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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is the first fanfiction I’ve ever produced and I’m really hoping it goes over well. I don't have a beta for this chapter but I have someone in mind who I'm sure will be willing. So if you didn't like this chapter, the next may be somewhat better.

S'chn T'gai Spock of Vulcan made his way through the immaculate palace belonging to his family. His footsteps echoed with a sense of purpose off the high, vaulted ceilings and the walls that stood beneath them. His father’s personal servant had requested in person that he come to his father’s throne room immediately, which meant there was something of the utmost importance needing his attention.

At the end of the long trek he pushed open large, wooden doors to reveal Emperor Sarek and his court, whose heads all turned towards the heir to the throne. Spock marched the lavish carpet leading to his father’s throne, each member of the court bowing or curtsying to their prince. He knelt before the Emperor, waiting for acknowledgement.

Sarek nodded in approval, “Rise, my son.” Spock did as he was told and stood in the customary position with his hands at his sides. His face was expectant as he looked directly at his father. The man took his time, taking a deep breath before speaking, “You are released from your betrothal to T’Pring.” The old Vulcan stated simply.

Spock rose an eyebrow but otherwise, his face betrayed none of his shock. “As you wish, father.” Spock took the news with the elegance of a prince, however his ex-fiance was not going to give up her right to the throne so easily.

“My liege! Please reconsider, the Healers have said we are a pair, they say we are compatible. Your judgement may be shortsi-”

“Silence, T’Pring. My judgement is final. You will not marry my son. You are released to marry the man of your father’s choosing.” T’Pring quieted, her face a flush of unseemly emotion as she retreated back into the swath of the court.

The Emperor could now redirect his attention to Spock. “I have more news,” his voice boomed once again, “You are aware that recently we have discovered planet Earth and negotiations have gone well thus far. If we can form a strong alliance it will be mutually beneficial for our respective planets. However, we need a tie.” Sarek paused for a moment for Spock to process the information and the weight of what he was about to ask of him before continuing, “Spock. You are the tie that I speak of. You are betrothed to the heir to Earth’s empire. You will leave to meet your betrothed on the 'morrow before returning for the ceremony back on Vulcan. Gifts have been prepared for you to court them with. I wish you both good fortune."

Spock took a moment for pause, the silence speaking volumes. It was unexpected to say the least, however he was aware of his duties, “Yes, your highness, I will serve the Empire to the best of my abilities.”

Sarek nodded, “Good. That is all, rest easy.” Spock bowed once again before turning to leave. The faces staring at him made him queasy. He sped up his pace and closed the doors behind him before taking a deep breath and hurrying back to his quarters for a deep meditation.

Chapter End Notes:
I should have the next chapter up sometime today. Thanks for reading, reviews are super appreciated!
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