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On Valentine's Day Jim must present a gift to one his crew, but he is aware such a gesture has the potential to be misunderstood. Written for the K/S Valentine meme to fill the first prompt at ksvalentine over on livejournal, which the amazing K/S Valentine moderators Ashley and Amanda came up with.

Rated: All Audiences
Categories: Fiction Characters: None
Crossover Fandom: None
Genres: Kirk/Spock Pre-Slash
Other Languages: None
Specific movie: None
Story Type: Romance
Trope (OPTIONAL): Hurt Spock
Universe: Abrams Universe
Warnings: None
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Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 4820 Read: 6519
Published: 07/25/2011 Updated: 07/25/2011
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Beta: soliandxpyne at livejournal

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