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Summary: This is under Essay for a reason. Not a story but an episode-by-episode summary of ST:TOS/TAS. I am attempting to put down any & all Kirk/Spock hints I can find.

Besides that, these summaries were originally started after several discussions/arguments on other message boards (such as IMDb or StarTrek.com) for & against Kirk/Spock vs other pairings (K/U or S/U for eg) as well as the new cast vs. the old, so I'll be sorting that mess out as well.

Each episode essay is divided into Regular Review & K/S review, since some of the public are not into K/S (bare in mind: originally posted on IMDb & other message boards last year) & I'm too lazy to change the format. (Also, those of us here can easily just skip to the second half for K/S references.)

I have actually managed to convert a few non-K/S believers with what I had already done in the past so feel free to use any of the K/S bits to attract more. :P

I had posted this a long time ago, as a W.I.P. but never got back to it due to complications with my Grandmother, the one who got me into Heroes & Zachary Quinto in the first place, so I took time off of Star Trek to spend time with her.

She has since died which was expected, due to several cancers from lung to bone.

What was NOT expected however, was the deaths of half my immediate family throughout this past year, starting with Nana.

This is why I have not been back to finish this or post up my long overdue promised "Possession". If I had known that, man or beast, the Grim Reaper had it in for my family this year, I probably wouldn't have started anything at all this past year. Besides my Grandmother, we lost one of our 5 dogs, Kesha a Black Lab. My rabbit got killed. Finally (I hope) a few weeks ago we had a major car crash no survivors & leaving two of my under-age cousins orphaned & goverment property due to very strange Quebec laws.

Needless to say, I've not had a good year.

I'm just starting to get back into writing again. I've deleted the old Essay since I have done a major overhaul of all the episodes I've done, plus went through a few more.

So, here's hoping that I actually have a chance to continue. I don't have much of my main family left but hopefully I'll be stuck with them for a while after this year >_
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