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Story Notes:

This story follows the major events of the movie but I will be changing quite a few things to fit with the 'Private Tutoring' universe.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Here is the much demanded sequel to 'Private Tutoring'

Thanks to CMM for being my Beta again. She helped make PT what it was and she is helping me make this even better.

I don't own Star Trek


Two years ago, if James T. Kirk had found himself in alone in a room, on a bed with an Orion girl in her undergarments, he would have been thanking whatever god decided he was worthy and get down to business.

Now, he just wants to get his work done so he can get home to his husband of over a year and sex him up a bit.

“Gaila, can you explain to me why we have to go over this coding with me fully clothed and you in a frilly bra and panties?”

The Orion looks up from the PADD she has been studying and stares at Kirk with an indulgent expression.

“Because I am sexually liberated, and you've become a total prude.”

Kirk glares at her for what he feels is an insult. He isn't a prude; he just doesn't want anyone besides Spock seeing his goodies.

“Yeah, well there is a difference between liberated and a slu...”

A pillow hitting Jim in the face cuts him off. By the time he has removed it, Gaila has gone back to studying her PADD.

“Don't even say it Jimmy. I am just really comfortable in my skin and why can't I strip in the privacy of my own room?”

Kirk wants to explain to her that it isn't really private when other people are present but the Orion keeps talking.

“Now get back to work. We need to get this code ready so I can upload tomorrow, while you complete the test.”

Kirk snatches the PADD from a pair of green hands and waits for Gaila's eyes to make contact with his. His face is all seriousness as he addresses his friend.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Gaila? We could get caught. It's not too late for you to pull out.”

Gaila gets up to her knees and moves until she is right in front of Kirk, who is sitting crossed on the bed, surrounded by PADD's and loose paper. She envelops him in a bone crushing hug.

“Of course I'm sure. I love you.”

Kirk pulls back from the embrace with a disturbed look on his face.

“That's weird.”

The Orion punches him in the arm and moves back up the bed to sit in her original position. She glares at him in exasperation.

“Not like that! I know you belong to the growly Vulcan. No, I love you like a brother.”

Kirk looks disgusted by what Gaila has said.

“But we HAVE had sex! How can you now see me as a brother?”

Gaila rolls her eyes.

“Fine, you can be like a second cousin then. You humans do it with your second cousins, don’t you?”

Jim shakes his head and smiles at his green friend. The things that come out of her mouth are just so funny. Gaila just shrugs and gets back to work. Kirk follows suit.

Several minutes pass before either of them speaks again.

“So how have things been going lately with tall, dark, and repressed?”

Kirk smiles wistfully at Gaila as he thinks of Spock.

“It's been fantastic. We had our one-year anniversary a couple of months ago. We had... fun.”

He winks at the Orion. Gaila face breaks out in a knowing smirk.

“I bet. What I wouldn’t give for a blow-job by blow-job description, or better yet, a video. Do you have any idea how much money you could make for a video of you and Mr. So Hot He’s Cool doing the deed?”

“Gaila!” Jim was caught between laughter and horror.

“Yeah, I know, boundaries, privacy, all that boring stuff.” Gaila sighs. “Speaking of privacy, does he know what you are up to? You know, with the mind link you two have.”

Jim shakes his head slowly.

“No we are both able to block certain things from each other if we need to. If he knew, he would try to talk me out of it and I would probably listen. I can't say no to him (no matter what he asks, Jim thinks, blushing slightly as he remembers the previous evening. Jim had no idea just how much fun a vibrator could be until Spock introduced him to his). Also, if we get caught, he will have plausible deniability.”

Gaila nods in understanding. It is obvious to her that Kirk doesn’t like keeping secrets from his bond mate, but it is also clear that he feels that he needs to do this.

“Does he know you're here now? Will I have to deal with a pissed off Vulcan breaking down my door any second now? You do know he already hates me, don't you?”

Kirk uncrosses his legs, lies down and places his hands behind his head, while he chuckles. He stares up at the ceiling as his laughter slowly subsides.

“I have blocked the details of what we are studying, not the act of studying itself. He knows that we aren't messing around. Now, he would like you more if you actually took your pheromone suppressants. The primitive part of Spock sees you as threat, even though logically he knows that you are not. Just get rid to the threat.”

The air suddenly rushes out of his lungs as Gaila lands on him and stretches herself out on top of him.

'Shit! I am going to stink of her now. Spock is not going to be happy with me when I get home. Thank God for the bond being able to prove my innocence.'

“That's not going to happen. I am not going to change who I am for anyone. I also have it on good authority that a certain doctor we both know loves the way I smell.”

Jim gently nudges Gaila off him, so that she is lying beside him and not on top.

“I still can't believe you have been in a monogamous relationship for nearly a year... with Bones!”

Gaila turns onto her side, propping her head up and looks down at Kirk with a beaming smile on her red lips.

“I know, but what can I say, I love that grumpy man.... He is also great in the sack.”

Kirk stares at his friend, whose eyes light up whenever she speaks of Leonard McCoy. He is so happy that two of his closest friends have managed to find each other. He, of course, takes all the credit for bringing them together.

Kirk and Gaila both jump when they hear someone punching in the unlock code for the door.

“It's Uhura! She's back early. You need to hide because if she finds you hear she will kill you and then me. She still really hates you for nabbing the Vulcan hottie.”

Kirk says nothing as he leaps off the mattress, flattens himself to the floor and rolls himself under the bed just as the door to the room open.

“Hey Gaila. Wow, it feels so good to be home. Now I can get out of this stupid uniform.”

As Uhura strips, Kirk wonders idly at the fact that he has absolutely no interest in looking.

'Bones is right! I am totally whipped. I would be horrified by this, but being with Spock is worth it.'

Kirk is drawn from his thoughts of his love for Spock by what Uhura is telling her room mate.

“...and so apparently a whole Klingon armada was destroyed by a single Romulan ship. I personally think it is a hoax, but I did get to practice my Klingon, so it wasn’t a total loss.”

Kirk can hear the bed springs squeak as Gaila shifts her weight above him.

“Sounds like fun, but I thought you would be spending the whole night in the long-range sensor lab. Are you going back out?”

Kirk shifts uncomfortably in the silence that follows.

'Great job at not being obvious, Gaila. But I guess Orions have never been known for their subtly.'

“Who is he, Gaila?”

Kirk can just picture the over-exaggerated look of innocence on his friend’s face at this moment.

“Who's who?”

Uhura rolls her eyes and points to the darkness under her roommate’s bed.

“The mouth-breather hiding under your bed.”

Knowing the jig is up, Kirk rolls out from under the bed and stands in front of Uhura. He places his hands on his hips as he faces off with the brunette cadet as if he has every right to be there.

“That was impressive Uhura. Nothing must get past you.”

Nyota's eyes widen in what seems to be equal amounts surprise and horror.


Kirk holds his hands over his heart and tries to look hurt, but is pretty sure it just comes off as mocking.

“You wound me deeply. I would thing that after all we have been through you would use my name when addressing me.”

Uhura ignores him as she glances from his form to over where Gaila is laying provocatively (which seems to be her default setting) on her bed and then back to the male cadet. Her shock bleeds away and a cocky grin takes its place. Kirk thinks about how it makes her instantly less attractive.

“I wonder what your bond mate would say if he knew you were fooling around behind his back.”

Kirk eyes narrow at her.

'Definitely a lot less attractive when she is acting like a bitch.'

He pushes past Uhura and heads for the door. Once he reaches the exit he turns around to find the annoying woman followed him, with that self-righteous smirk still in place. Kirk decides it's time to knock her down a few pegs.

“I love how you jump to the conclusion that I am cheating when I am still fully dressed and the bed is made and covered in study materials. Very logical.”

Uhura's smile falters.

'Time to go in for the kill.'

“Also, are you forgetting that with our bond, Spock would know the moment I'm unfaithful. And even a dumb farm boy like me knows better than to piss off the Vulcan I belong to.”

Uhura straightens her back, showing that she isn’t quite ready to give up yet. She is more stubborn then Kirk thought.

“I know that a bond can be blocked. Obviously that is what you are doing.”

Kirk now has his own smirk plastered on his face and gives her a condescending pat on the shoulder, as he opens the door.

“You don't know as much as you think you do, Miss Uhura. Even while shielding completely, the bond can still sense any actions that threatens its existence. This is the reason you never hear about Vulcan having affairs. It's physically impossible. Furthermore, Spock trusts me, which he’s right to do. I’d cut off a certain portion of my anatomy before I’d cheat on him.” His mocking smile grows wider. “So if you were hoping to make up for a lost opportunity, Nyota, I’m sorry; you’re a year too late. I’m off the market—for good.”

Jim looks past a fuming Uhura to smile brightly at Gaila.

“See you tomorrow. Don't forget, babe.”

The Orion nods enthusiastically and waves at him.

The blond cadet steps back and out of the door, gazing thoughtfully at Uhura.

“You know I find the fact that you picked up a Klingon transmission to be... what is the word? Oh yes... fascinating.”

Uhura angrily slams her hand on the button and the door slides shut between them.



Twenty minutes later, Jim steps into the apartment he shares with Spock and is suddenly pressed hard against the now locked door.

Spock is holding him in place by pushing into Kirk with his body. The Vulcan's nose is at Jim's neck and sniffing him frantically.

A growl echoes through the whole apartment. Kirk shivers as the hold Spock has on his arms tightens.

“You stink of that Orion girl.”

Spock's voice is low and harsh. If Jim wasn’t so turned on right now, he would be scared shitless.

Kirk shakes his head to clear his mind enough to speak. Spock can't get away with speaking of his friends like that.

“That Orion girl has a name and you know it. I never thought Vulcans were capable of being rude until I met you.”

Spock bites Kirk's neck and sucks on the skin. Jim knows that he will have one hell of a hickey by the time the Vulcan is finished.

“She will soon not need a name if she does not keep her hands off what is MINE!”

The last word is snarled into Kirk's ear.

'Spock is pissed. It seems like I am definitely in for some rough sex tonight.'

Spock demonstrates his confirmation to his bond mate's prediction by grinding his erection against Kirk's thigh, while using his teeth to pull at the blonde’s earlobe.

Kirk is now panting and trying desperately to rut against the leg pressed between both of his. He is finding it difficult to focus on anything besides the heated body almost smothering him, but he knows he needs to ensure that Spock understands that there is nothing between him and Gaila before this goes any further. He knows that the bond they share informs Spock of his faithfulness, but Spock is half human and humans sometimes need verbal reassurances.

“I would never cheat on you with anyone. There is no reason for me to stray when I have the perfect mate. I love you, t’hy’la, and I always will. No Orion friend will change that; nothing will change that.”

Spock's grasp eases up and he lifts his head from Kirk's neck so that they are looking into each others eyes for the first time since Jim entered the apartment.

“I do know that, T'hy'la, but when I smell her scent on your skin, all I can think about is reclaiming what belongs to me.”

Kirk's lips form a soft smile, and he shakes his head lovingly at his Vulcan.

“You don't need to reclaim anything. I am yours. I will always be yours, just as you are mine.”

After that admission, Spock lets loose one last growl before capturing his husband's lips in a brutal kiss. Kirk feels as if he is being devoured and he loves it. He bucks against Spock's body trying to get closer to the burning heat. Jim doesn’t think he can ever get close enough. The more he’s with Spock, the more he craves him, and he can tell his mate feels the same way.

Spock pulls back just enough so that he is able to tear away Kirk's red uniform.

'Looks like another uniform bites the dust. That is five now.'

A hard pinch of his nipple has Jim realising that Spock heard him through their link.

'I will buy you another uniform, just as I have every other time, Ashayam.'

“But first I must cover the Orion's scent with my own. Now stay still.”

Kirk is about to mention that he doesn’t respond well to orders, but instead his eyes roll back into his head as Spock's tongue licks a trail from his belly-button up to his jaw.

'Maybe I can follow orders, just this once.'

He wraps his arms around his mate’s neck, letting Spock support his weight, which Jim knows he can do without using more than a couple of those amazing Vulcan muscles.

“Come here,” Jim whispers into a pointed ear. “Get your Vulcan scent all over me. Mark me, make me yours again.” He cries out as one hot hand cups him, squeezing gently and rhythmically as Spock continues to cover his neck and jaw with kisses. He thrusts into that loving grip, as wild as if they hadn’t just made love 12 hours before.

With a growl, Spock tumbles them both to the carpet and sets about eradicating Gaila’s scent—very thoroughly. By the time an hour has passed, Jim is exhausted, rug-burned, and definitely smelling like a Vulcan. But since Spock is exhausted, covered in love bites, and smelling like a human, Jim figures they’re even.






Chapter End Notes:

I am typing up the second chapter now and will be sending it off to be Beta'd soon.

Sit tight.

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