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Jim "writes" a retrospective letter to Spock, hoping that he's not too late. Set in TSFS, right before Spock recognizes him.

Because Jim is the Eve to Spock's Wall-E.

So, uh, companion piece of sorts to "Wall-E to your Eve" except that this fic is fixed in a definite time and place, unlike its brother/sister fic.

Also a companion piece to "Wall-E and the Spork" (Spock's perspective)

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Published: 02/15/2011 Updated: 02/15/2011

1. Eve to your Wall-E by logicallyillogical [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (956 words)

Written as a result of and response to a comment made by Mirrorgirl to "Wall-E to your Eve"

Also, inspired by a piece of K/S art, which hopefully you can see here.

Otherwise, the caption goes like this: "Starfleet Orders: Are to be regarded as the absolute priority. (Unless there's something wrong with Spock, then they can wait their damn turn.)