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Story Notes:

Like I said I asked for prompts on Deviantart.com and this is one of them.

It was very late, by either human or Vulcan standards. But Spock had waited for this time specifically, this time of night most crew members were asleep, including the captain. But there was a crew member that was awake, and that was the one he wanted to see. So Spock made his way to sickbay where Dr. McCoy was working gamma shift. Spock had waited for a night that the doctor had this shift to speak with him. He knew that the captain often spoke with his friend and had not wanted to risk running into him.

Spock made his way down to sickbay nodding politely to the few random crew members in the corridors that waved at or said hello to him. When he arrived at sickbay he found the doctor speaking with one of the nurses on duty so Spock folded his hands behind his back and waited.

After about five minutes the doctor noticed Spock standing quietly and patiently in the corner and finished up the conversation before making his way over to Spock.

"What can I do for you Spock?" McCoy asked crossing his arms over his chest.

"I wish to speak with you in private" Spock replied and the doctor raised an eyebrow at him.

"Oh really? What for exactly? I don't have time for your oh so logical reasons I should not be a doctor" he said flatly and turned his back on Spock.

"I wish to dicuss the captain" Spock told him before McCoy could completely walk away from him.

"Look whatever Jim did to you, go talk to him about it, I'm not his mother" the doctor sighed.

"What the captain did or did not do to my person is not what I wish to discuss doctor" Spock retorted.

"Fine, if it will make you shut up we'll talk, follow me" McCoy sighed again as he led Spock to his office.

"Talk" the doctor told him once they were in his office and he sat down at his desk.

"I wish to win the captain's affections but am unsure about how to go about this, I concluded that as you are his friend you may be able to... help" Spock said. The doctors face at that moment would have made Spock laugh had he been human. However he was also slightly concerned by the way the doctor was slowly turning from red to purple.

"Doctor are you quite well?" he asked after several minutes.

"Dear god man warn me before you say something like that" McCoy almost shouted. "I need a drink" he muttered grabbing a glass from his desk and filling it up with an amber liquid.

"You should not be consuming alochol while on duty doctor" Spock told him.

"Do you want help?" the doctor asked and Spock nodded. "Then let me have my drink because there is no way in hell I can have this conversation without something alcoholic" he snapped.

"Very well," Spock said.

"Alright what exactly do you want with Jim?" the doctor asked and Spock opened his mouth to reply before the doctor interrupted. "If you only want one night, you can get out of my office now, Jim's reputation may not be exactly savory, but most of those stories are fabrircated. Jim may flirt alot, but that's a defense mechanism, it keeps people from getting too close. And if you're only after him for a one time thing I will not help you, because you hurt him, I can and will kill you and make it look natural" the doctor warned.

"Understood, however it is unneccassary, Vulcan's do not participate in the act of casual relationships. I want an exclusive relationship with Jim, with the possibility of bonding in the future" Spock replied.

"Good, but still you hurt him and I will kill you" McCoy warned again.

"I will not hurt Jim intentionally" Spock assured him.

"You make sure you don't" the doctor said before sipping his drink.

"Alright, well if you want that don't say anything about bonding right off the bat, it might scare him. Take things slow, don't try to rush things. Be his friend, do stuff with him. He likes engines, old books, he's also very good a chess, ask to play with him sometime" McCoy told him.

"When is a good time to bring up my desire?" Spock asked.

"Desire for a relationship or for bonding?" the doctor asked.

"Both" Spock replied after a few seconds of thinking.

"If you think Jim may be interested in you, come to me, and I'll tell you if he actually is or it's just your imagination, if you have one" McCoy replied muttering the last four words under his breath but Vulcan hearing heard all the same. Spock however chose not to comment on the subject.

"Very well doctor, is there anything else I should know?" Spock asked.

"Not right now, good luck" the doctor said as Spock began to leave his office.

"Luck is illogical, however I thank you for the sentiment" Spock replied as he left the doctor's office and went back to his quarters for the night.

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