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As far as Nyota Uhura was concerned, the biggest perk in being a Starfleet officer was, quite simply, laundry service. She loathed doing laundry, and as long as she was on board the Enterprise, she didn’t have to. Like all Constellation-Class ships, the Enterprise was blessed with a veritable army of largely invisible elves (aka ensigns and yeomen) who did all of the bothersome but necessary domestic work so that the rest of the crew could go get shot at by aliens without worrying about clean sheets. As Jim Kirk once put it, “They also serve who only stand and get blood out of uniform tunics.”

When the laundry fairy stopped by, Nyota happened to be in her quarters with Spock, her onetime boyfriend and now simply friend, practicing a new piece of music that they were planning to perform for the next crew social. Despite the fact that they were no longer romantically involved, Nyota still enjoyed spending time with Spock, their mutual interests in music and linguistics providing a bond that could not be broken. Indeed, Uhura often thought that Spock made a better friend than lover, particularly since she was now involved with Chief Engineer Scott, who really knew how to press a girl’s buttons. She just wished Spock would find someone. She worried that he was lonely.

“Come in,’ Uhura called as the buzzer sounded. She put down her guitar as Yeoman Reilly, assigned to laundry for officers’ quarters, entered.

“Hey, Tessa,” Nyota greeted her friend. “Aren’t you off-duty for the day?”

Reilly nodded. “I just decided to drop these off on my way to dinner.” She gave Nyota a knowing grin. “In case you have a hot date, you might need some of these.” She passed over a neatly-folded stack of, shall we say, delicates. Uhura took them, glad her dark skin hid the blushes so well. As Reilly left, Nyota turned to Spock, who was sitting quietly, waiting to resume their practice. Spock, of course, was beyond embarrassment. Indeed, since he had seen her in all of those items, Nyota realized there was probably no need for blushes. “Just let me put these away, and then we’ll start on the next movement…” She stopped, looking more closely at the lingerie Reilly had given her. “That’s funny. These aren’t mine.” Indeed, the fuchsia satin panties, trimmed with lavish flounces of black lace, were nothing Nyota would have ever worn, unless she was dressing up as a Risa call girl on Halloween. These weren't even her size. But Uhura was the only female in officers’ territory, so how had these gotten into the mix?

A long-fingered hand reached over Nyota’s shoulder and deftly plucked the panties off the pile. “I will take those,” Spock replied quietly. “They belong to a…friend.” With the help of a bit of Vulcan sleight-of-hand, the panties in question disappeared into a pocket. Nyota gave her ex-lover a penetrating look, noting the faint green blush on his cheeks, but she forbore to tease. However, she did wonder who the lucky girl was.


Fuchsia satin did wonders for Jim’s golden skin.


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