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Chris gets Spock because Phil says it's get a pet or he calls Una, and Chris swore up and down to her that he would be fine, he was almost done with PT, it was her last tour, and he was doing great with the cane. He hadn't expected how quiet it would be, is all.

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Published: 12/08/2011 Updated: 12/08/2011
Story Notes:

So there's this thing going around Tumblr where this dog leaves food for in his bowl for weeks and the human eventually discovers he's carefully saving back food for a stray pregnant cat. Cat is eventually adopted by human and cat and dog live happily in interspecies harmony. It is adorbs.

Candy, who is an amazing human being that I probably should never actually talk to because horrible things would happen to the universe, was like OH MY GOD YOU GUYS THIS SHOULD BE KIRK/SPOCK and I was like OKAY BUT MPREG KITTENS WOULD BE A DEAL BREAKER which lead to me eventually arguing that I would probably never write mpreg kittens because ... I don't know, I hear I have dignity and pride, but I really don't know. I'm not drunk enough right now.

Someone else wrote a version where the human was Bones. I have feelings about Chris Pike and Spock and Kirk, so you'll pardon the change.

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