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The Enterprise crew is aging no longer and everything is back in track. Or isn't it? Spoilers: The Deadly years

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Published: 09/13/2005 Updated: 09/13/2005

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I was aiming for a drabble in response to Farfalla's challenge, but I think it got vignette aspirations and now I don't know what it is. Aside from my first ST TOS attempt, that is. Ah, yes!

English is not my main language so, please don't be surprised if some weird grammar jumps at you and bites!

Thanks to Farfalla -who is a gem!!- for the beta, I hope she didn't have a rough time with it! All errors remain mine.

Disclaimer: Star Trek characters and universe belong to Paramount. Wish they’d belong to me, but I can't afford them -and I think they would be high maintenance-.