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Jim hurried to his cabin as quickly as was appropriate for Starfleet decorum. Spock had been gone for three weeks to a physics conference, and he had returned in the middle of Alpha shift, so Jim could hardly leave the bridge, go to the Transporter Room, and throw himself into Spock’s arms, even though that was exactly what he wanted to do. However, they had all evening ahead of them, as well as the next day, since both were scheduled to be off-duty. Jim grinned to himself. It was a good thing he got to post the duty rosters.


As soon as he got to his quarters, Jim took a quick shower and changed into lounging attire, the type that slipped off easily. He then let Dust Bunny and Snow Ball, Spock’s pet tribbles, out of their “playpen” so they could roll around the cabin, steal Jim’s socks, and generally cut loose. It was hard to tell what a ball of fluff was thinking, but Jim got the distinct impression that they had missed Spock, too.


Just then, the between their quarters opened, and Spock walked in. Jim was very pleased to see that he also wore “Easy-Off” attire.


“Hello, love,” Jim said softly, moving into Spock’s arms. “Welcome home.”


Spock kissed him. “I am glad to be home,” he replied, his dark eyes shining with love. He let his fingers trace the contours of Jim’s face, as if he were re-learning his features. Jim leaned into the touch.


“So you missed me?” he teased gently, feeling Spock’s other hand glide down his back and settle on his butt.


“More than you can imagine,” Spock replied fondly.


“Oh, I don’t know about that,” Jim replied, snuggling closer into Spock’s arms. “If it was half as much as I missed you…” He kissed Spock again, feeling the love flowing between them.


“T’hy’la, I…” Spock stopped and looked down, as did Jim. There, bumping against Spock’s ankle, were D.B. and S.B. If they had had eyes, Jim was sure they would have been looking up pleadingly at Spock


“Somebody else missed you, too,” Jim chuckled. Reluctantly, he let go of Spock. “Tell you what. I’ll order us some dinner, and you can play with the children.”


Spock played fetch with the ‘twins’ while Jim rounded up some dinner. Then they ate, with D.B. and S.B. on the table, which Spock didn’t usually allow, but after all, this was a special occasion. However, after the third time Spock had to rescue S.B. (who was frankly a bit of a brat) from his bowl of plomeek soup, he put them both on the floor with a fresh bowl of Purina Tribble Chow (ok, it was actually Cat Chow, but they liked it fine).


Once dinner was over, Jim leaned back and looked at Spock. “Chess?” he suggested casually. He grinned when Spock raised one eyebrow at him.


“Jim, you know perfectly well that the game I want to play with you bears no resemblance to chess,” Spock told him with that low purr in his voice that always made Jim harder than advanced trigonometry.


Jim got up and moved around the table as Spock rose “Really?” he asked. “I thought you loved chess…” the rest of his sentence was lost as Spock kissed him hard.


“Bed. Now.” Spock ordered.


“Ohhh, getting feisty. Are we….omph!” Jim laughed as Spock picked him up, carried him to their bed and literally pitched him into it, quickly following and pinning Jim to the mattress. A specific part of Jim perked up nicely. He loved it when Spock got all dominating, which didn’t happen often.


Spock leaned over him, his hand gently pinning Jim’s shoulders to the bed. “You have teased me enough,” he informed Jim. He leaned down and kissed his human, letting his weight settle on top of Jim and revealing that a specific part of Spock was also perking up nicely. Jim wiggled his hips, enjoying the flash of heat that ran through them both. He slipped his hand into that agreeably-loose waistband on Spock’s pants, and let his fingers do the walking, finding and stroking hot, hard…




Both men jumped. Jim looked around for a second then realized that the lump under his right hip was not a pillow. He removed his seeking hand (wrenching a faint, totally gratifying moan of disappointment from Spock as he did so) and reached under his body, pulling out S.B., who promptly started to purr.


“Oh, no, you don’t,” Jim laughed. “I’m open-minded, but you’re not joining us.” He gently but firmly put S.B. down on the floor, watching him roll away. Jim turned back to the only mammal he wanted to share his bed with.


“Now, where were we?” Spock was only too glad to show him. Moaning, they rolled over, locked in each other’s arms, and…




Spock, who was now on the bottom, rummaged under Jim’s pillow and pulled out D.B., who also started to purr loudly. Spock petted him for a moment then put him down. He looked at Jim.


“I confess, I am unsure why they are on our bunk,” he said. “They almost never…”


“Don’t; worry about it,” Jim murmured, cutting him off with a passionate kiss. Worry about me.”


Spock was happy to oblige, and with busy mouth and hands, he “worried” Jim until the latter was gasping for breath, writhing under the tender caresses, coming closer and closer to…




D.B. and S.B. were perched on the pillow. One of them (Jim wasn’t sure which) had squeaked when a flying pair of Easy-Off pants had fallen on him.


“That does it!” Jim reached up and grabbed both fur balls, eliciting loud purrs as he did so. He handed them to Spock.


“Playpen,” he ordered. “Now.”


“But Jim, they are confined for much of the day, and they do enjoy the opportunity to explore…”


Now.” Jim seldom used that tone. When he did, Spock never ignored it. With a sigh, he rose and deposited both tribbles in their large, lavishly-appointed “prison.” With another sigh, he returned to their bunk, climbing in and curling up next to Jim with his back to him. The mood was definitely broken.


Jim gently wrapped his arms around Spock and gave him a reassuring hug. “I’m a bad parent, huh?” he asked softly. Spock rolled over and returned his embrace.


“No, of course not,” he replied tenderly. “I am sorry; I should never put their needs ahead of yours.”


“You didn’t, love.” Jim grinned. “However, I’m beginning to see why new parents always complain they have no time for sex!” He cuddled close, laying his head on Spock’s shoulder.


“Let’s get some sleep,” he murmured. “We can try again later.” He felt Spock’s lips brush his temple.


“You are an excellent parent,” he heard Spock whisper. They drifted off to sleep.




The next morning, the tribbles visited “Uncle Bones” for a couple of hours. Their ‘parents’ were otherwise occupied.



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