, using her this way while her own body accepted, indeed welcomed, my assault was simply delicious. I believed I could become addicted to the feeling. Her body must still have been sensitized from my last taking because I did not even have to push at her mind to make her body begin to react to my fucking her. Her hips rose to meet mine and her back arched to bring her clitoris into closer contact with my cock as I slid it over it. I refused to let her look away while I took her; I forced her to stare into my eyes as we both came together.

I bit her too, drawing blood and marking her body as mine. It all felt so powerfully primitive. I didn't bother voicing my ownership of her now, but branded that knowledge inside her mind.

"I..I.. understand," she murmured. "I belong to you, body and soul. Your will is mine." I looked down on her with arrogance and pride then leaned forward to smash my mouth against her lips. Her mouth immediately opened for me expecting me to thrust my tongue inside. Instead, I shoved my thumbs into the corners of her mouth, not allowing her jaws to close. I climbed to my knees and maneuvered up her body until I could shove my cock into her month and down her throat until I could go no further. I watched her eyes get wide with panic as her air was cut off by my cock and she could not breathe. I stayed in her throat watching her start to asphyxiate before I withdrew slowly and allowed her to draw a breath. I did this repeatedly until the excitement became too much and I came down her throat.

I spent the rest of that weekend exploring with my newfound sexuality and training my new possessions to my will. By the time we emerged from Pike's home to return to our respective duties on Monday, the woman that was culturally programmed to despise sexual contact could now go no longer than a few hours without begging for cock. (I was later very glad that I had the forethought to have her imprint her desire on Pike as well as myself, or else I fear I would have tired rather quickly of her constant pleas to be fucked.) The rampantly heterosexual man that had first tried to refuse my sexual demands now enthusiastically offered his ass and mouth for a cock, and had actually started to have wet dreams about a few of the young and more attractive male cadets at the Academy. By Monday, the strongest purpose either of them had was to see to my wellbeing and protect my interests. All in all, I found it to be a most productive weekend.

And thus began my career in Starfleet. I played with many other high ranking officers and almost all the Admirals in Command, although I did not claim any but Pike and Number One yet. By the time I graduated, I was well placed in my career, graduating as a lieutenant instead of an ensign. I was, of course, assigned to Pike. I would have had it no other way. He and Number One were mine so they stayed with me no matter what. As I mentioned before, I am a possessive being.

The years passed, and I accrued honors and promotions. I found my home on the Enterprise. She became mine. The people on her became mine by default. That meant I could do with them as I pleased. And oh, I did please, them occasionally, but myself always. There was not one person on the ship at that time that had not had my cock in them somewhere, although most of them I have not allowed to remember it. It is always enjoyable to watch the shock on their faces as I take them and force them to my will for what they believe is the first time. It never gets old or loses its special delight. Of course I do not always take them myself. Pike and I find it especially amusing when I have them perform for our titillation or other amusement. We have had some of the strangest combination of aliens fucking and/or fighting each other. Number One just rolled her eyes at our idea of fun until I made her the subject of a few of our afternoon matinees. Now she just ignores it, although truthfully, I still make her do it when I feel like it just because I can, but I never let her remember it because I still find it unbearably exciting to use her without her knowledge.

Our mission eventually comes to its inevitable end and we are forced to accept ground positions while we waited for the newest version of the Enterprise to be completed. Pike does not know it but he owes his command of the new vessel to me. The Admiralty was going to give the ship to another before I stepped in and settled things. The Enterprise, no matter what version, was mine, and I preferred to keep the Captain and First Officer that belong to me in control. I did not care to break in a new command crew at this point. It would have been tedious.

I wound up with a temporary assignment teaching classes again at the Academy. A joy it was not. Once again my sanity was only saved by my ability to amuse myself by circumventing other people's will. There were the occasional bright spots in those days. One of the brightest was a young cadet by the name of Nyota Uhura. The woman had a serious crush on me. It would have been funny if it had not been so pathetic. She was so arrogant, so sure of herself and her knowledge of Vulcans. She had apparently gained enough knowledge of Vulcan clans to know that I came from an old and very wealthy one. I could easily read her plans to seduce me and manipulate me into marriage. I do not know how she expected to hide the knowledge of her duplicity during the forming of marriage bond, but I supposed she did not know as much about Vulcan rites as she believed. I played along, allowing her to think she was wooing me into a relationship. As if I would ever really be interested in putting my cock in such a scheming little gold-digger. I found that all I really wanted was to see the haughty superiority of the woman brought low. I decided that if she wanted to play the whore for my family's money, she might as well earn the title honestly.

I began to amuse myself by having her dress in the sluttiest clothing I could find- tight skirts that barely covered her naked loins, and heels so high it looked like she was walking on her toes, and then driving her to out of the way sleazy bars, and pimping her out to any being who had the cash to pay. I delighted in the irony of making money off the woman who originally sought me out to try to claim some of my wealth for herself. I would nod at her and she would flip that little skirt of hers up and present her dripping cunt to anyone's waiting cock. She would moan and fight to get it deeper inside, no matter who or, in a few cases, what was fucking her. She may have been prim and proper during the day, but the minute I took control, she turned into such a sex hungry fiend that she would have shocked a nymphomaniac with her desires.

And the best part was that she never remembered any of it by the time I returned her to the campus. I felt an inner glow for days after one of our little sojourns to the boondocks. For example, it gave me a deep satisfaction staring at her across a classroom as she recited her linguistics homework, while all the time I was remembering the muffled cries of ecstasy that escaped that same mouth as she was stripped naked in the alley behind a sleazy bar while an Andorran fucked her cunt at the same time a Rigelian fucked her ass, and a Drviron hovered his dragonfly-like body above them just enough to pound its chitin-covered sex organ into her mouth. It was all I could do not to laugh out loud.

One particularly memorable long weekend, I rented her out to a biker gang that traded her among themselves for three days. When I finally returned to pick her up, she was barely able to move, but still was trying to seduce the whole gang into fucking her again. That time I did actually laugh, for the entire two hour ride home. It could not have happened to anyone more deserving, in my opinion. Taking control of the Doctor at the medical center to get him to treat her for the resulting injuries and then forget she was ever there, was just icing on the cake for me.

Such good times! Although now I realize I did not appreciate those good times as much as I should, because entropy never stops. The pendulum swings but then always swings back. The loss of Number One on an air car accident is a case in point. I won't bore you with the story of how I lost Pike. Everyone in the Federation knows about his injuries and the great losses we all suffered that day. I personally lost a mother, a planet, a ship, and Pike. I think I paid price steeper than most. I know it is illogical to dwell on it. I wound up back with my ship and my crew, so I supposed I can live with it. It is not like I have a choice. Kadith. What is, is.

The one fly in the ointment so far is the new Captain, James T. Kirk. I have found it very difficult to get the opportunity to bring the man in line. There always seems to be something that needs my attention right then, or always something distracting happening that breaks my concentration when I decide to take his mind. We have been on the ship for three days and I have not been able to claim the man. It was frustrating. It was intolerable, and it was going to change tonight.

I had it all planned to the smallest detail. I would wait until I could be reasonably sure he was as asleep then slip into his room. I still possessed the codes to the Captain's Cabin from the days when Pike had been mine. I had checked earlier in the day and Kirk had not changed them. I would slip into his room and into his mind and then take back control of my ship as I took control of him. I knew what I wanted him to do once I had him in my power. I was going to bring the arrogant man down to his lowest level. He would grovel at my feet and beg to suck me off. I would fuck his face and his ass and glory in his besmirching. I had to force myself to exert control over myself or I would have been walking around with an uncomfortable erection all day, so badly was I looking forward to this.

Everything went perfectly. There was no one around when I left my cabin, so I did not have to waste time or energy in manipulating them. I strode confidently to the cabin next door to mine and boldly entered the code. The door swished opened and I entered confidently. I was in control, of myself, the situation, and soon the new Captain. I rounded the barrier that separated the living quarters from the sleeping area and readied myself to grasp Kirk's mind.

Instead I found my body jerking to a halt without my willing it to do so, and realized the only thing I could move of my own volition was my eye lids to blink. I was mystified.

At least I was until I felt something flow into and over my mind like water. I could only stare straight ahead as the man I had thought was asleep rose from his supine position on the bed and came to stand so close to me I could feel the warmth of his breath on my face.

"So you finally made your move. I was beginning to wonder if I was mistaken about you. I'll give you credit. You're good. It's just your bad luck that I'm better," the younger blond man said as he smirked at me.

I tried to speak but found I could not voice my question. It did not seem to matter as the other man seemed to pluck the thought from my head.

"Yes, I am telepath, and no it is not a part of my records. I prefer to keep that knowledge to myself. If allows me the freedom to do as I please, something registered telepaths seldom enjoy. And speaking of enjoy, I have to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your exploits in the buried memories in the crew's minds. You are incredibly inventive, and a deliciously kinky bastard. I like that in a person," Kirk told him with a laugh. "You and I are going to be such wonderful friends, or so your counterpart says."

My shock at the mention of my future self from an alternative universe wrings another laugh from the Enterprise's new Captain.

"Oh yes, I am very aware of the old you. Who do you think was the one that planted the idea that you and I needed to be together for some epic friendship to occur. I took his mind over with no problems when he melded with me to give me the down and dirty on Nero. It was how I knew I was strong enough to handle you. So I had him encourage you to accept the First Officer position so I could get to...know... you better."

Kirk drew a finger down the line of my jaw, and I felt pleasure like I have never known catch fire and follow the path of his finger. If I could have moved I would have gasped and tried to jerk away, but I could not. Kirk held my mind in an iron fist and I could not escape it. I felt an erection start to rise and realized exactly how Kirk intended to get to know me. I tried to scream, but my throat was closed to sound. The mental scream I gave just seemed to amuse and excite him.

"That's the way. Fight it. Scream and curse, and try to get away. I love it when they fight. It never does any good, but I find it so terribly exciting and erotic. You're going to make it so good for me, aren't you, Baby? I can just tell already."

Kirk stepped away and I breathed a silent sigh of relief, until he turned back to me once more with a combat knife in his fist. He proceeded to slowly cut every piece of clothing from my body until I stood before him naked as well as completely helpless. I had been in this scenario many times in the past but never from this side. Always before I was the predator, now I was the prey, and I railed against it. This was not how life was supposed to work for me.

Kirk chuckled, obviously listening to my private thoughts. "Something of a nasty shock, this kind of role reversal, huh?" He asked with mock sympathy. "Don't worry, Baby, you're gonna love it. Or at least you'll learn to love it. The bottom line is that you're going to adore being mine." Kirk leaned close to my ear and whispered, "I'll make sure you love it, because I'll make you love it. Just like you have made so many others in the crew love whatever you choose to do to them. They're all mine now, you know, while we‘re on the subject. I am taking them all...as well as you."

My instant mental denial brought a devilish smile to his face and he slapped me on my right buttock. The sensation that resulted drove every rational thought from my brain. For a moment I became nothing but mindless pleasure. I opened my eyes as the feeling began to subside to find Kirk watching me with the same burning excitement in his eyes that I saw in my mirror every day. If I could have shivered I would have.

"It's time, Baby," Kirk crooned to me, "Time to show me how much you want me."

The words were no sooner out of his mouth than I was dropping to my knees and presenting him with my open mouth. I strained against his mental hold, and tried every trick I knew to let some portion of my mind wiggle from his grasp, but nothing I tried worked. I could do nothing but watch as he released his engorged penis from his trousers and shoved it in my mouth. The muscles in my cheeks immediately began pulling and suckling at his enormous phallus, my body leaned forward forcing it down my throat then retreating. My tongue swirled around the shaft of its own volition, and I could hear his appreciative moans as I worked his cock until he finally grabbed me by my hair and rammed into me, coming down my throat. We were both breathing hard by the time he finally pulled out, patting me on the cheek affectionately before using his thumb to wipe away a drop of his cum that had escaped my mouth.

"That's a very, very good start, Baby," Kirk purred at me in his satisfaction. "But we've got a long way to go. I hope you got plenty of rest before you came here tonight, because you are so going to need it."

My body rose and walked to the partition wall of his sleeping area stopping about two feet away from it. I grabbed the top, which had me leaning over toward it slightly. I spread my legs further apart and Kirk slipped right up behind me in between them. I braced myself for the pain that I knew must be coming when he fucked me without preparation, but it never came. Instead I felt a finger covered in cold gel work its way into my anus. I could not stop the surprise from filling my thoughts

"I don't want to rip that pretty little ass of yours wide open, Baby. I have too many long term plans for it," Kirk cooed at me.

Much too soon I felt the blunt tip of his cock push into me and then I remember very little. The pleasure was staggering. I have no idea how many times he came in me or made me come. It is one huge blur of him fucking me, over and over for what could have been hours or days. He fucked me against the wall. He fucked me on the bed. He put me on my knees and fucked me on the bathroom floor. He fucked me in the shower, on the couch, and on his desk. He took me on my back, on my stomach, on my knees, in my mouth, in my ass. He had me exactly the way he wanted me, and I welcomed his invasion of by body with an eager hole and mouth each time. Once, he put me on the bed and impaled himself on my cock, but even then the control was still all his. I could only lay there and service his desires.

Every time my mind tried to surface I found myself a little more bound to him and his will. I barely had the mental capacity at that point to realize the powerful mind he must possess to overwhelm me with so much finesse that I was never once aware of his mind touching mine. Barely able to recognize that all the time his body was claiming mine, he was subtlety, masterfully taking over my thoughts, imprinting conditioned responses I had no defense against, and training my mind to bend to his will.

And I was helpless to stop it or him.

By the time he was finally finished with me, there was only the tiniest part of me that still wanted him to stop. The rest of me craved his touch, yearned for his affection and attention and would do anything, anything, to secure it. When he tested his handiwork by telling me to crawl on my belly to the replicator to order him a sandwich, I did it with gladness in my heart. When he laughingly gave me an enema and commanded me to hold it until he told me to let go, hold it I did for the entire 4.854 hours that he required of me despite his continuing to force me to come over and over again during that time. His pride in my accomplishment meant more to me that all the honors I had received while in the Academy or since then. I live for him. I would die for him. I belong to him in every way and I adore it. He promised I would, and apparently he never lies.

He finally drew me to his bed and pulled me down into his arms once more. This time we slept. I had never spent the whole night with anyone. I had always preferred to take my fun then leave for my bed alone, so sleeping with him felt odd at first, but I discovered he must have implanted a need to remain with him because I found leaving his arms was impossible. I could do nothing but snuggle closer and tuck my head into his shoulder until sleep finally claimed me.

I woke to the now familiar feel of his cock pumping in my anus and I opened my eyes to see his quirky smile leering down at me. My arms reached up to hold him, and I realized they were responding to my will again. When I moved to embrace him, it was not because he forced me, but because I longed to get closer to him, to take him deeper into myself, so deep we would never be separate ever again. He leaned down to kiss me thoroughly, his tongue plunging into my mouth in with the same rhythm as his cock plunged into my ass. "

"Oh, yeah, that's it, Baby, show me how much you want me, crave me, need me. Show me who you belong too."

I could do nothing but obey because I did want and crave and need him so very desperately. I met him thrust for thrust, wrapping my legs around his waist and locking my heels behind his back, using the leverage I gained to pull him still deeper inside me, frantic for his seed to fill me once again.

"Yeah! Come on, Baby. Do it! Come for me! Let me see you come hard!"

That was all it took to have my swollen phallus shooting semen over both our bared chests like a pressure hose. I felt the powerful thrusts of his hips falter as my inner muscles locked down on his cock when I came, dragging him into his own blinding orgasm.

"So good," Kirk panted as he buried his face into my shoulder while his body gave it up. "So damn good, Baby. So good. No one's ever been as good as you. You're mine, Spock! All mine! I'm keeping you forever. Never gonna let you go. You're always gonna be my Spock, my Baby. Always!"

That tiny part of me that he allowed me to retain as my own writhed in horror at the thought of being taken over so completely for the remainder of my life. The rest of me that hungered for him wanted to kneel at his feet and promise to be whatever he wanted to me be as long as he never left me. If my muscles had not been so completely limp after the searing climax he had wrung from me, I would probably have found myself on the floor doing just that, so strong was the impulse to do it. The worst part of it was the knowing that it really was my impulse, because I knew if it was what he had wanted me to do so, I would have already been doing it.

He rolled off me, pulling out of my body and, to my eternal shame, a whine of sorrow and distress escaped me at the loss of him. My body chased after his; greedy, needy hands reaching out to cling to him, wanting to crawl into his skin. I could feel Kirk's chuckle vibrate through his chest as I cuddled close to him, gratified beyond any previous imagining when he brought his arms up and wrapped them around me, allowing me to burrow into his embrace with my head lying over his heart.

"As great as this has all been, we really have to get back to duty. Bones, can only doctor the medical logs so much before someone starts to wonder if you and I are really fit for duty."

"Dr. McCoy falsified his records?" I asked, my surprise evident in my voice before I was able to use my disciplines to control my emotions once more.

"Yeah," he stated as he grinned and dropped a light, affectionate kiss on my nose. "After rooming with me at the Academy for the last three years, he's pretty well conditioned to cover whatever I want him to. I don't even have to push it anymore. He can be damned creative about it, too."

My body tensed as a flood of emotion swept through me at the affectionate tone I could hear in his voice when he spoke of the ship's Chief Medical Officer.

Kirk laughed out loud and I felt a sharp pinch on my naked ass cheek. "Now don't be jealous, Baby," he told me still chuckling. "You're my First Officer in more ways than one. I told you that you were the best I've ever had and I meant it. Bones is pretty handy to have around....as well as just being pretty," he sent me a slanted look as he deliberately stoked my jealousy.

I knew exactly what he was doing, but still had no defense for the rage that filled me at the thought of the ship's doctor. Historically, threats to my interests have a way of being neutralized in the most physically debasing ways I can devise. McCoy was a viable threat to my desire to have all my Captain's affection and attention focused on me, and I determined he would have to be dealt with without delay. No one must be allowed to come between me and my Captain.

"Uh, uh, uh," Kirk tutted at me. "No messing with Bones. He's mine and he's off limits, Spock. I find him useful. So because he serves a purpose, I won't have him damaged. He's no threat to you, I promise you, Baby. I've fucked him a few times since I met him -- mostly when I was bored -- but I've really never gotten off on taking him. His head is way too vanilla to keep me interested. His mind just rolls over at the first push into it and he does whatever he's told without a fuss. Believe me, it was no fun at all. Not like you."

Kirk looked down at me and I could see the flames rekindle in those cerulean eyes. Renewed arousal caused his voice to drop into a deeper register as he stated, "Your mind is so incredibly powerful. You resist so beautifully, fight so hard to break free."

He stroked his hand over my hair, and I nuzzled my head against his fingers, audibly purring with pleasure from his touch, and basking in this stated approval of me, even as that remaining resistant piece of me began to struggle again to escape his mental grasp. My Captain climbed on top of me and I eagerly spread my legs and tilted my hips up to allow him to slip his cock back into my insatiable, waiting ass. I closed my eyes to cut out the distraction of sight, allowing me to concentrate on the indescribable ecstasy, the interminable horror, of his cock claiming me once again, showing me again where I belonged and to whom; showing me that I was valued.

"It's the strength of your struggle that makes overpowering you so very delicious," Kirk continued.

His hips began to jerk faster and harder, driving his cock farther into me, pounding on my prostate relentlessly until I was almost mindless with my arousal. It was difficult to keep making sense of Kirk's words when I was so far gone that all I wanted to do was wallow in the sensations he was giving to me. However, I could never ignore him when he spoke to me. Every word from his lips was precious to me, so I somehow managed to remain aware enough to listen.

"God, Spock! Sliding into your mind and feeling your resistance is just as powerful a turn on for me as sliding into your body, because I've never had someone whose abilities come so close to the strength of mine. You challenge me like no one ever has, and I'm beginning to think ever will. You are my Chosen one, Spock, not McCoy, not anyone else. I mean it when I said I will never let you go. I have waited all my life to find someone like you. I know the odds are almost zero that I will ever find anyone else. I know your worth to me, and it's too valuable to ever allow you to slip through my fingers. So don't worry so. You'll never be free of me as long as we live."

I interpreted that last sentence as the dually implied threat and promise that he had clearly meant it to be, and was immediately hit by the adrenaline rush it provoked. I lost my battle with the temporary insanity of my arousal, no longer able to maintain any resistance to the driving needs of my body. I felt the tightening of muscles that signaled my climax was near and embraced it gladly, only to find myself suddenly unable to come as Kirk took control of me again and refused to allow me the relief. I keened in my desperation. He just kept pounding into me. I tried to fight the need, tried to use the ancient controls I had been taught since birth, but he easily denied me their benefits. I felt like my body and mind would shatter under the pressure building up in my body from his taking. I writhed under him, driving my hips up to meet his thrusts, trying to do anything to gain the release I needed so badly but still he refused me.

"Please!" I shouted in my desperation. I was barely able to string words together to express what I wanted from him so badly, all I could do was beg. "Please, sir. I need.... I must... PLEASE! PLEASE!

"YES!" he cried out. "Yes, Baby! Take it. Take what I'm giving you, all of it! You're mine, Spock. Mine to do whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want. Mine completely!"

"Yes! Yes!" I panted my agreement out frantically, "Anything you want, everything! Just let me come. I can't stand it! I need so much!!"

"Then open your eyes and look at me. Don't look away," he commanded and I obeyed at once.

As soon as we made eye contact, he loosened his control over me and I came in a white hot inferno of need! I had to fight to keep my eyes from automatically shutting as I surrendered to the drugging lust, but I did not need him to expressly tell me that he would instantly seize control of me again and deny me the relief I sought if I disobeyed. So I forced my lids to remain up and watched him watch me as I succumbed to the rapture he had literally fucked into me. Then I got to watch him as his orgasm ripped his own control away. It was a powerful moment for both of us.

"Baby! Oh God, Baby!" he gasped, both of us trembling as we clung to each other in the aftermath.

Never had I had a sexual encounter that rivaled the intensity of what we had just shared. From his reaction, I inferred the same was true for him. My whole body felt like it is was humming in the afterglow of such pleasure.

"I can't get enough of you," he confessed, rubbing his face on my chest. The rough scrape of the morning stubble on his cheek against my nipple caused me to gasp. The tiny nub swelled to hardness and seemed to beg for more of his attention. He chuckled and obliged with one long, dirty lick before pulling away and leaving the bed, much to my disappointment.

"You're too damn tempting, Baby. As much as I want to crawl back in there and just fuck the day away with you, we really do need to report for duty. I wasn't kidding about not wanting someone at Command taking notice of our prolonged absence. Three days is long enough."

"Three days!" I gasped before I remembered I was Vulcan and should not react in such manner.

Kirk grinned and this time I felt him riffling through my mind to read my thoughts. I caught just enough of a sense of his mind to know that it was deliberate. He let me feel it. I could not help but be impressed with both his talent and his control of it. His mind was truly extraordinary. My Captain was certainly worthy, as an opponent and a... lover, although I wondered if that was the best designation to use for our relationship with one another. Perhaps Master and Slave would be the proper description.

"To answer you in order of your thoughts" Kirk said watching me. "1. Yes, we have been locked in this room for three days. Bones has us listed as down with the flu. No one in the crew suspects any different. 2. Thank you, I'm happy to hear I managed to impress you. It's always nice to have one's talents appreciated by one's peers. 3. My name is Jim, and when we are alone together, that is what I want you to call me. I am your Captain and you are my First Officer when it concerns this ship or our duties as Starfleet officers. Any other time, we're just Jim and Spock. Don't confuse the two. Finally, 4. Lovers is definitely the correct term to use for us. Despite what you might see as evidence to the contrary since I took over control of you, I don't want any kind of Master/slave, or Dom/sub relationship. If that was all I wanted with you, I would have taken over every piece of your mind instead of allowing you to keep that core bit of your personality. This has nothing to do with you giving, either giving in or giving up. It's all about me taking. Others might not understand the subtle distinctions between those labels and what I want, but I know you do, because you're just like me, aren't you Baby? You know exactly what I'm talking about, don't you?"

I did. Of course, I did. He was right, we were perfectly matched. I knew exactly what he wanted and why he wanted it. I understood this power exchange equation he had just outlined to the base of my katra. I never expected to be on this side of that equation, but I understood it very well.

"And that's why we are so perfect for each other," Kirk s confirmed with one of his gorgeous smiles. "Now come on, we have a ship to run."

He reached down to me and offered his hand. I placed mine in it and he pulled me to my feet. He used it to haul me into the bathroom, where he put me in the shower and proceeded to wash me with provocative touches. My cock rose at the pleasure of his hands on me, but my evil new lover refused to grant me release.

"This will give you something to look forward to after shift," he breathed into my ear as I whimpered my desperation at his refusal to relieve the need he has stoked in me so effortlessly.

"Jiiiimm! I cannot report for duty with an erection," I moaned at him in an effort to persuade him to let me come.

His laugh was deep and wicked. "Very true," he agreed easily.

My excitement increased as I began to anticipate him taking me once more, instead, while the feelings of intense arousal remained my erection deflated rapidly as Kirk manipulated my body again. My groan of frustration elicited another laugh from him.

"You are so difficult to please," he teased. "You didn't want to report to work with an erection so I helped you with that, but you're still not satisfied."

"Jim!" I whined the double entendre.

"Relax, Baby. I'm only teasing you. I wouldn't make you go through the whole day like this, not when we have to be on duty. It would be too distracting, even for your big Vulcan brain. I need you on the top of your game when you're on shift."

To my relief, I felt the intense feelings drain away, leaving me feeling more myself than I had since I had entered Jim's cabin three days ago.

"Better now, Baby?" he crooned lovingly to me, and pulled me into his arms beneath the spray of the shower. I nodded and sighed at the relief, resting my forehead on the top of his shoulder like an overtired child, standing quietly in his embrace greedily absorbing the soothing comfort of his attentions.

... ... ... ... So perhaps I was not as much like my previous self as I thought, I admitted silently.

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