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Jim Kirk was good and mad. And by God, when Jim Kirk got good and mad, nobody had better get in his way. He stomped down the corridor from the elevator to his quarters and stalked inside, wishing one more time that the damn doors slammed around here, because he’d feel one Hell of a lot better if they did.

Once inside, Jim threw himself face-down on his bed—no, their bed—no, his bed, because he was never going to share it with Spock again. As far as Jim was concerned, Spock could go sleep in Sickbay, or in the shuttlecraft bay, or in San Francisco Bay the next time they went to Earth, because he was not going to sleep with Jim again, not while Jim was good and mad!

Jim was willing to admit that most of the time when they fought, it was at least half Jim’s fault (Okay, probably more than half his fault). Well, not this time, by God. Spock had no business running off to New Vulcan just because his father whistled. Oh, sure, Spock said it was only for two weeks, but maybe Spock was only saying that so Jim wouldn’t be good and mad. Or maybe Sarek was only saying that so Spock would go, and once he got there, Sarek would kidnap him and marry him off to some nubile Vulcan princess (did Vulcans have princesses? Jim couldn’t remember. But if they did, one would want to marry Spock, that was for damned sure, especially once she found out how talented his mouth was, and how big his….NO. No Vulcan princess for Spock!).

Besides, even if it only was two weeks, it still wasn’t fair! Starfleet needed Spock. The Enterprise needed Spock. Jim…no! He didn’t need Spock. He didn’t need anybody when he was good and mad. Let Spock go to New Vulcan and ‘help’ his father. Let Spock go off to New Vulcan and marry a whole harem of Vulcan princesses! Jim didn’t care, not when he was good and mad….

Jim buried his head in his pillow. He wasn’t good and mad; he was good and scared. Pretty soon he’d be good and lonely. Then he’d be good and sorry, because Spock would be gone, and he’d leave thinking Jim was good and mad, and then that damned Vulcan princess would come along…

Jim felt a gentle hand on his head.

“T’hy’la,” that voice said, that voice like melted chocolate, that voice that could woo any Vulcan princess, “I promise you, I will come back. I will always come back. You are my life; no one and nothing will keep me from you as long as I draw breath.”

Jim rolled over, into those welcoming arms. He buried his head in that strong shoulder.

“Does New Vulcan have princesses?” he whispered forlornly.

Spock buried his face in his human’s hair, hiding his smile. “No,” he replied gently. “And even if it did, I would not care. I want only you.”

Jim nestled into his arms with a sigh. “I’m glad you followed me,” he admitted softly. “I was good and mad.”

“No,” his love replied, kissing his hair. “You are simply good.”

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