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Author's Chapter Notes:

Just a little SMUT I wrote in my spare time. I promise I'll try to get up a chapter of Unwittingly Yours soon. I hope this sates you guys for now.



Beep. Beep. Beep.

The mechanical sounds of the Enterprise filled Spock’s sensitive ears, only offset by the loud, but lulled breathing of the Captain and the rest of his human crew mates. Spock ignored the sounds, as he usually did, meticulously scanning his science console for any influx of data.


Spock suppressed a sigh, the Captain was going through another on of his ‘fits’, as the doctor would call it.

This time it was abut the humans emotional loathing towards this particular day of the week. Spock thought this was quite illogical, how could any sentimental being harbor ill feeling toward something as customary as a day of the week?

“Captain, may I inquire why you hate Monday?” The First Officer asked. A pause echoed from the Captain's chair, a minor hitch that warned the Vulcan to prepare for the worse. The Captain swiveled around in his chair, blue eyes flashing in mischief, and faked a sad pout.

“I have to spend all day watching your sweet ass bend over and over again.” The bridge crew froze in shock, even the beeps of the consoles seemed to cease as Jim sat waggling his eyebrows at Spock.

“I beg your pardon, Captain?” Spock asked, one of his eyebrow skyrocketed into the air.

“You heard me, Spock, but if your going to play clueless Vulcan in this one, I can roll with that.” Jim grinned, leaning back in his chair, allowing his tunic to slowly stretch up and show off his abdomen muscles. “Hit me.”

“Captain, I am neither unsure nor am I willing to cause you physical harm.” Spock looked at his Captain, the blank look on Spock’s face somehow conveying just how illogical Spock thought the Captain’s attitude was.

“See Spock,” Jim slipped out of his chair, not bothering to pull down his shirt, and walked over, giving Spock what Nyota often called ‘elevator eyes’.“The on thing that bothers me is that because of your fucking sexy body, I have stay up and calculate math, so I don’t fall asleep to little fantasies like the one I’m enjoying now. Sadly, I haven’t had a Shy Spock wet dream in awhile. Is this one of those one where you’re dating Uhura in the dream, because I fucking hate those?” The Captain stuck his tongue out in an extremely childish manner, watching as Spock failed to contain his game face.

“I.. am quite confused.” Spock looked at a loss for words, causing a grin of victory to claim Captain Kirk’s face.

“Sorry I’m not following normal fantasy protocol Spock, but I’m still kind of used to the hot kinky dreams. The ones where you take me in front of the bridge crew, or where you bend me over your knee and spank me.” The human prodded, searching for a reaction.

The Captain was quickly rewarded when Spock looked at Jim in shock, the Vulcan shifted his stance, hands finding solitude behind his back. Jim smirked when he noticed a dash of sage on the stotic Vulcan’s face.

“So... What’s it going to be?” The Captain asked, walking up even closer to the unnerved Vulcan. James grinned, confidently placing his hands on Spock’s shoulder and running them down the tense Vulcan’s back.

Everyone on the bridge was silently watching, barely containing their gasps when the Captain placed his hands on his First Officer’s posterior, and pulled the man closer to him. “Your place or my chair?”

“Captain..” Spock shifted uncomfortably, a highly aroused human rubbing against his leg.

“Jim, I’ve told you to call me Jim, Spock.” Captain whispered lazily, leaning in to nibble at Spock’s beautiful pale neck.

“Jim... You are not dreaming.” Spock stated, his blank face straining to keep it’s hold.

Jim laughed, somehow managing to continue rubbing his tongue in an obscenely pleasurable manner across Spock’s jugular.

“Funny Spock, but I’m not buying it. You’ve tried that one before.” Spock’s body stiffened even further when cool hands started insistently kneading his posterior. Jim looked around, and started noticing the astonished faces of his bridge crew.

The Captain’s tongue and hands attack slowly halted to a stop, and Spock looked down to see Jim’s blue eyes squeeze shut. He looked up at Spock, blue eyes , and let out a small whisper. “Damnnit Spock, tell me that was a joke.”

“It was not.” Spock replied curtly, not daring to meet Jim’s blue eyes again.

Jim made a small noise of distress, that only Spock’s Vulcan’s ears could pick-up, before he pushed away Spock, eyes filled with hurt..

“I will retire to sickbay, Mr. Spock. I hear by hand my authority over to you. It will be your duty to choose my punishment in breaking Starfleet Regulation. Captain Spock, you have the conn.” The hard lines on Kirk’s face jumped out as the Captain rapidly walked to the Turbolift and left, stunning the bridge into unbearable silence.

Spock closed his eyes, taking a few breathes before addressing the Alpha crew of the bridge.

“Crewmen. I will be joining Dr. McCoy to assess the Captain’s health. Lt. Sulu, you have the conn.” With that the bridge crew watched as their two fearless leaders left the bridge. Waiting until the Turbolift doors shut before resuming their work.

After all, it was just another day aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.


“Jim!” The sound of his name caused no change in his pace. It was the voice that called that name that made him freeze in his tracks. The sullen human slowly turned to face his Vulcan First Officer, who stepped out of the turbolift, expression firm.

“Spock, I can explain.. If you want a transfer because you can’t deal with my stupid attraction, or.. I can leave.. I, I..” He stuttered off when an insanely hot hand grabbed his chin, forcing Jim to look into two deep sage eyes.

“Please cease your insistent chattering before I am forced to...” The Vulcan swallowed, watching as Jim’s wet, pink tongue darted out to wet his lips. Jim’s blue eyes filled with lust as his breathe hitched, his whole focus on the hotter than human fingers that caressed his jaw.

“Forced to do what, Spock?” He asked, his voice hoarse and low.

Amusement glittered in the Vulcan’s expressive eyes, before he leaned down forcing their mouths together in a clash of lips and tongue. Spock and Jim’s mouth went back and forth, both fighting to gain dominance over the kiss. Hot tongues tangled together, and strong hands roamed vigorously, as the two man slowly walked back to the transporter.

Jim pulled out of the kiss, eyes alight with joy at the sight of Spock’s wet sage tinted lips, before opening the door to the lift and dragging Spock in with him. The Vulcan took in a deep breath before slamming the turbolift into action, sending it straight to the officer’s corridors.

“Wanted this for so fucking long.” Jim hissed as his hands slipped up the back of a blue science sweater and thermal shirt to play with the corded muscles of Spock’s back.

Warm lips meet again, and this time the human relented, allowing the rough tongue to plunder his mouth, filling it with a spicy taste that was exquisitely Spock. Jim quivered when a vibration echoed through his body, and he broke the kiss, a grin plastered across his face from ear to ear. “Spock, are you purring?”

Jim’s grin was wiped from his smug face when Spock took this as an opportunity to wriggle a hand into Jim’s pants and grab the human’s lovely hardened length. Jim eyes squeezed shut as a moan ripped from his throat and he unknowingly thrust into the heated hand.

“Spock. The door is open.. God yes. My place is closest.” Jim hissed, as he mouthed moans of appreciation into Spock’s neck. The Vulcan nodded, with drawing his hand from it’s ministration.

Jim whined at the loss of contact, but followed Spock out of the Turbolift, both of the men practically sprinting to reach the Captain’s cabin. Finally, Jim’s cabin door whooshed closed behind them, and Jim began walking towards the bed, hips shifting saucily.

“Computer, Alpha lock; Kirk Two Four Alpha Beta.” The computer chirped in compliance.

Kirk let out a smirk of triumph from the side of his bed, gesturing for Spock to come get him. Spock raised an eyebrow before walking over, claiming Jim’s mouth with his once again.

Jim grinned as a warm hand traveled up his abdomen to tweak his nipples hard nipples. A groan of pleasure filled the air, and Jim began to arch and pant into Spock’s mouth.

“Need.. more skin.” The human groaned, hands twined in Spock’s hair.

The Vulcan nodded, pulling his hands out from under Jim’s shirt and grasping the multi-blend fabric by the sides.

“Spock.. What are you?” Jim stopped when a ripping sound filled his ears and he suddenly found himself suddenly shirtless.

Spock blinked in shock as he gained a armful of hot, shirtless Jim, who begin to enthusiastically unzip Spock’s Starfleet regulation trousers, mumbling about how hot he was, and rip them from his body.

Finally they laid in Jim’s bed, both fully naked, and both allowing their hands to ravenously devour every inch of bare skin.Pure pleasure flooded Jim’s senses when a warm hand grasped his penis and stroked perfectly. The hand continued to stroke as Jim maniacal thrusting into the hotter-than-human hand.

Spock shuddered when a cool mouth sucked it’s way up his throat, latching onto the lobe a pointed ear, practically fucking the shell of his ear with sharp jabs of a flexible tongue.

A moan escaped his lips, yet Spock's hand continued to pump, slowly strong and faster until suddenly Jim was gasping for air, whispering dirty obscenities into Spock’s sensitive ear.

Jim felt his mind short out and he was coming all over Spock’s hand, biting down on the sensitive flesh of Spock’s shoulder hard enough to leave a mark. “Jim..” Spock whispered as a Jim’s pleasure leaked through their touch, pulling the vulcan closer to the edge.

“You’re still hard..” Jim stated, lazily stroking the jade length. He looked up to see his beautiful Vulcan look away, a jade blush on his face.

Jim felt his heart jump, and he tilted up the pale chin, looking Spock in the eye, leaning forward into Spock’s delicate ears and letting out a whisper of breath.

“Fuck me, Spock.”

A quick nod, and Jim suddenly found himself flipped over, ass in the air as warm finger began working themselves into Jim’s anus, slick with lube Jim always had handy.

The intrusion hurt at first, a mix of pain and pleasure that had Jim trusting back into Spock’s hand. He should have been embarrassed by the little sounds of encouragement that escaped his mouth, but Jim found it didn’t matter that much when Spock croaked his finger and brushed Jim’s prostate.

“Godfuckyes.” Spilled out of Jim’s mouth as another finger added itself into the party. “Stick it in, Spock. Fuck me now.”

The Vulcan complied, and withdrew his hands, causing Jim to whimper at the loss of contact. Spock quickly lined himself up and sheathed himself in the tight channel in one swipe.

“YES!!” Jim screamed, his hands grabbing at the sheets, trying to gain some hold on reality.

Spock took in deep breathes, his forehead resting against Jim’s shoulder before he pulled out and thrust in again. Ever nerve ending was on fire as Spock continued with his rhythm, each thrust brushing against Jim’s prostate, causing pleasure to explode in his head. So good. It was so good and then suddenly there was a hand on his temple and he was overcome by a wave of lust.


Spock was overcome by the active craze of Jim’s mind as a maelstrom of emotion swept him up and carried him downstream. There was a flash of white and someone was screaming and it was so good, so perfect, so right.

Spock pulled out of the meld, a slight smile on his face when he looked down to see Jim passed out in the bed. The Vulcan pulled out of Jim’s ass, letting out a sigh of contentment as he snuggled around his dazed lover.

“Goodnight Ashaya.” Spock whispered, pulling the rumpled blankets up around their spent bodies. He smiled, planting a soft kiss on Jim’s head before pulling the warm body close.

“Spock..” Jim breathed, his eyes heavy with sleep. “Will ya be my boyfriend..” His hands wrapped around Spock’s back as he snuggled in.

“I will be that, and more Jim. Now sleep.” The human nodded, somehow pulling them even closer together.

“Night Spock. Love you.” “I love you also, Jim.”

And so they spent the rest of their days.

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