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Story Notes:

I asked for prompts on Deviantart.com like I said, and this is another one of them.

How Kirk or Spock thought they were being subtle was beyond the crew of the Enterprise. Everybody was aware that the two harboured feelings for the other except them. It was frustrating, and quite frankly annoying.

Uhura had noticed the quick glances that Spock gave to Kirk when the other man wasn't looking, saw the hands laid casually on the back of the captains chair. She saw the worry in his eyes whenever Kirk beamed down to a planet. Saw the barely repressed anger when somebody hurt the captain, saw the relief when he was okay. She saw it all, and she knew what it meant. At first she may not have liked Jim Kirk, okay she would admit she hated him from the very first moment she had met him. But she had learned that her first impression of the man had been wrong. And when she noticed that her ex boyfriend was attracted to Kirk she had been angry at first. But now she didn't care, because she knew Kirk wasn't what he appreared to be at all. And so Uhura had confronted Spock in his quaters after shift one night, tried to get him to admit to his feelings. She had succeeded, but failed when she had tried to talk him into admiting them to Kirk. Spock was convinced that Jim would never return his interest.

McCoy was Jim's best friend as well as his doctor. And he had seen Jim at his best and at his worst as both his best friend and doctor. He knew Jim, sometimes he thought he might know him better then Jim knew himself. He knew every one of his friends ticks and talls, he knew every faciel expression he made. He knew the way Jim's jaw tightend and the little vain that throbbed on his forehead when he got angry. He knew the lines that appeared when Jim was exhausted but refused to sleep. He knew the way his friends blue eyes would water and the side of his lip would quiver just a bit when he was really sad. He knew the way his hands shook when Jim was frustrated. So Bones had noticed the attraction Jim felt towards his Vulcan first officer way before Jim had even told him.

It was late, middle of ships night, but Bones was still wide awake, he was working gamma shift so of course he was awake. It was never busy in sickbay at night, due to the fact that most of the crew was sleeping. So McCoy was stuck writing reports that needed to be done when the door to his office whished open. The doctor had ignored it figuring it was just one of the nurses dropping off more reports.

"Hey Bones" Jim had said shuffling further into the office.

"What do you want Jim?" McCoy asked not looking up from the padd he was working on.

"Can I talk to you?" he asked, his voice held a note Bones had never heard in it before, he sounded lost and it caused the older man to look up. Jim's face was drawn and tight, lines around his eyes and purple brusies under them. His mouth was a thin line. McCoy had never seen his friend like this.

"What's up kiddo?" Bones asked motioning to a chair infront of his desk and Jim took it gratfully slumping down in it.

"I don't know what to do Bones" the blonde said.

"Do about what?" McCoy asked as he studied his captain.

"I think I'm falling in love" the younger man replied and Bones sighed.

"It's probably just lust Jim" he told him but Jim shook his head.

"No, it's not just lust. It's lust as well, but I can't stop thinking about him, I want him so bad Bones, he's all I ever think about. I can't sleep, everytime I close my eyes all I see is his face, I hear his voice at night. My heart beats faster everytime I'm near him, my palms sweat, and I feel so nervous. Everytime he's hurt my stomach coils and I feel nauseous, and I feel like I can't get enough air in my lungs until you tell me he's going to be alright" Jim argued. Bones was shocked, not because Jim had said the person was a guy, Bones had long since known Jim was attracted to both sexes. No what had surprised him was that it really wasn't just lust Jim felt for this man, it was something deeper.

"Okay, it's not just lust your right." Bones said "Who is it?" he asked.

"Spock" Jim whispered.

"Damn it Jim, it had to be the damn hobgoblin didn't it, you can never do things the easy way can you?" he sighed "Jim he doesn't have any feelings" Bones added.

"He does have emotions, I know he does, he just represses them. But I know he'll never feel the same, I mean he was with Uhura, why would he want a fuck up like me?" Jim said.

"Come on kid, he's an idiot if he can't see just how special you are" McCoy retorted standing up and kneeling beside his best friends chair. Bones had sat there for another hour that night listening to Jim talk before the other man had left. A few days later Bones had caught Spock staring at Jim when the blond wasn't looking. And he had continued to catch the Vulcan watching or staring at Jim and knew the Vulcan returned Jim's feelings.

Scotty wasn't an idiot, he may be a wee bit crazy but he wasn't an idiot. So he knew that the captain and the Vulcan first officer were interested in each other. Because really you would have to be either blind or stupid not to notice, and Scotty was niether of those things. He saw the looks, he saw the way both men thought the other wasn't interested. And after months of watching the two he was so tired of the fact that everybody saw what was happening but those two.

It was Uhura who came up with the idea to get the two senior officers together. She had called Bones, Scotty, Sulu, and Checkov to a ready room.

"Enough is enough, I'm sick of watching those two pine away over the other when they're too stupid to notice the other feels the same way" she had snapped.

"We all are, but what do you want us to do?" Bones asked.

"We're going to get those two idiots together if it's the last thing we do" she replied.

"How are we going to do that?" Sulu asked

"Shove them in a supply closet together, and refuse to let them out until they admit their feelings" Bones muttered.

"Ah think that'd be insuberdation doctor" Scotty said.

"Yeah, besides Spock would nerve pinch us all even if it did work" Uhura added.

"I'm not doing anything that would result in one of those, they look like they hurt" Sulu told them.

"Vhat if ve trick them?" Chekov asked speaking for the first time.

"How?" Bones asked looking at the young navigator.

"I don't know" Chekov admitted.

"Paval you're a genius" Uhura exclaimed hugging the young man tightly. "Okay here's what we're gonna do. We're going to send them each a note asking them to go to the observation lounge and act like it's from the other" She said and the group nodded waiting for her to continue.

A week later Spock entered the observation lounge like his captain had requested wearing casual clothes, why the captain had requested he wear casual attire he did not know. When he entered he noticed the other man standing in the middle of the room. He was wearing jeans and a light blue button up shirt that matched his eyes. Spock followed the lines of the captains body before he forced his eyes back up.

"Captain" he called alerting the other man to his presence and causing him to jump.

"Geez Spock, don't do that you almost gave me a heart attack" Jim said.

"Indeed, may I inquire as to the reason you wished to see me?" Spock asked eyeing the table set for two.

"You were the one who asked me here, I was about to ask you the same question, what is all this?" he asked gesturing to the table.

"I did not ask you here, I recieved a note from you asking to meet you here" Spock replied.

"Wait I got a note from you saying the same. Mr. Spock I smell a rat" he said and one of Spock's eyebrows raised but before he could say anything somebody entered the lounge.

"Actually Jim it's five rats" Bones said.

"We planned this so the two of you would finally admit the fact that you in love with each other" Uhura told them.

"Aye lads the whole ship knows but you" Scotty added Chekov and Sulu nodded from where they were standing.

"Oh my god" Jim said before looking at Spock. "I'm so sorry about this, but they're right I am in love with you, I know you don't feel the same so you can just go and we'll forget this" Jim told him.

"T'hy'la I do not wish to 'forget this' as you have said" Spock retorted.

"T'hy'la? What does that mean?" Jim asked.

"Friend, brother, lover all the things you are to me and I wish you to be" Spock replied.

"Is that you way of saying I love you too?" Jim asked.

"Indeed Jim" Spock told him and Jim smiled before stepping closer to Spock.

"May I kiss you?" Jim asked.

"I would like that very much my t'hy'la" Spock replied just before his lips were caught by Jim's own.

The group standing in the doorway smiled to each other and nodded, knowing that they had succeeded in their task.

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