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Story Notes:

Rating for language so far. Rating will change as story progresses.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Okay, so it's almost 0400 hours, I should seriously be in bed but insomnia has gotten the better of me. Blame mistakes on that, I'll fix 'em as I see 'em. Also, blame Superman references on me... They're no one's fault by my own. Sigh... Hopefully that goes over well. XD


Me no ownie Star Trek or Superman. XD

Chess was one of the few things that Jim Kirk loved. Another was alcohol, but that was more of a love-hate relationship. Alcohol had a strange effect on Jim; it made him both licentious and violent, depending on the people around him. Alcohol had done him a lot more harm than good, but it was thanks to a really drunken night that he was even in Starfleet Academy in the first place, so alcohol had been forgiven for its transgressions.

It was also thanks to alcohol that he was currently making his way towards the fourth meeting of the academy's chess club. While he was in a drunken haze in his dorm room, Pike had somehow managed to get him to agree to join the club. Apparently the instructor heading the club was having a difficult time keeping up with the beginners joining the club to learn how to play.

He loved chess, and really wasn't all that sorry to be in the club, he just wasn't sure how he felt about the fact that he be stuck helping complete beginners who didn't know the first thing about chess.

Oh well, Jim, he thought to himself. Maybe some of them will be hot and this could turn into the best thing you ever agreed to. Aside from signing up for this whole Starfleet thing...

Jim rounded the final corner in the hallway and came upon the door to the room the chess club met in. He was early, but that was probably best; it would give him a chance to meet the professor in charge. Jim walked into the room and froze in his tracks.

The most beautiful being he had ever seen was sitting quietly at a table, studying a set-up chess board as though it were the most fascinating thing he'd ever seen near the back of the room. The gorgeous Vulcan looked up at the sound of Jim entering and their eyes locked. Jim felt a shiver go down his spine as those dark brown eyes seemed to pierce all the way to his soul.

"I am afraid I do not know you, Cadet," the sexy professor said in a soft, but still commanding voice Jim instantly fell in love with.

"Oh, I'm Kirk, Jim Kirk," Jim said after his mind finally got past the amazing tones and timbres in that voice. "Captain Pike said you needed some help with beginner chess players."

"That is correct," the professor, whom Jim was pretty sure would be starring in his night-time naughty fantasies for the foreseeable future told him. "You are the cadet the Captain was telling me about? The one with the ‘damn near perfect rating' as he put it?"

Jim had to bite back a snort at the sound of a Vulcan repeating Pike's less-than-eloquent way of speaking. "Uh, yeah, I guess so. I am good at chess."

"From what Captain Pike has told me, you are far better than merely ‘good at chess'," the professor said. "I must admit, I am curious. Would you care to indulge me in a game before the members begin to arrive?"

Jim looked at the beautiful face looking back at him and was definitely open to having this guy's attention all to himself for a little bit. "You know what, I'd love that."


It turned out that their strategies were radically different, and as much as that was great for keeping the other guessing, it made the game dreadfully slow and they were almost deadlocked fifteen minutes into the game.

"Well, isn't this just a productive game?" Jim rolled his eyes. "This has never happened before. I guess I've never played anyone as good as you."

"I agree that this game is quite productive," the professor who'd introduced himself as Spock said, obviously Vulcans had no understanding of the concept of sarcasm. "It is enabling me to observe a new strategy, which will enable me to develop a more effective offence for the next time. And I will admit, you are the first Human I have played who has lasted this long."

Jim smiled at what he took as an invitation for a second game with the sexy enigma that was Spock. "Overconfidence has been the kryptonite of many great men, you know."

"I am afraid I am unfamiliar with the word ‘kryptonite'," Spock told him, looking up from the board. "I am familiar with the thirty-sixth element krypton, yet I was not aware there were any derivatives of it."

"Uh no, there aren't," Jim said, and really, he should have known the Vulcan wouldn't know what he was talking about, even if every Human knew all about Superman, this was a Vulcan he was talking to; and Superman wasn't exactly anyone's idea of a logical idea. "It's a made up mineral in comic books. You know, Superman? It's his only weakness, the only thing that weakens him to the point where his enemies could destroy him."

Spock listened to Jim's explanation as though this was the most incredible information he'd ever heard. "I see. That is very interesting. I believe most comic books base large amounts of their stories on scientific fact?"

"Well yeah," Jim shrugged. "In the comics, its chemical formula is sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide, they're all real but when they're mixed together in real life, they make up a mineral that's really different from the psychedelic green stuff Superman hates."

"You are surprisingly well-learned in the sciences," Spock said after digesting Jim's words.

"Why is everyone so surprised when I turn out to be smarter than the corn I grew up next to?" Jim asked exasperatedly.

"I was not commenting on your intelligence levels," Spock replied. "But you mentioned that you were in the command track, and that you had an aptitude for engineering."

Jim was slightly taken aback by the fact that Spock had listened so intently to what he was saying to have remembered minute things he'd said fifteen minutes ago. "Um, yeah, but I did read a lot of comic books... I guess I just picked some stuff up reading."

"You are seeming to be a wealth of interesting knowledge, Cadet Kirk," Spock said, after a beat of silence.

"You can just call me Jim," Jim said.

Spock looked as though he was going to respond, but the sound of someone else entering the room grabbed his attention. "Cadet Uhura, what can I assist you with today?"

"Well, Professor Spock, I was hoping you could help me better understand exactly how the game works before this week's meeting," she said so sweetly Jim felt his teeth getting ready to either fall out or rot to the bone. "Last week, I was really lost and Gaila wasn't much help either. It looks like there's a lot more people here who don't know how to play than do."

"Indeed," Spock agreed. "That is why Captain Pike has assisted me in enlisting the help of Cadet Kirk."

"Kirk?" Uhura's eyes snapped to Jim. "You play chess?"

"Grandmaster in the Iowa state-wide competition for fifteen years, ten years in Nebraska," Jim grinned sexily at her. "Well, if I knew you thought chess was sexy, I'd have opened with my scores in that bar."

"You're a dog," Uhura rolled her eyes.

"Well isn't that funny, it looks like we're both in the canine family then," Jim said evilly. Uhura was glaring daggers at him now.

Spock looked bewildered for a Vulcan, meaning his eyebrows were raised a fraction. "Your comment was completely illogical Cadet Uhura," he said slowly. "And your retort, Cadet Kirk, while clever and amusing, made even less sense."

Jim thought he could detect a hint of humour in that deep, velvet voice and he laughed. "Uhura and I go way back."

"If by way back you mean you got drunk, hit on me and then started a bar fight, then yes," came her clipped reply.

"Hey, I didn't start that fight, and I seem to remember you joining in," Jim said. He wasn't going to stand for her talking about him like that, especially not in front Spock McSexyVulcan. He may be a complete ass when he's drunk, and at that point in his life, Jim isn't proud to say, he was pissed-drunk-sloshed-off-his-ass twenty-four fucking seven; but he'd changed since entering Starfleet Academy. He hadn't so much as drank himself buzzed since stepping onto that shuttlecraft until that day a week ago that Pike had convinced him to join this sinking ship of a chess club. And he'd only been drunk that day because he'd failed the Kobayashi Maru for the second time. Jim wasn't one to take no-win scenarios very well.

"Only after you pretty much molested me!" Uhura was coming very close to shrieking.

"In case you're blind or actually blonde under that incredibly coiffed ponytail, I'll tell you what actually happened," Jim retorted. "Your big Cupcake pushed me into you."

Apparently Spock was though being confused and decided to intervene. "I was not present during this apparent altercation, but I believe it illogical to discuss events that occurred so long ago."

Jim was mentally singing this man-sexgod's praises. Uhura may be smoking hot, but it was turning out that she grated on his nerves more than the country music he'd been forced through by Frank back home.

"Of course, sir, I'm sorry you had to listen to that," she spared one final glare for Jim before completely ignoring him in favour of Spock. Jim couldn't blame her there, he'd ignore him too if Spock were the other option. "Now, would it be possible to maybe help me a little with my chess game?"

"Perhaps after I have finished this game with Cadet Kirk," Spock answered. "In the mean time, I see that Cadet Sterling has arrived. She is quite adept and will be more than capable of assisting you."

Jim felt warmed by the scowl on her face as she stalked away. It looked like she only joined the club to sweeten up the godlike Vulcan professor.

Well, Jim thought. I'm not allowed to let that happen on my watch. I'm gonna win this guy over if it's the last thing I do.

Jim smiled at the Vulcan, and Jim could have sworn he got the Vulcan version of a smile back when they dark eyes softened for a moment.

Yes, Jim was definitely going to fight the long and hard (pun ridiculously over-intended) battle for this one.

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