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Author's Chapter Notes:

Jim, my human friend of Earth.

This is the last time I will permit myself to think of you.

I shall never speak your name again.

I shall now be free of emotion and will be like my own kind.

Forgive me for never explaining why I left so quickly.

It is better this way, my feelings for you would only complicate things between us.

You shall never know how I wish things could be different.


It is time, I must leave you now.

The Vulcan master praised Spock's efforts, following the rituals of Kolinahr for almost three years. She raised her hands to place the symbol of total logic around Spock's neck when a mind cried out in despair.

'No!!!' Spock shouted the words.

The Vulcan Master demanded his thoughts and he let her inside.

She saw him in his mind.

"Spock, I wish you were here to make me understand."

She removed herself from his thoughts and spoke.

"Spock, your answers lies elsewhere. You have failed Kolinahr."

The pendant which was given to those who mastered the ancient ritual fell from her hands and landed in the desert sand.

Spock alone picked up the pendant which he had fought so hard to achieve and realized that she was correct.

He owed James Kirk an explanation. Spock rose from where he kneeled and accepted his new path. He left the pendant on the ground where the master had laid it moments ago.

What is, is.

Chapter End Notes:

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