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This is a response to Tech_Duinn's Next to Normal challenge, which is:

My college roommate was a total musical theatre dork, and she introduced me to the fabulous show Next to Normal. The show is about a family that is torn apart by the (bi polar) mother's delusion that her son (who died in childhood) is alive and well. One of the numbers (which is absolutely heartbreaking) is "He's Not Here."

He's not here
He's not here
Love, I know you know
Do you feel he's still real?
Love, it's just not so
Why is it you still believe?
Do you dream or do you grieve?
You've got to let him go
He's been dead 16 years
No, my love, he's not here.

The challenge is this: Spock or Kirk died, and afterwards the partner who survived began hallucinating that his lover is alive.


McCoy or Uhura needs to be the one “singing” to Kirk or Spock respectively.

I’d like a bit of mystery/suspense thrown in as to how Kirk/Spock died, and why the surviving party reacted the way they did. I’m really not a “their love was so pure it just tore him to pieces to lose his lover” kind of gal. Give me a plausible reason for Kirk/Spock’s psychosis. (Maybe they already had mental/emotional problems before the death/murder and this drove them over the edge? They witnessed the death/murder? Spock transferred his katra into Kirk and it drove him batty, even after it was removed?)

I’d also like some form of unrequited love on Bones or Uhura’s part. (i.e if you’d like to have them in a quasi-relationship with Kirk/Spock, I’d like some good: “he’ll never love me as much as he did ___” angst)

Finally, Kirk/Spock CANNOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES come back to life. I don’t care how the story ends. You can have Kirk/Spock snap out of the hallucinations and get counseling, kill themselves, go into a catatonic state- anything, as long as the death of their SO is permanent!


I believe I have fulfilled all of the requirements, including working the song lyrics into the dialogue (Hint: read McCoy's lines). Since I ALWAYS do a happy ending, this story does have one--sort of. This is pretty different from anything I've ever done, so feedback would be particularly helpful. Enjoy.

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Challenges: Next to Normal (Uber Angst)
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