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Story Notes:

I've forgotten to state that I don't own any version of Star Trek or the characters produced from the show.  So... there you go. 

This is a part of the Through The Years series.


Superstud James T. Kirk’s legs pumped as he ran for his life.

“All my years of fighting crime, I’ve come up against a foe that I can’t defeat.”

His eager young side kick, Shelatman Sam kept pace with his master.

“SS,” he gasped, “y-you can’t let the evil green menace win.”

As soon as they rounded the corner, Superstud dropped to his knees.

“Can’t go on, Sam. This time, old chum, you’ll have to continue to fight the good fight without me.”

Sam reached down and dragged the flagging superhero to his feet. Putting the other man’s arm around his shoulder, he declared, “No, SS, without you there is no fight.”

“Rroowwlll.” The sound drove both men to their knees.

Looking up, Shelatman tried to rise, but fell onto his furry behind.


Superstud looked up in time to see a bright green, stringy, throbbing, pulsing mass rolling towards them. Shock froze him to the spot.

“SM, run!”

SM clutched SS’s hand and turned to take flight. “Ow!” When his arm was almost jerked out the socket, SM turned.

“Nooooooo…” His eyes bugged out; SS struggled against the roiling enveloping mass.

“Get out o-” Green threads slithered down SS’s throat. The mass covered his head.

“’Tis a far, far better thing-” SM dove head first into the creature.

Spock stood, arms folded across his chest, watching his bondmate and Sam roll around the floor. Adam sat in his chair gurgling. He blinked as his dad turned to him.

“If they did not enjoy the Spinach Casserole, all they had to do was say so.”

Adam blew a spit bubble.

The End.

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