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Story Notes:

I asked for prompts on deviantar.com and this is one of them.

Spock made his way through the corriders of the Enterprise and back to the quarters he shared with his captain and bondmate James Kirk, or as he prefered to be called Jim. They had bonded 7.4 months ago and Spock had never been happier. Jim was his t'hy'la, his world, his life, his everything.

And today was Jim's birthday, Jim had never really had good birthdays. Jim said it was because this day was just anouther reminder of his father. That it was nothing to his mother except for the painful anniversary of the day she had lost her husband. That it was nothing for his brother Sam but the day he had lost his father. And everybody remembered George Kirk who had saved so many lives at the cost of his own. Who had become a hero. But nobody remembred the little baby who had been born just minutes before his death. It was ironic, Spock would admit that. It was a day where a life had ended and a new life had began. And yet most would only remember the life that had ended.

Spock was determined to make this a good birthday for his t'hy'la, his bondmate. He was determined to show Jim that not everybody would only see this day as the day George Kirk had died. To show his love that to him this day was the day his t'hy'la, his love had been born so that he could find him. And to Spock that was a very good reason to be happy and to celebrate with Jim. He had wanted to spend the day with his bondmate, he really had, but he had been called to the science lab to help with an experiment.

Spock repressed a very un-Vulcan sigh as he turned the corrider that lead to the turbolift, both him and Jim were suppossed to be off duty today. But it hadn't worked out that way when he had been called down. At least he had only needed to spend an hour in the science lab before he was able to leave. He could still spend the day with his mate like he had planned.

When the turbolift doors opened to deck five Spock stepped out and made his way as quick as he could to the quaters he shared with Jim. When Spock entered the quarters Jim was no longer sitting at the desk like he had been when Spock had left. But Spock couldn't expect his t'hy'la to remain in the same spot for an hour. Spock was well aware that his bondmates mind tended to wonder if not otherwise occupied in something that interested him. Dr. McCoy claimed it was ADHD but Spock was aware that it was a result of Jim's high intelligence. Spock turned and headed to the devider that seperated the living space from the sleeping area. When Spock stepped past the divider it was to see his mate sitting in their bed and reading a padd with something hanging from his mouth.

"T'hy'la" he said causing Jim to look up at him and smile.

"Hey you, done helping your little ducks in the lab?" Jim asked grinning.

Spock repressed the sigh of exasperation at Jim calling his science crew ducks again, his mate is fond of referring to them in that manner. Spock has since learned not to comment or argue with the other man.

"They are now in possesion of the knowledge of how to complete the experiment themselves" he replied, watching as the blond man chewed on whatever was hanging out of his mouth.

"Jim what are you chewing on?" he asked after a few minutes and Jim looked up from the padd he was reading.

"Huh? Oh it's a gummy worm" he replied.

"Why are you eating a creature that lives in dirt?" he asked slightly concerned, perhaps Jim was ill. Spock's concern only deepened when Jim began laughing and the worm he had been chewing on fall out of his mouth to land on the coverlet.

"It's not an actual worm, it's candy, there only called gummy worms because they're made to look like worms" he explaind his blue eyes shining with mirth.

"So you are not eating a terrain earthworm?" Spock asked as Jim picked the gummy worm up from the bed and threw it in the trashcan by their bed.

"No, don't worry babe I'm not eating an insect" he laughed again.

"Actually earthworms are not considered insects, they are annelids" Spock told him sitting on the bed beside his mate.

"I think you're one of the few people who would know that" Jim smiled. "Want one? They were a birthday gift from the older you" Jim asked holding one of the candy worms out for Spock. Spock stared at the colourful piece of candy that his mate held for a few seconds before reaching out and taking it himself. Jim smiled when Spock took a small bite of it.

"So?" the blond prompted.

"It's taste is satisfactory" Spock said and Jim grinned grabbing another gummy worm from the bag that lay beside him on the bed and sticking it in his mouth. Jim leaned against Spock and went back to his reading. Spock allowed a small smile, content to spend the day like this, and leaned his back against the wall behind the bed.

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