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Story Notes:

I came up with the first five lines in the car on the way home when we went out to dinner once. I had no paper with me and I wanted to write it so I used a package from Eyeshadow I had opened in the car and shoved in my purse. I was never more thankful to be able to do makeup in a moving vehicle. This can be seen as any universe really. TOS or 2009 your choice. It can also be seen as slash or pre-slash.

Let me help

It's okay to cry

You don’t have to hide

Let your emotions flow

I see them all in your eyes

We all know sometimes the logic is a lie

You act like nothing can hurt you

But I know the truth

I know you

Trust me,

That is all I ask

Let me help you

All I want to do is hold you

Keep you safe

You mean so much to me

And I know I mean something to you

But you won’t tell me what

Your so afraid of showing the emotions you repress

You don’t have to fear with me

Let me help you

I know the emotions you hide

Open up to me

Show me who you are on the inside

Let me know you

Let me help you

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