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Author's Chapter Notes:

I know big dedications are typically done at the beginning of a story, but here’s mine now.  This chapter is dedicated to everyone who’s taken the time to enjoy it or given feedback and inspired me.  This whole story is dedicated to my best friend, who is not into fanfiction herself, but gave me the courage to write what I thought of and post it online.  This is just a short last chapter to wrap it all up!


Spock awoke as he had for over two years; pressed against the warm body of his bondmate.  He realized he’d been awakened by Jim’s attempting to pull out of his arms to leave the bed.  Without thinking, he reflexively tightened them.  He heard Jim give a quiet laugh.


“Spock, you’ve gotta let me up.  We’ve got to get ready for Peter's birthday party, and you know I’ll need all the time I can get.”  He rolled over to face him.  “And let’s not forget what else we’ve got first today.”  Spock was instantly alert.


Looking back on the start of their relationship, it was almost laughable how little time it took them to realize that they did indeed love each other and weren’t too afraid to commit.  Indeed, they’d both realized that they’d already been at least a little in love with each other when they officially started dating.  It also hadn’t taken Jim very long to realize that Starfleet would give him much more satisfaction than simply being a mechanic or a computer technician.  He’d worked extrememly hard for the last three years so that he would be able to graduate sooner.  Spock had taken a teaching position and was waiting patiently for the day they would be able to ship out together.


Their relationship had been an adventure, that much was certain.  They fought sometimes, of course, but they could never stay angry at each other long enough for it to mean anything.  Jim had finally met Spock’s parents at a diplomatic function three months into their relationship, and in spite of his nervousness, had done very well with them.  They’d both been present at the wedding/bonding ceremony they had five months later, at Golden Gate Park of all places.  With Jim having already helped secure a Federation membership from the Axanar, with a medal to show for it, and Spock being the son of an ambassador, their wedding was quite the event.  Jim had suggested using the Music Concourse Area in Golden Gate Park.


“It’s perfectly logical we get married there.”  He’d said when Spock asked him about it.  “We met and fell in love in that park, why not get married there?”  Spock had given in to his love’s logic and they’d been married in a ceremony that was perhaps unnecessarily lavish, but still quite joyous.  Spock had been given the opportunity to meet Winona Kirk once they were engaged, and by then she seemed a little more interested in mending her ties with Jim.


Their friends were doing surprisingly well too.  Uhura had caught the eye of none other than Montgomery Scott, and he had quickly amended his policy on complete disregard of rules in order to win her over.  McCoy and Gaila were planning to marry soon.  Ben Finney and his girlfriend had already married and had a small daughter named, to Jim’s embarrassment, Jame.  Hikaru Sulu, the cadet who’d helped Spock by dealing with the two culprits in the lab had become an unofficial mentor to the younger cadet, Chekov.  While their interests differed greatly, it was clear that the younger boy idolized Sulu, and maybe even had a crush on him.  Now that he was older and almost legal, Sulu was becoming a little more comfortable with it.


As Spock began to prepare for the day with Jim, he thought about how they were planning to spend this day.  First, they were going to go to Peter’s third birthday party.  He never failed to notice just how much Peter looked like Jim, but there was a biological connection, so it wasn’t too surprising.  Still, Peter could have actually passed for Jim’s son.  Spock knew what would be waiting there when they arrived; colorful decorations, food with far too much sugar in it, other small children who didn’t even know why they were there, and of course Peter, clutching his favorite toy, which his mother had fondly named ‘Spocktopus.’  Apparently Peter could not sleep without it.


But what he was really thinking about today was what they planned to do before the party, and what else made this day important.  They were going to Starfleet Medical to harvest an egg from Jim.  While Jim had happily taught Spock everything he knew about sex, the chances of them conceiving naturally with Jim’s irregular ovulation and Spock’s own low sperm count were almost as slim as Sam and Aurelan’s had been.  Spock had already deposited some sperm, and now it was time to get the egg.  They would be stored, though no fertilization would take place until they were ready to have a child.


They didn’t know when they would have a child, since both of them were about to actually start their careers.  They didn’t even know how many children they were planning to have, but they had time to decide yet.  Though, if their parents had anything to say about it, it would be sooner rather than later.  Jim had already babysat his nephew enough to be a little more confident in his abilities as a caregiver, and that went a long way in their decision to have a child someday down the line.


Once they arrived at Starfleet Medical, Jim was taken to prepare for the surgery he needed.  It would be a quick process, but Spock could never help being concerned over something like this.  He knew Jim would feel the same way if their positions were reversed.  He focused on being the very image of calm while he waited in the recovery room where they would bring Jim once the extraction procedure was completed.  After an hour, a nurse came into the room to tell him that the procedure had been finished and that they would be bringing Jim in soon.


Once they did, Spock studied his sleeping bondmate as he waited for him to wake up.  Jim hadn’t changed much in the three years since Peter was born.  He’d changed  more in the nine months beforehand.  Jim’s body had been a wonder to Spock when he saw him nude for the first time, after months of dating (and workouts).  Still, the thought of him growing big again, this time because he had Spock’s child growing inside him, appealed to Spock quite nicely.


As he thought this, Jim began to stir.  His eyes slowly opened, and he smiled up at Spock.


“Hey.”  He whispered.  “You okay?”  Spock felt his mouth twitch upward, as it always did so easily with Jim.


“Indeed.  I have simply been waiting for you to awaken.”  Jim’s smile grew wider.


“They said I’ll be out of here in a few hours and then we’ll be able to go to Peter’s party.  I might have to take some cake home for later though.”  Spock just nodded.  After three years, he’d learned that Jim could get rather queasy if he ate too soon after a surgery.  He just leaned forward and pressed his lips to Jim’s forehead briefly.


“What are you thinking about?”  Asked Jim as he withdrew.


“I was simply remembering certain moments of our lives, and thinking of what it will be like for us to expect a child of our own.”  Jim grinned.


“It’d be nice to actually get something more for my effort.”  He said.  Spock knew that the first few weeks, even months, after Peter’s birth had been a little difficult for Jim, not having a baby to show for his time being pregnant.  However, the fact that he got to see Peter quite often had helped him move on from those feelings.


They remained in the room until Doctor McCoy arrived and told them they could leave.  They decided to go home so Jim could sleep of the residual effects of the anesthesia before the party.  Spock elected to get some work done while Jim was resting.  As he stretched out on their bed, Spock’s mind was only half on his work as he kept an eye on Jim in his peripheral vision.  He couldn’t believe how much his life had changed since coming to Earth.  Here, he had a satisfying career, future ambitions, and genuine friends.  He also had a bondmate who loved him and treasured him just as much as he treasured said bondmate.


Jim also often commented on how much his life had changed just in the forty (thirty-eight Spock often corrected) weeks that they had first known each other.  He’d never suspected that in agreeing to carry his brother’s baby, he’d find his soulmate and a happy new life.  But he had.


As Spock watched Jim while he worked, he could only feel thankful to any higher power that might be paying attention for the gift he’d been given, and that he had not let his window of opportunity pass.


As illogical as it might sound for a Vulcan, Spock had no trouble concluding that he was very blessed to have had his life turn out the way it had.  He knew Jim felt exactly the same way.




The End

Chapter End Notes:


I know the ending was a little abrupt, but that's that.  I'm exhausted!  Even though I was just posting, this site sometimes doesn't do spacing like I want it to, so it took me a while to get this up.  I hope it's been enjoyed!

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