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"Mr. Spock," Jim called from his position by the turbolift, staring in horror at the PADD in his hand.

"Yes, Captain."

"What exactly am I looking at?"

Jim felt the hairs on the back of his neck raise as Spock crossed the bridge to peer over his shoulder at the document Jim was reading.

"It is the summary you requested of Ensign Brah's final report."

"Um..." Jim scrolled through the seven pages of information, his eyes widening with each new paragraph. "A summary you say? Wasn't Brah's report two pages long?"

Spock straightened and stood with his hands behind his back as he raised an eyebrow at Jim’s question.

"Indeed, Captain. However, there are extenuating factors you should be apprised of to understand the full depth of the document."

“Okay.” Jim turned back to the ‘summary’ and tried to pick out something that was actually important. He failed. Jim turned in a huff and waved the PADD in Spock’s face. “How is any of this important? I mean, okay, so Brah had discussed the discrepancy with Yeoman Stark prior to the actual resolution and that conversation led to the discovery but I don’t need to know that.”


“No, Spock. Just. No. A summary is meant to be concise and brief. I should be able to look at a sentence or two of 100 words or less and be able to prioritize the report based on that alone. If Ensign Brah’s report requires further detail in order to be understood than you should have requested a revision. I don’t care who he rooms with, what he did last Sunday or the discussions he had that led up to him discovering that we’re short two hundred yards of standard black wool.”

“I see. I was under the impression that you would appreciate thoroughness. I was apparently mistaken.”

“Spock, I do. Really. I just can’t do my job if I have to scroll through page after page of dissertations before finding what I need in order to prioritize ship’s business. I have limited time and I have to rely on you to provide the clues as to what needs to be handled quickly and what can wait. As it stands, Scotty’s report on the functioning of the new warp core is buried on page 18.”

“I apologize, Captain. I will refrain from adding extraneous notes to the reports.”

“Spock. If you really feel it’s important for me to know about Ensign Brah’s social set then put it at the end of the report. But please, keep the summary brief. Okay?”

“Of course, Captain. With your permission I would like to revise today’s reports before your continued perusal.”

“Thanks, Spock.” Jim handed over the PADD and watched Spock’s stiff form turn back toward the science console. Jim couldn’t help following in his wake to try and ease some of the tension his lecture had created. “Hey, this is only day two of a five year mission.”

“I am aware of that, Captain.”

“I’m just saying, we’ve all been thrown together and we all need to make adjustments for each other. But we’re in this together, right?”

“Indeed, Captain. I will have the revisions to you within the hour.”

Jim couldn’t help himself and clapped a friendly hand to Spock’s shoulder.

“No rush, Spock. And I want to talk to you later about the status reports. There’s gotta be a better way to post those than one at a time. I mean, really, what’s the point of posting 100 words at a time for every little change on this ship? It’s frustrating to see 5 to 20 of those an hour.”

“On that, Captain, we are in complete agreement. Perhaps we can discuss this over our shared meal break?”

“Excellent plan, Mr. Spock. See you then.”

With that, Jim sauntered back toward the lift, a slight swing to his hips. He might just make a passable captain yet, if that exchange were anything to judge by. As the doors began to slide closed he watched his crew and felt a surge of pride.

The next five years were going to be epic. He could feel it in his bones.

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