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Story Notes:

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“Jim, you have caused yourself so much trouble,” Spock said quietly, letting himself into the captain’s cabin. They were en route back to Earth from Vulcan in the stolen Klingon ship. Jim was in a lot of trouble with the Admiralty of Starfleet.

“I wouldn’t change a thing, Spock,” Jim said quietly from the uncomfortable bed he was sitting on. “I can’t live without you.”

“But… The Enterprise, your ship. Your son,” Spock said quietly. “I am not worth such sacrifices.”

“I believe you are,” Jim told him quietly. “Everyone on this ship does… But I don’t want to talk about that right now. I want… I want to pretend like everything’s like it was… If just for tonight.”

“It is not logical, but I share this sentiment with you,” Spock said quietly.

“It feels like the whole world, the universe… It feels like it’s ending,” Jim pulled Spock towards him. “Help me pretend like it isn’t.”

Spock put his arms around Jim, his T’hy’la. “We may have this night together. It will be as if both our worlds were not ending.”


Little did they both know that their luck would soon change. They’d once again pull off an amazing feat and the Admiralty would be beyond impressed. Jim’s little transgression would be overshadowed by his achievement… But that would be later.

As it was, the two lovers thought their world was falling apart. And they were doing their best to keep what was left of it.

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